33 thoughts on “‘Quieting on the trade front’ good news for US business: Jon Hilsenrath”

  • US companies have sucked off the tit of cheap labor for many years. Now, they are going to pay the price. They have sent our jobs to China.

  • China needs to realize we will never support the behavior of a communist regime. We can't be bragging about freedom at home while supporting oppression elsewhere.

  • Good news for US Business and there are huge stock piles working for USA. Apart of China, the USMCA adds a great volume as well.
    And NATO, EU, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE has contribution's.

    Got Japan trade deal.
    How about South Korea, South Asia, India?

    The most densely populated China-India has desired President Donald J Trump. So indeed China-India has a lot to offering's🤔.

  • This is what republicans and our president is doing for America and the American citizens. Can anybody tell me just what the hell have the democrats done for us? All I see is impeachment and if something comes up with DACA they come running yelling our president is racist. Nothing for us Americans and legal immigrants!

  • President Trump has done a tremendous job elevating the needs and interests of the US. To deny his accomplishments is to ignore improving our lives. Astounding how the BS media can ignore the value he has provided in order to advance a communist agenda.

  • Hopefully they lead trump on then walk away China doesn't need us as much as most people think unlike the united states does everything we get comes from China and who can blame people for buying there good when its far cheaper then Union made American garbage that's twice the price so hopefully that the Chinese retaliates for our backing hong Kong in there internal affair and impose far greater and expanded tariff on American good to for a economic collapse that force a trade deal like the old one

  • I'm opposed to Chinese totalitarianiam and their theft of intellectual property, but Trump's ignorant meat-axe approach to a major trade partner is incompetence beyond incompetence.
    First the moron kills off farmers' primary market for their unwanted/unneeded cash crops, and then bribes farmers with billions in taxpayer-funded welfare.

  • President Trump is giving much of the money that's come from the tariffs TO THE FARMERS, lest we forget. He LOVES the farmers.

  • Liette Bonneville says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP said so many time that China has to respect deals written and running, the DEMOCRATIC HONGKONG tested him at his words and, he pass the test. That's what we call higher values of ECONOMICS. Hopefully, everybody is listening and will follow the trends, as it is of prime importance for the futur relations with HongKong and the rest of Asia. Cannot be clearer that the winners would have to side in democratic ways. Gerry

  • Economy slowing? Why more jobs available? Why pay check is rising? Ask that to the Dems they asking negatively, but ask that to a neutral guy then you got a positive response.

  • What has actually changed in 'the fundamentals' aside from politics ? ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. That is what slowed us in the 1970's…..the ARAB OIL EMBARGO and now for the first time since the 1970's the USA's industry can plan on stable energy pricing and availability. This is an 'elemental' cost that if not fixed, can suck up profit. No other country that produces and sells has energy independence….not China, not Japan, not South Korea, not Thailand, not Singapore, none of the EU countries. Also for the first time in FOREVER America has a generation of 'manufacturers' of new innovative mechanical products ala Elon Musk. Also, the USA is once again in a 30 year cycle of large military construction e.g. a new ICBM, several hundred new bombers, more F-35's, new military trucks, small arms, new submarines and increased ship building – all of that requires skilled labor and mineral /iron/steel production and fabrication. If America decides to up consumer manufacturing, if Elon Musk or whatever is left of Detroit can develop a new car consumers want, even if more overseas investment in a stable more business friendly nation then there is no reason to suspect that we are going to experience a 30 year boom. (which is very similar with minor cyclic ups/downs to the post WWII years).

  • Bill Clinton told us that NAFTA was a good deal for the US. It led to all of our manufacturing jobs being lost to China. Bush allowed China into the WTO. Obama never challenged China on their currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, or trade imbalance. Obama also wanted to sign the TPP which would have led to more jobs lost overseas. Trump is the only one who challenged China and now our economy is the strongest it's ever been and China's is slowing. If our past politicians/presidents would have challenged China they would not be the threat economically and militarily that they are now. We never traded with the communist USSR so why did we make that mistake with communist China. It was the failed belief in Globalism mostly by Democrats but also establishment Republicans.


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