Salesforce for Admins Keynote

Salesforce for Admins Keynote

Awesome Admins!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, I am so excited to be with all of you here today. I’m Erica Kuhl,
I run the Trailblazer community. And I can’t be more excited to kick
off dream foresting with all of you. I have a very special Trailblazer,
all the way from Paris, that’s gonna tell you a little bit
about being an amazing Trailblazer. She’s wearing this hoodie, we see some
other hoodies in the crowd today. This hoodie signifies that you’ve done
amazing things for your community, you’ve gone above and
beyond to be inspired. And I though there’s one person that
should tell you a little bit about that. So welcome Amanda Quedraogo, right here,
all the way from Paris, tell your story.>>Yes.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So yeah, tell us a little bit about your journey and tell us a
little bit about how you found Salesforce.>>Sure,
first of all bonjour awesome Admins. I’m so happy to be here today, and
I would like to thank you every for also having me here, because I
never thought that I would be here. I don’t have a digital background and
I’m here, so it’s possible. So a bit of my story,
I grew up in a working place, a worker place neighborhood. So I have to fight and
find my opportunity, and my passion is track and field. So since high school and I love it, and I
got a scholarship to come and study in US. And I graduate and
after I have to find a job and it’s just like I did not find
my place in the workplace. So I get closer to some organization
that help me to learn digital and find out Salesforce, and the Trail Ed. And I never thought that it would be so
fun to learn on Trail Ed. And now I’m here, I mean I never thought
that I would be here, and here am I.>>It’s so exciting, thank you so much.>>Thank you.>>So inspiring, so before we wrap up and
get the party started.>>Yeah.>>A lot of people that probably
wanna make a change like you did and are inspired by you, so
tell us one piece of advice or maybe two.>>Yeah, I have two advice, I mean no matter what you have
to stay positive in life. Difficulties is not the issue,
it’s the way how you react it. And my second advice is to
get closer to the community, your family, the organizations,
the Trailblazer community, you can find many of them that
can help you in your job. So yeah, I’m happy. Thank you.>>Thank you so much. Welcome to Dreamforce.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, so before we get the party started
with a little bit of business. We have the safe harbor. We love the safe harbor. This just reminds you to make
purchasing decisions and service decisions based on
currently available functionality. So now, it is time, Admins,
I know you love a good sing along and you are the most enthusiastic around. So I would like to kick this party off,
get the party started, amping up the energy,
let’s get the music going. [MUSIC]>>Get the High-5 Cam going, let’s go! [MUSIC]>>Hey, everybody, welcome to all
the awesome admins superheroes out there, now check out the awesome
Admin High-5 Cam. Go on and give a big awesome Admin high-5 to
the superhero sitting right next to you. Okay, lets go! [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wow!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wow, wow, wow! Kirdy! Wow, Astro! My God, Einstien! You guy are incredible. All right, well welcome everyone. Well to the Admin Keynote.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s right. Normally we do not start Dreamforcewith
the Admin Keynote as you know. And it’s a little bit of a strange
introduction to my mother, who’s right there. Welcome mom. Yeah. [LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Okay, so what are we gonna do first here? Well first of course,
we wanna thank all of you, because none of this
would have been possible. None of this would have been possible,
with each and every one of you. With the Salesforce MVPs,
are the MVPs in the room?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How about some community group leaders? Any community group leaders, yep?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How about some vets, where’s Vet Force?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Right there, all right, Pep Up Tech, you here?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [LAUGH] Wow, any nonprofits in the room?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yep, okay. How about some students? Any students learning here? Come on you’re all students,
you’re all students.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, well thank you so much for being here. And this has all been made possible
because of you, all because of you. But a long, long time ago
when I didn’t have gray hair. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>My dad took that video. It was very embarrassing at the time,
monitors were much bigger then. Grey hair, big monitor, but we had
a vision to make CRM easy for everyone. You guys know this. Make CRM easy for everyone, that anyone
could manage the data in the cloud. You didn’t have to have any skills,
no offense, we’re not saying you don’t have skills.>>[LAUGH]
>>But we wanted to make it easy! And that organizations of all size. We started it with small companies, as
you know, and it kept growing from there. But what happened from that starting
point was not just a technology company, something really cool happened. A new tech hero was born. That’s right. You were born out of that,
all of you here, the Salesforce Admin. The Salesforce Admin, and
look what you’ve done. You guys are #AwesomeAdmins,
you know that? You are the OG, you’re the original
Trailblazers, 1 million learners. 1 million learners, 1 million learners
