Russia brokers deal for Kurdish forces, Syria to partner against Turkey


100 thoughts on “Russia brokers deal for Kurdish forces, Syria to partner against Turkey”

  • Trump pulls troops out of Syria because he promised to bring our soldiers back home but he is deploying US forces to Saudi Arabia because they are paying us better. So that means Trump is selling the lives and services of our soldiers to the highest bidder. Shame on him and his supporters

  • I hope Russia destroys turkey… Our goddamn politicians rule the military and they just do what looks good for votes. I hoped we would help the Kurds…

  • Trump let turkey to invade lol but it back fire ? Russia and Syria come together Russia would mash the USA and China in a war lol

  • Trump: A Freshman Wannabe Dictator in training, who's afraid of all The Senior Dictators. ➽ Just A Big Giant (?) when facing-off with actual Dictators.

  • The turks have not felt the wrath of a real army yet. The SAA is going to wreak you if you dont stop your offensive The SAA is just deploying, but dont be fooled, they will hit back, and will hit back much harder than you knew was possible.
    As to "kurdish area" of Syria, It is STOLEN LAND from Syria, historically inhabited by Assyria Christians, which was STOLEN by separatist Kurds (not patriotic kurds) with the support of the US to have presence in northern syria.

  • And who is going to assist the 1,000 trapped American Soldiers? Are they just collateral damage for the Trump Campaign 2020?
    Yet again… the winner here is Trump/Russia Deep State

  • researchers found that the footage that ABC News said was taken of Turkish forces fighting in Syria, was actually taken from the United States in 2017 at the annual Knobb Creek gun-range machine gun shoot.

  • Yep the gun lobby is the cause of these terrorists and wars , other way oil

    I know no have Turkey friends in the world , but we have to protect ourselves always ready to die and fight

  • checktheskies 4lies says:

    All the people killed fighting ISIS all the money spent is just left and undone by Turks in a few days.. Who are the real terrorists here?

  • Russia must consider bombing warehouse in Turkey which contains US atom bombs. Russia must take revenge on jihadists Erdogan for shoot down Russian Fighter Jets. Its time to Roast Turkey.

  • Wait ! Russian sold Turkey missle defences for billions and now going to support the the Turks? Putin is good ! Lol playing both sides ha , yall some fools!

  • The puzzle is coming together. This is what Russia wanted. Which explains why Putin ordered….(that's right) ordered Trump to pull out.

  • Meanwhile Turkish invasion on Cyprus 1974, Armenian Genocide etc .This so call turkish nation is built on blood and it will die from blood.

  • With that one stupid phone conversation with Turkish dictator Erdogan, Donald Trump created a ginormous blackhole of a political vacuum in the Middle East which Vladimir Putin is totally happy to fill up with Russian troops and Syrian surrogates. Donald Trump just made Russia the world's No. 1 Superpower. But it can't be that bad for the Americans. They got used to Trump. They will eventually get used to being No. 2. But will Trump be impeached over this? Don't hold your breath. The odds of that happening ranges from zero to none. Donald Trump will stay in power all the way up to 2025 because idiots like him outnumber all other demographics across American society COMBINED.

  • Let those countries work out their own problems on their dime while we chill out and watch and train the next generations of US soldiers with all the experience we have gained while spanking them asses for the last 20 yrs.

  • High school Hottie says:

    Turkey is the bad seed in Nato, this Erdogan too much a gambler. Gambles are sometimes failures, ones that cause paths to world war. ? I hope not. we all hope

  • This is so obvious. Trump spoke with Turkish president and made a deal so that Russia could move into Syria. Trump has indirectly made a deal with its enemies. Trumps business has got to be involved in it. President has betrayed all its allies!

  • The coward-in-chief has not finished ruining the USA. Expect more bone-head mistakes from bone-spurs before his term ends as dictated by his boss Putin

  • Who ever invades another country without the approval of UN should be labelled as aggressor, including USA, Russia, China and now Turkey. Simple as that. There is no justification for starting a war other then being invaded first.

  • Trump is truely the biggest moron the world ever saw. Now the world shall force the USA to take the next 50 million refugees from the middle east: the US did cause that desaster so now finaly they shall be forced to pay the bill. The USA did transfer into a banana state since that idiot Trump is in charge indeed.

  • DannyRogers1993 says:

    I really can't believe this. It was the kurds who fought ISIS the hardest and sacrificed the most of their people in the process. I remember when the US refused to fight them on the ground, some of our brave veterans who couldn't stand to see the what ISIS was doing joined their ranks and were welcomed with open arms. For the longest time we weren't even giving them any backing and still they fought. Erdogan massacres his own people and now we allow him to massacre these freedom fighters who risked everything? In a war where every side including the Iraqis were responsible for atrocities, the Peshmerga had a reputation for treating their POWs fairly. Now look what's becoming of them. It's absolutely despicable.

