Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Loud and Proud Co-Worker

At my previous job we had a guy who worked with us Who had a couple of really weird, annoying habits I liked the guy a lot But there was one habit th- that he had where- You guys are probably too young to remember these but some of the early, like, cell phones It was this little- little brick, about this big, and it had like an earpiece That you move the earpiece up and that’s how you answered it So he would always have his ringer on full blast And it’s like, not everyone at this point had a mobile phone – So it was kind of like a new thing
– Yeah – That people had mobile phones Um. So his phone would ring and it would be ringing at full volume And he would get it out like this and it would go RING And he’s pick it up, and it’d go RING And then he’d look at it and it’d go RING And then he’d wait for it like this and then it would ring the fourth time And then he’d go CLICK “hello” And it was so fucking annoying, he’d do it every fucking time Especially like, doesn’t matter how quickly he got it out of his pocket He would always hold it there until it rang one more time And then he would answer it – Did he- Did he want everyone to know, he’s like, “I’m receiving a phone call”
-Pretty much That’s all I can- That’s all I can think, is that the guy wanted everyone to know he had it – We actually got on a plane one time
-This is the other thing that it reminded me of it Go for it, Gus He had a laptop When laptops were, again, also much more rare and much more expensive We were flying to L.A. for some reason And, uh, we get to cruising altitude, he busts out his laptop – And starts playing like that built in pinball game
– Microsoft pinball Like in Windows 2000 or something – That game is wicked, by the way – But he has the volume at full blast with no headphones
– Aw, that’s obnoxious And like, everyone in the area in the plane is like We were like “Hey, w-w-we can- we can hear your- we can hear your game” And he’s like “mhm” and it’s like, he wouldn’t turn it down It’s like- I was like “dude, you’re annoying everybody with that, turn it off!” And he’s like “it’s fine”, just playing away, for like 20 minutes At full volume – A lunatic, a lunatic
– I used to love that game – He’d play for 20 minutes because that was battery life for a laptop – It was, yeah
– Because it was the year 2000 And then it was dead


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