on Trailhead, that’s incredible. Congratulation to Sarah Franklin and
her whole team, for what you’ve done.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s right.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]
>>But take a look at this, it’s not just 1 million learners,
look what you’ve done. You’ve created a Trailblazer economy, 3.3 million new jobs
will be created by 2022. That’s right.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>10 million Trailblazers by 2022, 10 million, ten fold, okay? Everyone is getting new jobs, one in
four Trailhead users found a new job. Anyone here found a new
job through Trailhead?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah! You’re gonna hear some stories about that
but this is the stat I love the most. 48% of salesforce admins are women.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s right.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We need more women in tech, and you guys are helping to do that. You guys are helping to pave the way
to create gender diversity in tech, so thank you very much for doing that. And you know why we need you? You know why we need all of you? Well, we need all of you
because all of us, as you know, are going through the fourth
Industrial Revolution. We’re going through all
these changes in technology, from cloud computing where Salesforce
began, to mobile, and social. AI, AI is crazy, it’s going so
fast, IoT, all these technologies are transforming consumers, customers,
and companies need to catch up. And the only way they’re going to catch
up is with you and one other thing. That’s right, the customer success
platform that I’ve been working on. I’m still working on it. We started with Sales Cloud, how many of you started with Sales Cloud
with me a long, long time ago?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah, and then we added Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, and commerce, and integration is brand new,
that’s really cool. Industries, on and on and
on, collaboration, we have a great announcement around
collaboration, I won’t spoil the surprise. But all of these
capabilities are useless for our customers without you,
that’s why we need each and every one of you to take this
customer success platform. To take all of those capabilities and
deliver your superpowers, deliver your awesome admin superpowers
to our customers, help them. Help them champion productivity,
help them deliver innovation, help them connect experiences,
we need your help, we need your help. Okay, at every Admin Keynote,
we always love to highlight a specific awesome admin, a trailblazer, and
I think you’re gonna love this story. This is a story about a person
named Alimali Stephen, he’s right there,
we’ll talk to you in a second. And he’s not from the United States, this is his first time in
the United States from Kenya.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And he’s blazing trails at the Karibu Centre
in Nairobi, Kenya, and to learn more about that
let’s cue the film.>>I grew up in a small town
on the coast of Kenya and I’m the first person in my
family to go to college. I got my first job at the Karibu Centre
teaching kids how to use computers Karibu Centre is an amazing organization
that is truly empowering people. We starting using Salesforce to
streamline our operations but didn’t have anyone to configure it. So I stepped up to the challenge and
became our first platform admin. Someone told me about Trailhead as
a way to learn, so I jumped right in. Before long, I had become a Ranger,
one of only a few in Africa. I now help Karibu Centre to run
every aspect of our organization. Teacher Jane captures data on our
student’s attendance and performance. We serve over 500 students across
educational programs including daycare, preschool, and
afterschool collabs like STEM coding. The theme and the team of social workers
personally visit the homes of our families each week to offer guidance and
family support. Key insights for
every visit are recorded in Salesforce. Nelson manages our farm and keeps track
of farming habits, including aloe vera which we use to create our handmade
organic soap and skincare products. These products are sustainably funding our
projects and creating jobs for partners. Across all of our programs,
Salesforce is helping us to simplify and manage our import. I have learned so much as an admin and
I want to help others along their journey. [MUSIC]>>I’m Alimali and I’m a Trailblazer.>>Awesome.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Alimali, come on up. Okay, that was an incredible story,
and as many of you know, we have an integrated foundation,
a 111 model. That we started when we started
the company, when I met Mark, he said, that is what we’re gonna do. And a group of Salesforce employees, are there any Salesforce employees
who went to Kenya on this trip? Okay, all of you went. They went on this amazing trip,
and Sarah was on this trip, and she had an incredible experience. So Sarah, tell us the story and
tell us about Alimali.>>Yes, thank you, Parker,
a year ago, I went to Kenya, I was so inspired by Luke and Alimali, and the team that I brought
Team Trailhead to the Karibu Centre. And what’s amazing is they gave
back using their Salesforce skills. Something every single one of you here in
the audience can do to help give back is by donating your awesome
admin superpowers. And today we’re here with Alimali, and
I just have one simple question for you, what is next?>>So first, I’d like to say thank you for this opportunity, it’s first time
out of Africa, it’s really great.>>First time on a stage.>>Yeah, exactly, first time on a stage.>>First time in front of all these
people, and there’s a lot of people online watching you right now,
