Randstad Employer Brand Research 2019

hi. do you want to attract more job
candidates with your employer brand? here’s how. the 2019 Randstad employer
brand research results are here and here’s what 200,000 respondents in 32
countries said they want from employers. how can you compete for the best talent?
while a good salary and benefits will be your biggest draw you can compete for
the best talent with many other offerings such as: a good work/life
balance, job security, a pleasant workplace, and
good career progression opportunities. why consider investing in your employer
brand? companies with positive brands get twice as many applications than those
with negative brands. companies that fail to invest in their employer brand spend up to $4,723 more per hire than peers that do look after their brand. start with the basics. one: define the goals
for your company’s employer brand. two: assess how to support them and think about the costs. three: define the ROI and be ready to be flexible. your employer brand is a living evolving entity, look after it. find out how you can make your
company attractive to the talent you need


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