RT Shorts – Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour

RT Shorts – Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour

[funky music plays] [swooshing noise] Hello and welcome to Rooster Teeth Production’s Production Studios We, here at Rooster Teeth, p-pride ourselves on making some of the top quality content that you see on the internet every day. I’m going to take a tour of the studio, and I thought that you would like to come along. Join me won’t you? We produce some of the top quality, [to himself] fuck, okay, wait, go back And our first stop is going to be, the place where we record the Drunk Tank Podcast It is one of the most popular podcasts in the whole world It’s number one video podcast in video game and number thirty overall on iTunes But, now that… now that NPR has been defunded, the sky is the limit The Drunk Tank is led by our Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Gustavo Zorolo Gus: “I told you you have to pay me on the first of the month, not the second not the third.” Man: “Hey man my car just broke down and I’m tryin to get my pregnant wife to the hospital” You think he looked sick? Okay and now let’s go next door and see our state-of-the-art facility where we create the informational video game show That we like to call… Achievement Huggers! [background] Fuck off, dude And this is our state-of-the-art studio Where we produced Immersion Also many RT Shorts are made, in this very studio. And over there is Griffon, who writes our RT Comic and also creates all of our props and sets. Griffon: Is that it? Burnie: I’m great! And this is our green screen Due to budget cuts and the rising crude oil prices we couldn’t afford to plaint a- We couldn’t afford to paint a blue screen But we can make it blue, thanks to the miracle of… [CLAP] Moovie Maaagic! And over here we have our state-of-the-art motion capture facility where Monty Oum creates all the animated segments for Red vs. Blue Why, it looks like they are choreographing a scene from Season Nine right now [Intense Music] Red vs Blue Season Nine coming this summer only to redvsblue.com Whaaaat? [Funky Music Plays] Now I know this might look dangerous, but trust me these are very highly trained professionals [Falling in Background] Are you okay? Griffon ya wanna call the ambulance, it’s speed dial tw- So what do you think, do you think he has a case? [Pause] I’m fairly certain he was drunk [Pause] And the guys upstairs are also in charge of our live action productions, let’s see what they’re working on now Guys what are you working on? [Darts Shooting] Guys! Guys what are you working on? [More Darts Fire] GUYS WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WORKING ON GOD DAMN IT LOOKIT ME AH PEW PEW PEW FUCK YOU GET IN THERE GET IN YOUR FUCKIN OFFICE GUYS ITS FIVE FUCKIN FIFTEEN I WANNA GO HOME I GOT A FAMILY You and me, we’re done professionally okay? Do I come down to where you work on knock the dicks out of your mouth Brandon? Specifically his dick out of your mouth? No I don’t! So why are you knocking the dicks out of my mouth? I don’t want any more bullshit from anybody else for the rest of the day okay? And that includes me I don’t need your goddamn approval! You know what I need, your fuckin he- HEY WHERE THE FUCK IS HE GOIN’ GOD SHUT UP, FU- SHUT THE FUCK UPPP Let’s continue our tour shall we? Rooster Teeth production is probably best known for our popular webseries, Red vs. Blue Which features, the Red team, the Blue team, and friends With over six thousand episodes and twenty trillion views online it was one of the first and most popular webseries of all time. Isn’t that right Matt? Noo, that’s a lie. GODDAMN IT DUDE WE’RE ON CAMERA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE What is this? Matt what is this? What does this say? Sequence? What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything! There’s no words! There’s no words up there! Alright ya know what fuck it. We- we’ll do it live. WE’LL DO IT LIVE [Guitar Outro Plays] [Harmonizing Voices] [Static Jingle Plays] [Static] [Clothes Shuffling] [BEEP]


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