they’re watching on these cameras.>>No pressure.>>[LAUGH] Yeah, so what’s next for me? I’m super excited about the next
phase of our growth, next year, we are planning to launch our social
enterprise, Organic Savanna, into the UK. As part of that launch, we’re planning to
expand the user of Salesforce to include Commerce Cloud and
to manage our sales and marketing. This would be a huge opportunity for
me to learn more and also to make organization sustainable. I also love mentoring young Kenyans, helping them to explore
the potential of technology. Which will be so cool to see many
of them following their path, and maybe possibly to see one of them
standing on this stage next year.>>I think that would be incredible.>>Yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Parker, we like surprises.>>I love surprises, and you told me
earlier that you have not one surprise, but two.>>Yes, I have two, so
the first one, Alimali knows about, the first one is a surprise for
all of you. That by being here today at the Keynote,
you are giving back, because we have a lip balm that is
from the Karibu Centre for all of you. And by having this, this represents
you helping employ parents and educate children.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yes, good.>>Yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now I have made Alimali nervous.>>[LAUGH]
>>I thought I’d get that lip balm.>>You do?
>>Yeah.>>Yes, you do get that,
thank you so much [CROSSTALK]>>This is mine.>>You get the lip balm.>>Thank you.>>So we have a tradition here, we also
have, who here is a golden hoodie winner?>>I saw some golden hoodies out here,
yeah, but there’s not that many.>>I think we might need another one.>>I think we need another one.>>Do we think that Alimali
should get a golden hoodie?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Congratulations, Alimali!>>Thank you!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’ll help you here.>>You are the next recipient of
the golden hoodie, there are not many Because of all that you’ve done,
you deserve this, so congratulations.>>Thank you so much.>>Yeah.>>Thank you so much.>>All right, I’m a hugger. Thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, and hang on, Sarah and just a quick selfie cuz I
always like to do selfies.>>Selfies are super important,
we gotta tweet it.>>We’ll tweet this later,
all right, where are you, Sarah?>>[LAUGH]
>>Awesome. Congratulations Olly Molly.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, okay, so that was actually our second story,
but we have more stories to tell you. More stories and some incredible demos
because we wanna show you how to champion productivity, how to deliver innovation,
and how to connect experiences, okay? So were gonna start,
the first story about Carlos Umana. Carlos is here at BMC and Carlos is
an incredible trailblazer, incredible. And to tell his story I want
to bring up Mike Gerholdt. Mike take it away.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Welcome Salesforce Admins. I’m so pleased to know you brought your
mom to dream force Parker because I brought my mom as well.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My mom is actually sitting right behind you. We did a little swap a roo so
we get to meet our moms.>>[LAUGH]
>>Hashtag mom’s a dream force. But we’re not here to talk about our moms. As an admin for eight years,
boy, being able to deliver productivity to my users really
made me feel like a super hero. And that’s why I am so
glad I am here today to tell you the story of how Carlos Umana,
Champions Productivity at BMC. See Carlos is a Salesforce admin at BMC,
where he helps 1,500 sales professionals sell sophisticated
IT solutions over the phone. Carlos like any good admin is tapped into
his executive team who’s very data driven. I’m sure Carlos will tell us about that. Carlos puts his super powers in
action to optimize sales processes, simplify lead management, and
deliver actionable reporting. So let’s take a look at all of the
incredible features that come in winter 19, and enlightening that help Carlos and
you champion productivity. The first I’m super excited for,
Lightning List Views. Whew, we can search
right within that list.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s right. If you like something you can make noise. I’ll keep talking, there’s going to be
a lot of noise you should be making. Lightning report enhancements,
we can edit joined reports. We’ve got some cool stuff
we’re gonna show you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One of the favorites, who doesn’t have a phone? Lightning on mobile. Now, your users have the same
navigation experience on the phone as they do on the desktop. And then buckle up people because
Lightning layouts, let me tell you, when we saw it on the roadmap we knew
we had to include it in this keynote. But the one thing that I’m super
excited to tell you about and be the first, as I am here to
introduce you to Einstein Voice.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I mean, you talk to Siri, you talk to Alexa,
what’s more productivity than just talking to Salesforce and
telling it what to do? With Einstein Voice,
you talk to Salesforce, you can have it create tasks Set
reminders and update records. Hashtag mind blown.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>But, I have at the back of the stage the amazing Mark Baizman who built
all of the demos we’re gonna see. So let’s go to the demo and let’s see how
Carlos’ Champions Productivity at BMC.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So we start at the homepage here which is dripping with productivity
from top to bottom. Carlos filled the custom homepage for