  • If Syria is stupid enough to work with the Kurds who are trying to steal their land, then they DESERVE to have Syria carved up and a fake Kurdistan created out of Syria. Dumb asses.

  • I'm having a hard time figuring out whether Trump stupidly gave Russia a stronghold in Syria or if it was intentional.

    I'm also having a hard time figuring out how this wasn't the single biggest foreign policy blunder since at least Iraq. But then again, Iraq we didn't abandon our allies to let maligned government forces to pick up our fumble. Okay okay, Vietnam. But then again, we went to bat for France instead of straight up abandoning people who died for us.

    Seriously, this could have damaging long term impacts that may test the entire NATO alliance and isolate us in the global theater. I know that's like Mozart to isolationists but we still do need partners on the world stage that can place a little trust in us not to elect an erratic narcissist.

  • blend osman ali says:

    Kurds are not your allies anymore you have showed your thru face.. You lived uss to die. Think IF we where your eneme [japan]

  • Your allies you make me sick you make me sick you slaughtered millions of red Indians for nothing these people bomb my country every day for the last 30 years and they're your allies you brainwashed bums

  • The Fishy Life ! says:

    Turkey refuses to meet with pence!! Why in the world would Trump do this over a phone call? Why does all roads lead back to Russia? I voted for Trump and now I have so many questions…… this Whitehouse has lost my vote

  • St0rmyShad0w 23 says:

    I’m ready for a War, put me in. Maybe I sound crazy, but there’s a lot of us like this. This is why we joined the Army too fight not sit on base all day.

    All you others saying the U.S doesn’t need another war, well guess what without war there is no peace.

  • Trump is a Russian convenient Russia moves in and takes control after the US pulls out.
    Seriously can you be so blind!

  • There really is a lot of you people that don’t get it..this was a good move by Trump. Why ? 1st, no more American soldiers blood (going to the middle east was a big mistake, that’s what he always believed)
    2nd letting Syria and his long time friend Russia actually deal with this matter and therefore strengthening Assad’s regime in Syria which is good (you need to have an iron fist in those countries)
    3rd this is actually good for Russian-American relations, improving. They’re actually working together and not in the dark. I believe that both countries should be allies and that’s what Trump also wishes unlike the propaganda press that seeks to demonize Russia (real threat is China and nobody except Trump has the balls to face it)

  • YPG=PKK=İSİS=TERRÖRİST ORGANİZATİON… Turkey is doing terörist operation..Where is NATO? Where is WORLD???? YPG =İSİS brothers….

  • Trump and the Us Army is the Traitor of ALL TRAITORS you never stab your friends in the BACK, look at this slaughter of INNOCENTS, hope you dont get re elected .

  • Hundreds of isis prisoners escaped?…. Why is it that the other media is saying 5 isis escaped from prison … This is why things are getting worse. Delivering incorrect news

  • Are we moving fifty troops out of the region or one thousand troops? Trump can't seem to get his lies straight, correct me if I'm wrong but he did say fifty troops!

  • Yeah western and US have no problem just bcoz In this war no citizen of These country lost their life that's selfish countries they will take action if this happen with them.they don't care about other developing countries.

  • What a lot of people dont understand is that pkk and ypg are closely related and lobg time enemies of turkey. On countless cases they have terrorized and kidnapped children from towns and villages now imagine that group is being supported by Your ally and grows so much that it could be dangerous. Its a prevention measure a state that wants ones demise is being stopped in its tracks i can see why theyre doing this

  • サラゴサ藤田百合子 says:

    While US forces are running away, and the Russians sent their own to keep the peace. US what a bunch of cowards.

  • Its nice to see Fox News pushing out real news, shows they can do honest and quality journalism. I also want them to condemn Trump for his impulsive and ill thought out betrayal of the kurds. America does not always act on self interests, sometimes America supports good people over inhuman like ISIS. This does not mean American soldiers have to fight and die.

  • Stupid Amercians debate over Turkeys issue with Syria, by a border length about 899km and
    8 years…
    (4million displaced syrian refugees in Turkey don't grow on trees?)
    …war in syria and a nearly created terror state by YPG/PYD/PKK US/Israel/EU wardogs in north syria
    US/EU/Israel- Syria border 0 inch all together☝️??
    Let me try it this way, did Turkey send South Amercians 40.000 CargoContainers full of weaponary on US southern border…NO!
    So Stfu and get out of foreign countries!
    Use that money for childrens futre in the US!

  • Yeah just kick out the people that have been helping you, OK we’ll see how well that works out for them… I mean we don’t need to be there but they need our help

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