74 thoughts on “Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability”

  • Great speech. It's so good to see someone with the courage of their convictions. The world could use a lot more like him.

  • This man brings hope and promise to humankind. I think I'm in love. If anyone deserves a standing ovation… He does!

  • Henrik Harbin says:

    My college's cafeteria once offered a lunch of "sustainable fish"; on the day that it was to be served, the cooks prepared it wrong and it burned. The cafeteria couldn't "sustain" the sustainable fish.


    PS: They didn't have time to make another main dish, so we had to fall back on pizza, burgers, and weak chicken soup.

  • Good talk recognizing the unsustainability of the retail mercantile systems we now have, and ways to correct it..

    BUT the real 'primary' culrpit of the biosphere is agribusiness and NOT these other industries… yes they too need to follow this example, but agribusiness has done more to ecosystems than all the rest combined.

  • BallinTrollin says:

    Heh oh wow, carpet company talking about sustainability….if only that company grew some BALLS and actually produce their carpets out of HEMP/Marijuana…now THAT WOULD BE [email protected]!!!

  • I watched 2:20 of this vid he has the right idea, i only want to say that the ideals of grass roots need to be changed in order to introduce electric engines and other sustainable ( forward thinking ideas ). Now changing the ideas of grass roots is not easy.

  • There is no award in existance that would measure up to the deeds and accomplishments of Ray Anderson. *salute*
    P.S. watch "The Corporation"

  • simpledaylife says:

    wow… first time meeting ray anderson.

    had a speaker from interface come to our lects last yr, interesting philosophies/principles for a carpet company…

  • Let us see some evidence of Government Pollution vs Corporate Pollution.

    Currently, I'm convinced that Governments are the greatest polluters on earth.

  • Nonsene. Communism equals anti-green attitude as marxists believed that Earth fully belongs to humans and people can do with it whatever they want – they can change rivers directions, destroy mountains, etc.

  • Adam Stevens says:

    Just because people can do what they want to the Earth doesn't mean they would be "anti-green." In fact, since the Earth belongs to the people, they should do their best to take care of it…

    As usual, you can't base a complicated social system like "Communism" on what certain people have chosen to use it for. That would be like me saying all Capitalists only seek to make capital even if that means having slaves. Just because some people have done it doesn't mean you can make that label.

  • Ok, I can agree upon that – but this can be only achieved through concious entrepreneurship, just like Ray Anderson tried to tell us.

  • BallinTrollin says:

    yea that's why it fails to advocate it's own ideas…COMPANY….why not put up a company somewhere OUTSIDE US (like in CANADA) because IT IS THE ONLY INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY that bans HEMP growing….make the effort. Out of all the plants, hemp is the most useful for industrial use and most products derived from it are non toxic. Hemp is a billion dollar crop…I ADVOCATE HEMP (male plant of weed) first….it can save the world…

  • the cynic believes and perpetuates scarcity. Hubris, greed, avarice restricts abundance to a priviledged few. My studies and observations say that more accurately reflects the sentiment of those in poverty, in hunger, in disease. To work with the Earth, wth social responsibility is an invitation to live in solution. Perhaps you prefer to be part of the problem.

  • BallinTrollin says:

    because in and of itself hemp is sustainable….no fertilizers needed no pesticides, it's a healthy & cheap source of protein and omega 3 and 6. it can be made into plastic that's biodegradable. i could name more but ultimately hemp is a threat to many corporations that continue to propagate unsuitable activities because of blind pursuit of profit. Male & female cannabis=better world *oversimplified but nevertheless cannabis **female** is a definite counter to dumb drugs like tobacco and beer.

  • What?? Have you ever been part of a real poor community? TED is about removing conventional thought, and these 'wake up things can't be different' attitude is like totally missing the point..

  • John Bam Bam Morgan says:

    At the MAIN PLANET in Georgia, they have a MASSIVE, MASSIVE Machine actually built by the German Scientists nick named, The White Coats that consumes ALL OTHER manufacturing polluted carpets and goes through this amazing process and on the other end comes this sustainable NEW Material. They make the BEST carpet on the planet.

  • Other organizations like yours can take the lead with sustainability by getting a sustainability assessment. Check out GOIConsulting for more information.

  • TurtugaBlanku says:

    Very inspirational guy! (Has been an inspiration for the lyrics of this solar power song on youtube: watch?v=8W_sR-fbKo0 )

  • Shine*ola Communications says:

    Ray leaves a legacy of hope. Love the mathematical equation he concocted that includes a factor for Happiness. The world needs more of that kind of arithmetic :o)

  • This guy gives me more hope than any other person that 'talks' about climate change on TED. This guy is someone who actually does it (did it!), while others just jump on the bandwagon of promoting what others should do. You are a great man!

  • Dear the 25 people that disliked this video
    You should be skinned alive and fed to hungry animals.

    Rest in Peace Ray !

  • iwrestledasharkonce says:

    The David Blaine TED video has 1.8mil views, this video has 61,000. *sigh*
    I'm hoping the 60k were CEOs of companies.

  • I love Ray Anderson.  My epitaph will read:  Useless Shag, like me.  Consumption, in and of itself, green or red or red-white-and-blue, is a flying carpet in this context.  Fuck the carpet, Ray.  Really use your mind.  The Sun should set, with the permission of you and Ayn Rand, in, at the very least, a place where humans don't have to hang their heads amongst Laughing Hyenas. $$$$$$$$$$$$$  

  • I watch  it quickly while doing things around the bedroom. It sounds great. I will watch with proper attention and see what lesson I can take from it. No doubt sustainability is the way. 😉

  • Livi & Lottie's YT Livi & Lottie's YT says:

    Maria,the girl you met on holiday,told me about this channel and she really misses you and your brother. Could you mum please text her mum to get together soon. I really love your channel.

  • Cloud Nine Media UK says:

    R.I.P. Ray – an incredible self transformation story, proving that embedding sustainability does pay off in the long run. It's the only way to ensure businesses will survive in the future.

  • Ray Anderson, recovering plunderer, should be as celebrated and known to the public just as Jobs, Bezos, and all the other plunderers.

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