BMC so when his sales users log in, they immediately see when a quarter ends,
the top five deals, the task that they have to do today. And you know what? He doesn’t stop at the bottom,
he included utility bar. So across the app,
no matter where his users are, they can log notes and
they can see recents. Now, Cathy Sanchez,
who we’re logged in as, is a top sales user at BMC, she loves
favorites and I love favorites too. You know why? It’s productivity, I can easily navigate
to a thing or something I saved, like a hot leads list. Cathy being the top sales person,
needs to get that leads list fast and she can search in that list,
now in winner 19, to find that hot leads she
needed to follow up with. On the record page productivity
doesn’t stop there. We’ve got paths, so Cathy can see right
where that lead is in the sales cycle. And of course, she’s very cognizant,
she wants to log every call. And we all know how sales
people love to log calls.>>[LAUGH]
>>Carlos is right there because he enabled QuickText. And with QuickText all Cathy
has to do is click a button and she can log software trials,
gather requirements, and anything else that she needs,
like leaving a voicemail. Now, the cool thing is
Quicktext uses merge fields, so it fills in all that relevant
data that she needs. Now, as part of the sales cycle,
BMC provides a software trial. If we look at that record, it’s pretty
cool, Carlos has everything started. But Cathy, the top salesperson
gave Carlos some feedback and said we can make this better. So Mark, let’s help Carlos out,
let’s go into Lightning App Builder and give everyone the room,
a sneak peak of the new Lightning layouts. So here we are in Lightning App Builder. On the left-hand side, you have your
standard, managed, custom components. You can even add more
quickly from the AppExchange. And in the middle, Mark, let’s blow
apart that palette because I’m kinda feeling like we can make this better. And with the new Lightning layouts, which I gotta tell you is coming soon,
you have a fields panel. So now,
we can build this page like we want to.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And your not just moving components on this page,
you’re actually editing the page itself. Which means, as an admin, you have one
place to go to, that’s productivity.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>In addition to that, Mark can also have set sectioned
visibility as well as field visibility to show up so that information on that page
is there only when the user needs it. Cathy doesn’t need to see blank fields. Cathy needs to see populated fields. Now, pilot in Winter 19,
check out that little drop box, we can set the page
layout based on device.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So it’s one location to go to. I like that page,
it looks super productive Mark. Let’s go back and see what that page looks
like in production because Cathy just got off the phone, and we find out that Rachel
actually started her software trial. So when we update that
status to activated, a common phrase that
you’re gonna hear a lot. Boom, that section appears. And the information is there just as
Cathy needs it, when she needs it. And Cathy is on the go, so she grabs
her phone, she is running to a meeting. Let’s pull up that very same record, she can view that very same record on her
phone and have the exact same experience.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, so Cathy is not done yet. Because the reason she’s
running somewhere, she has a sales meeting to get to. So let’s go back to the desktop. Because Cathy has a lot of
reports that Carlos built for the sales team to get them up and running. But one of them she needs to
make even more awesome and that’s the Lead by Status report. So she pulls it up in Lightning Report
Builder because she doesn’t need to cart Carlos because Carlos
champions productivity. So Cathy can just easily edit that
report right there, search for the field she needs, and
drags it onto the report. And we can see that report quickly
changes and sorts by what she just added. And to add a chart she doesn’t need code. She clicks a button. And she can even edit that chart to show
that we’re now sorting by lead source and lead status. So we can save that report, because Cathy
is getting ready to run into that meeting. But she can quickly change and add that report right to a dashboard
all with a click of a button. Cathy really wants to take this
meeting to the next level. She selects the dashboard she’s
gonna add it to, clicks Add, and now that component is
right on the dashboard. It couldn’t be any simpler, right?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So we’re gonna fast forward because we time travel
every now and then in the admin keynote. I’m gonna let you know that
Cathy rocked that sales meeting. It was amazing. And when she walked out, that’s right,
I need to set a reminder because I gotta call Rachel back because she
started that software trial. So she grabs her phone and
now is when Einstein Voice comes in. So Mark, could you play the role of Cathy? It’s gonna be a stretch but you do improv. I think you’ll be great. And show everyone in the room how
Einstein Voice can be used for Cathy.>>I met with Rachel Smith
from Hadley LLC, action item. Call Rachel next week.>>So you can see, Einstein picked
up everything that Cathy said, but this isn’t a voice recognition demo. Einstein actually noticed
Hadley LLC is in Saleforce, so when we click Next, we can associate
it to that contact of Rachel Smith. And Einstein picked up that a task needs
to be created, so with a few clicks, Cathy via Mark updated Salesforce with
her voice and changed everything. And that, Parker, is how Carlos
champions productivity at BMC. Back to you.
