Reimagine how teams collaborate with G Suite

Reimagine how teams collaborate with G Suite

SPEAKER: G Suite reimagines
the way teams collaborate so your business has the tools
it needs to create its best work together, faster. Here’s one example. Sammy forgot her Pixelbook
on our kitchen counter this morning. But luckily for her, she’s able
to grab a loaner Chromebook and log in instantly with
her two-factor authentication security key. Organizations like Sammy’s
that use these keys have reported zero
account hijackings. Hangouts Chat makes
it easy for Sammy to collaborate with her team. Two days? That’s crazy. Sammy’s team can share
Docs, Sheets, and Slides presentations right
in the chat room. And the correct permissions
are added automatically. In Slides, it’s simple
for Sammy’s team to collaborate in real time. And they know exactly
what next steps are because comments
and action items can be assigned to specific owners. Julie needs Sammy to
look up some information. With Cloud Search, Sammy
can use the same technology that powers Google
Search to quickly find the data and documents she needs
across G Suite and the tools her company uses
most, like Salesforce. Sammy’s team can work together
in Sheets in real time, making sure the data
is always up to date. No one gets a workbook
is locked warning. And just like Docs
or Slides, Sheets lets you make comments
to other collaborators or create trackable
action items. With Explore in Sheets, Sammy
can find insights in her data by asking questions
in plain English like, what is the average
revenue per region? She chooses natural
language processing to understand Sammy’s request
and give her the answers she needs instantly. Ah, there’s the number
Julie was asking about. Some topics are best
discussed face-to-face. But setting up meetings
takes time Sammy just doesn’t have under her tight deadline. In Google Calendar,
Smart Suggestions take the headache
out of scheduling. Calendar suggests meeting
times that work for everyone. It even recognizes time
zones and work blocks, like how Rosa’s in Madrid
and Nick is in New York. And when it’s time
to meet, Sammy joins and Hangout’s Meet
right from Calendar. Her teammates can also join
from a phone or outside domains. Plus, it’s easy to present
materials like documents or even a Jamboard session. While presenting, Sammy can
continue working in real time. Sammy can even type a phrase
like, Julie to follow up on this, And Google
will leverage the power of natural
language processing to create an action item. It even knows which
Julie to assign it to. And when Sammy needs
to send an email, Gmail’s Smart Compose can
offer suggestions as she types, saving valuable time. G Suite take security seriously. To manage sensitive
email communications, Sammy uses confidential
mode in Gmail. This lets her put
restrictions on messages so they can’t be forwarded,
copied, downloaded, or printed. OK, Sammy sent the email. And naturally, she goes back to
chat, where this all started. Finding a time that works
for everyone isn’t easy. But with the Meet Bot, Sammy
can enter a simple command with the names of the
attendees and Meet will figure out who they are
and when they’re available. Whether it’s an urgent exec
request or an everyday project, G Suite can help reimagine
work for enterprise companies like yours.


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