Rookie Report: Finn’s Bee Business – Behind the News

Rookie Report: Finn’s Bee Business – Behind the News

My name’s Finn. I live in the Gold Coast
and I’m a bee keeper. JACK EVANS: For Finn,
one pet just wasn’t enough. I own a dog
and a couple of thousand bees. Finn bought his own hive
on his 10th birthday after a lot of saving
and some very welcome birthday money. Lots of my friends and family
blessed me with money instead of presents
so I can buy my own things. And I saved up all of that money, saving and saving,
looking to the goal of that hive. He even had some money left over to make the whole garden
bee-friendly. I bought practically most of
these flowers and I planted them. Flowers please my dad
because he loves gardens. He practically loves any plants,
except for weeds. And his dad did,
my grandad loved them, so I guess it runs in the blood. But while gardening
might run in the family, Finn was the first
to try bee-keeping. He had to learn
all of the tricks of the trade and get some special
protective clothing. Of course,
these little guys can sting, so you have to know
what you’re doing and you need to get a permit
to keep them. Still, in the past few years, there’s been a boom
in backyard beekeeping. Bee experts say you don’t need
a lot of land to keep bees and it’s great for the environment, because bees help to pollinate plants
to help them grow. And while keeping a hive
takes a lot of work, for the bee keepers,
there’s this reward – sweet, tasty honey. We are doing my first harvest,
which I’m pumped for. That’s delicious. Finn’s now selling his honey
and plans to grow his business. My goal is to get five hives
before uni… ..but my biggest goal is to get
a car before my brother does. Wait, let me rephrase that. I am GOING to get a car
before my brother does. But he also wanted his bees
to help others, so he decided to auction off
his very first litre of honey and give the money to a charity in
the East African country of Malawi. This project will help families
to get their own bee hive so they can generate an income. All up, he’s raised more than $3,000, and he says he’ll keep donating 10%
of his honey profits to charity. I believe me, my bees
and my flow hive can change the world.


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