>>Thank you Mike and thank you to the demo team. That was an incredible demo. We have Carlos here. Carlos, there’s a lot of people in the
room going, wow, you are an awesome admin. You have incredible super powers. How would you tell them to do what you do
to learn how to champion productivity for their customers?>>First off, thank you, good question. Thank you for
the opportunity to be here today. It is humbling amongst all
the great admins that are in here. I would say,
what I would advise is four things. Number one, it would be understanding
business processes, and question conventional wisdom. Just because the process is that way-
>>Listen to the customer but ask them questions.>>Right, and then the second thing is
put yourself in your end user’s shoes to truly understand the pain
points that they have. Because at the end of the day, makes it super easy for everything that needs to
happen within the business. And the last piece is Johanna. Use a community, use Trailhead,
reach out on, because that’s the way that I
feel like I’ve been successful. Thanks to everyone here, I’m sure that
I’ve gotten some answers from you all.>>Awesome, well, it sounds like you’re
ready to give them some answers.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Carlos, congrats at BMC of all you’ve done. That was incredible. Okay, so you heard about Carlos, you
heard about BMC, saw an incredible demo, but now we wanna learn about
championing innovation with Nana Gregg. And Nana Gregg-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, I just saw Nana last week. We were doing the Dreamforce keynote and
she gave us some feedback. And to tell the story of
what Nana Gregg has done and the incredible stuff she’s done,
Mary Scotton, please take it away. Give us a awesome demo.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Thank you, Parker. Hi everyone, I’m Mary Scotton.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, thank you, that’s good. Okay, I love that Lightning layout demo,
I have to say. About ten years ago, there was this really great innovation
called the Page Layout Editor. Does anyone remember?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Parker, those were the days, right? Listen, I am passionate
about three things, my family, Equality, and empowering all of you to deliver
innovation on this amazing platform. Nana Gregg delivers innovation
at JLL Technology Solutions. Well, she owned Salesforce wall
to wall for over 400 employees, helping them help growing companies
implement workplace management software. It’s a big job. Nana and her team put their awesome admin
super powers to work to create apps, automate processes, and add AI. And we’re gonna see how
they do that today. In winter 19, Nana and her team and
you all can continue to deliver innovation with these new
features that we’re gonna see. You’re gonna see some new
Lightning flow screen components. How many do we have?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right? All right, we’rel also gonna see
the Einstein Prediction Builder, where we put the power of
AI into your hands, right? We don’t need to be data scientists. With point click,
we can predict the future. And we’re gonna have a sneak peek
of the Lightning Object Creator, which lets you take a spreadsheet,
turn it into an app.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s pretty cool. Not to be outdone, I don’t know if
you’ve seen the new flow builder or if you’ll see it here first.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s pretty sweet, it’s gonna make it faster and easier and
more intuitive to build flows. So who’s ready to see it?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, Mark, let’s go to the demo. All right, we’re gonna start
here on the JLL sales homepage. We take a look at the dashboard,
looks like we have some open deals, let’s take a look at one of those. All right,
here we are on the Opportunity page. You see Nana has got the path
there to keep her team on track. But the next step here,
there’s part of a process that’s happening outside of Salesforce in this spreadsheet. Mark, let’s see that spreadsheet.>>So we go to this stage-
>>No, this is perfect. This is all you need, right? We have a spreadsheet, and this is
where they track their deal reviews. And Nana saw this and
she said, you know what? This spreadsheet is
an app waiting to happen. Mark, let’s give that spreadsheet
to the Lighting Object Creator. Here’s the Lightning Object Creator. Let’s you take an Excel, Quip, or
Google Spreadsheet, turn it into an app. The columns in the spreadsheet
turn into fields. The rows turn into records. And even the out-of-the-box
platform features like reports, and activities, and
chatter are enabled automatically.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just a few seconds. I really just wanna wait for it to finish. I’m sorry, I can’t, it’s just so cool. All right, well, anyway, Mark let’s go
