Qantas London to Perth, Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 Business Class – Business Traveller

Qantas London to Perth, Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 Business Class – Business Traveller

(bright music) – Well, here we are, ready for the flight, the inaugural flight from London Heathrow to Perth, Qantas B787-9, the Dreamliner. (chatter) Hi.
– [Woman] Hi, welcome aboard– – [Tom] Thank you.
– [Woman] When you’re ready, just turn left at this cabin here. – [Tom] Brilliant, thanks a lot. So, back again. Front cabin, and we’ll go to 2E. Which, with a bit of luck, is
gonna be away from the aisle. Which it is. There is the seat. Well, here we are, on
board the inaugural flight from London Heathrow to
Perth on the Qantas QF-10. We’re departing London
Heathrow about one o’clock in the afternoon, and 17 hours later, we’re gonna arrive in Perth. I’m in the front of the
aircraft, in row two, the seat 2E, one of the two middle seats, and the configuration is one, two, one. Looking forward to it. Each seat is slightly different, and these front row seats are different. Mostly in the fact that they’ve
got a lot more leg room. You’ve got quite a big space there, and then there’s a side area there. You can’t use it for stowage
for takeoff and landing, but it’s very useful to be able to put your hand luggage
there during the flight. This is for magazines,
there’s actually fit a lot of different magazines in there, and then to one side here,
you’ve got the seat controls. Which you can see are very in-depth. Again, there’s more storage there, not for takeoff and landing, but useful. The water’s already there,
and a reading light, and the noise-canceling headphones. And then as you can see I’ve
already plugged in my phone, and there’s a USB charging,
and then the one next to that is for the headphones, for
the in-flight entertainment. The tray table comes out
of this large side area. (plane taking off) Once on board, you’re
given an amenity bag, which is this one here,
which has got various hydrating products in there including, this is by Aspar, A-s-p-a-r,
Aspar, Aurora Spa Rituals. “Relax and hydrate travel
essentials,” they’re called, and you get a sweet orange
and shea hand cream, ultra-hydrating face moisturizer, and a sweet orange lip balm. Lovely, eh? And then you also get
these, which are the pajamas by Martin Grant for Qantas Dreamliner. I’ll be modeling them later. The flight so far’s been very comfortable. Been in the air about half an hour. I think you can hear, it is pretty quiet. I’m sat at the front of the aircraft, we’re in front of the engines. The normal stuff about
the Dreamliner applies, you know, it’s got a
different pressurization from normal aircraft, so being
a new-generation aircraft, we’re at 6,000 feet as
opposed to 8,000 feet. Doesn’t sound much, but
apparently it does make a big difference, and
certainly from the flights that I’ve taken before in
the Dreamliner and the A350, it’s been a more comfortable experience. And of course, you’ve also
got this mood lighting. At the moment, we’ve
got mainly natural light coming in to the aircraft,
but I think later on they play around a bit to
try and help with jetlag. Certainly with it being
such a long flight, 17 hours, that will make a difference when we arrive in Perth at the other end. But as I say, we’re only,
I think, half an hour, 40 minutes into a 17-hour flight. So it’s easy to talk about things, it’s all about the experience. Okay. So this is what the sleep suit looks like. I don’t know if you can
see, it’s got this sort of big flash that almost reflects. So then a few facts on the seat before I forget to mention them. It’s got a 46-inch seat pitch,
but perhaps most importantly, it’s got an 80-inch bed seat length, so when it’s fully
reclined, as in fully flat, you’ve got a bed that’s 80 inches long, which is long enough for most people. The seat width differs, but
it’s between 23 and 24 inches, and this bed width, as in
when you’re fully flat, is 24 to 25 inches. Interestingly, one of the
things that this can do is, you can have the seat
in a reclined position from takeoff right away
through to landing, so as you’re aware, some of
the seats don’t allow that and you have to be fully
upright for landing and takeoff. But here, apparently not. And this is what it’s
like when it’s a bed. Right, well, it’s a definite
case of fast-forward. It’s now the next morning,
had a good night’s sleep. You can see the cabin is waking
up, they’re serving breakfast, which is another great meal by
Neil Perry, thanks very much. He’s responsible for all the food on board with Qantas for the last 21 years. It’s been a great flight, the
cabin was lovely and quiet for most of the night. Took a little while to settle down. Obviously with the aircraft
being as quiet as it is, when there is some noise in the cabin, you do actually hear it. But, yeah, once the lights
have gone down it’s very quiet and I got two lots of sleep
and feel pretty good now. It’s coming up to 14 hours
since we left Heathrow, and we’ve got another two hours to go. If you’re wondering which seat is best to choose in the cabin,
I had a quick walk round before the flight, and
here’s what I thought. This is the front cabin,
starting with row one here. So you’ve got 1A, which
is on its own here, and then you’ve got a row two,
which has four seats in it. So 1A and K, I’d avoid, ’cause
I think they’re too close. Having a photo taken with the captain. I’m gonna manage to resist that. And then you’ve got the rows going back, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. These window seats, personally, I would go for the ones
closest to the windows. So I said avoid row one, there’s row two, you see three. Three is close to the window,
and the advantage there is a, you’re close to the window, but b, you’ve got this, this side panel protecting you from the aisle,
which gives you more privacy and more quiet when
you’re trying to sleep. So although you get the same
amount of space in this one, which is 2A, I would
go for 3A or 5A or 7A, and then on the other side
it’s obviously in reverse. But, I mean, they’re all lovely seats. It’s just minor differences. So at the back there,
what do we go back to, row eight, I wouldn’t go for 8K there, but I would go for 7K. And then of course if
you’re traveling as a couple or with a colleague
that you wanna talk to, that middle divider comes down
and you can chat together. (plane engine) (bright music)


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