see what that looks like in Salesforce. Boom, out of the box, now we have our app. We’ve got our default page layout. Okay, she could do some work there. That record ID, what’s up with that? But we’ll fix it. All right? And then it’s all the data
is also imported. So it’s creating the object,
adding the fields, and importing the data. So, Mark,
let’s go back to that opportunity. Now that Nana has added this object into
Salesforce now she wants to automate the creation of new deal records when the
opportunity moves to the proposal stage. What’s she gonna use to automate that? Process Builder,
yeah right Process Builder. Let’s go take a look at her process here. It’s gonna be triggered
when opportunity is saved. And the deal is over a $100,000, then that
deal review record is gonna be created. Simple, this process does another
things it looks at other criteria for the deal review and make sure that non is reminding the deal reviewers of
all the steps it needs to take. And these reminders are in the form
of actions on the guided action list, which is a new component
in the app builder. And in each of these
actions is actually a flow. So Mark, let’s go back to that opportunity
and take a look at those actions. Boom, and now we run our process, right? We save that opportunity, move to the next
stage, create as a deal review record, and add a three actions to
the guided action list. Mark had spoken to one of those and see. So again, these are floats, right? This is all done with point and click. They can build their team by answering
a couple of questions and then moving on, and then the flow goes out and looks
across the system to say who’s available, how can we build this team,
what do we need, is that look good? Yes. Now we are all done. So super easy to enable your
team to have those reminders. It’s an automated to do list. Now, let’s go see now,
I did promise you a sneak peek, right? Let’s go see how those flows are made. All right, so here’s our list of flows. And Mark,
there’s that one with the little squiggle. Why don’t we open that one. What?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is the new Flow Builder coming to you spring of 19. It’s going to make it even
easier to build guided user experiences and logic with flow, right? On your screen components,
you’re just adding the elements you want, set the properties, and go, all right? You’ve got your elements on the list,
you drag them to the right. And you can use out of the box lighting
components as part of your flows now. And check those out,
the toggle we just saw and the slider, those are new in winter 19.. All right, well Nana loves this and
she’s not done yet, she has one more thing to do. She’s gonna add AI. So see this project duration field? This is the sales team best guess. As to how long the consulting
engagement might take. So Nana looks at this as here’s
an opportunity to innovate. I can use Einstein to predict
that project duration, right? Cuz she’s got all that past data. Einstein can look at that data and
say, you know what, I think the project’s
gonna take this long. So with the Einstein Prediction Builder, you are the ones telling Einstein what
object and what field to predict. You’re also telling Einstein what set of
fields to look at for that prediction. So Nana goes through all this and the outcome is a custom
field on the opportunity. She can use it for
reports and pages and code. And so let’s go back one last
time to that opportunity and see what Einstein thinks
about our project duration. Einstein is says hey you know what, I
predict it’s gonna be 120 days, not a 105. And now the sales team can
update that proposal and get that back to the customer and
close that deal. And Parker, that is how Nana
delivers innovation at JLL. Back to you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, Mary. Awesome job, awesome job. Nana. All right, that was an incredible demo. You’ve done some incredible things at JLL. You’re delivering innovation. Everybody’s jealous of you cuz they’re
like, how do we be just like you and deliver innovation. So what’s your advice to everyone?>>Gosh, thank you Parker and
I’ve been an admin for 12 years, so
trying to deliver all of this innovation, all these things that you’re giving to us
>>And so I’ve got an easy formula for
you to remember.>>A formula?>>A formula.>>Nice.>>E, embrace change. Change is gonna come whether-
>>The only constant is change is what we->>Absolutely, it’s gonna come, like lightning, right? Embrace it, go with it. A Always be learning. There are so many new things to learn. You can learn something new every
single day with Trailhead, and on the community, always be learning. S, show your users. Show people what it can do because
if you build it, they will come. Right? They will understand what
you’re trying to do for them. And then finally why.>>Per yes.>>Per yes. You got this.>>Okay.
>>Know that you got this. And know that everybody in the room, everybody in this trailblazer
community is behind you.>>Yeah.
>>And they’re there to help make sure that you know you got this.>>Totally.
Yeah.>>So thank you.>>That’s awesome.>>It’s easy.>>It’s easy and
you got this Nana, great job. Big hand for Nana Greg.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah, okay. Now onto our final story. We’re now gonna connect experiences. We’re gonna connect experiences. We’re gonna hear about Katherine Clark at
Vet Forest, and the Vets are right here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay, we’re so proud of you of all that you’ve done and
really love. It warms my heart for
how we’ve been able to create new jobs and bring you back in the work force when
you come back to the United States, and thank you for
all you do in serving for our country.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Let’s just say that first and foremost. Thank you.
Okay, and to tell the story of Katherine’s Clark and
what she’s done. To connect experience,
I’d like to bring up Gillian Bruce. Gillian, take it away.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Hello, awesome admins.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>So one of my favorite parts of my job
as an admin evangelist, is I get the privilege of hosting
the Salesforce Admins podcast. Any podcast listeners?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, MIke, by the way, for passing that to me. I appreciate it. One of the reasons I love that so much
is that I get to learn stories from you. Awesome admins who everyday are not
only transforming your company, but you are transforming your careers and even your communities using
the Salesforce platform. It is pretty incredible. And one of those stories I have gotten
to know is the story of Katherine Clark. [APPLAUSE] That’s fine. We’re allowed to clap for Katherine. She is pretty amazing. [APPLAUSE]
>>Now, Katherine Clark found Salesforce to
an amazing firm called Vetforce. Vetforce serves over 10,000
military veterans and their spouses To scale up on Salesforce, to get amazing
jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. You heard about how Parker said
that that is a growing area? Lots of opportunity. So this program is really important. And not only did Katherine find
Salesforce through Vetforce, she’s now the admin for Vetforce.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And that means she’s got a really big job! She has to build a scalable community
experience for those 10,000 members, so we have 50 plus of them today. Another thank you for
your service, everybody.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And she has to personalize that learning journey
as they go on learning those skills. And then she has to make sure they get the
information they need, when they want it. So they never have to pause
in the learning journey. How does she do that? Well Katherine does that
by connection experiences. The entire Vetforce program is built on
a lightning community, enabling her to connect members with each other and
connect with her learning journey. And, hold on everybody, yes, we’re gonna
talk about MuleSoft in the admin keynote. Cuz Katherine is gonna be excited
to use MuleSoft to bring in job opportunities from external websites
into the Vetforce community. She’s also gonna start
using an Einstein Bot. We can build bots. Admins are really awesome because it’s
a way we can better serve our customers, getting them answers to questions quicker. Okay, enough of me taking,
let’s get into a demo and show you how Katherine
does this every day. Shout out to Mark Baseman,
Kevin Poreman, our amazing demo people.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, here we are in our last demo,
let’s rock it. We here we are instead of Home, I know
we are familiar with this as admins, this is where we access
the community builder. So when we open the community builder, we’ll see that what you
build is what you see. And then in the palate here on the
left-hand side we have the opportunity to add components. Components you’re familiar with in
the lightning app builder as well as some special ones for the community and
even more from the app Exchange. We also have the ability to
customize the theme here. Make it look beautiful,
like it does on screen. And we can adjust page structure to make
sure we’re putting the right things, the most important things in that
page that our members need to see. Let’s talk about this profile right here,
because this profile is how Katherine is connecting every Vetforce member
with what they’re learning. With the super badges they’ve earned, with
the certification’s they’ve earned, and with goals they’ve completed
within the Vetforce program. Now Vetforce is built on
the idea of meeting milestones, achieving certain milestones in
your journey that unlock benefits. One of those benefits is the idea of being
a job seeker, this job seeker status, meaning they’re ready to
start applying for jobs. Well Katherine can bring in a component
right here into Vetforce to display those job opportunities. This is huge, because this means they
no longer have to leave this beautiful community to go search for
jobs in other websites, all right. We’re gonna talk about how this
is built in just a second. I know everyone’s really wondering. [LAUGH] But we wanna make sure
that this is only displayed for those who’ve unlocked job seeker status. And we can do that using a new feature
in Winter 19 called Audience targeting. That means that Katherine
can set the criteria for when this component displays just like
we saw in aligning our builder, right? But now we have it in community. Now, let’s talk about this component,
as I said, MuleSoft. And admins, it’s really important
that we know how MuleSoft works because it really is
an amazingly powerful tool. This component was built with MuleSoft. Mark, let’s click into this component and
show MuleSoft in the Admin Keynote. Here we go. This is a Mulesoft Design Center,
doesn’t look that intimidating, right? We can see what’s going on here. We can see that Salesforce is
making a call to Mulesoft, sharing the information in
the profile with Mulesoft. Then Mulesoft is making multiple
calls to external other job sites, indeed Dice, to see which jobs meet
the same criteria as in that profile. And then, [LAUGH] this is where
the MuleSoft magic happens. Because MuleSoft enables us to take
the data from all those other system, it’s translating it all
enabling us to display it and map it the way we wanna
see it in Salesforce. Pretty easy, pretty amazing, right?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now, let’s say we wanna add another site. We wanna add up LinkedIn to this. Well, by hitting that plus sign, we can see a number of options
powered by the Exchange. We have a LinkedIn one right there,
add it, boom. [LAUGH] You just added another
element of integration. Now it’s great, it’s on the other side for the component,
Katherine doesn’t have to change a thing. MuleSoft is gonna feed that information
exactly as she mapped it into that component. All right, here we go. See, MuleSoft is awesome,
we can all be integrators admins.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now let’s go see this from an end user perspective. Here we are in Samantha Carter’s profile. Brand new to Vetforce, excited to
get going on her learning journey. And as Mike said, since the Admin Keynote
we do a lot of special things. We sing, we dance, we jump,
we high five, we also time travel. So we’re traveling ahead in time to where
Samantha has completed several super badges, has certification, and guess what? She’s unlocked that component cuz
she’s unlocked job seeker’s status. That components even highlighting
the super badges she’s completed. They’re also requirements for
those jobs, pretty awesome. It’s all right,
you’re allowed to clap, that’s good.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now Samantha’s so excited that she wants to get more. She wants to know if she can do more
credentialing through Vetforce. She can ask that right here
in the community because Katherine has built the ability
to log a case right there. So she logs the case. Let’s see what this looks like on the
backend from Katherine, the admin’s angle. Well, we’ve got a lot of cases here. So as much as Katherine is dedicated
to making sure she answers every single question that comes in,
it might take a little while. Because there’s only one Katherine, and as
much as we’d love to be able to clone her, Parker I don’t think that’s
on the roadmap, is it? But you know what we do
have is the Einstein Bots. So Katherine is gonna be able to build
a bot to help answer some of those most common questions she gets
a lot of the cases quicker. Let’s build a bot Mark. Here we are in the bot builder. We’re gonna give our bot a name. I don’t know,
I think Sgt Astro sounds pretty good. And we’re gonna have Sgt Astro use
languange that’s familiar to our vets, familiar to the community,
give it a personality. Then we’re gonna tell Sgt Astro
which questions it can answer. These are gonna be the most
common questions Katherine gets. And after we create that bot,
we wanna see it in action. So Mark let’s go back to Samantha’s view,
and see how she can use Sgt Astro. There she goes, right there,
can click open Sgt Astro. Sgt Astro says, hey,
these are the things I can help you with. And good news, the first
questionnaire is about credentialing, she can click that and wow,
that was a pretty fast answer. Don’t have to wait for Katherine to go through her queue
of cases to get that answer. And, like Sgt Astro is about to
take the words out of my mouth, that is how Katherine is
connecting experiences for Vetforce using Salesforce and Lightning.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right. Great job Julian. That was awesome. Okay Katherine, you know it’s
the fourth MuleSoft revolution and everything is connected. 10,000 members, that’s incredible. So first of all, congrats to you and everyone that’s created
that awesome community.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>But everyone here wants to create
communities and create more connection, what’s your advice to
them on how to do that?>>My advice is for those aspiring
admins out there, looking at these new features that are available and
wondering how do I even get started? I’m trying to still figure out how to
put a custom field on a page layout.>>I can help you with that.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you know what else,
Trailhead can help you with that.>>Yes, that’s true.>>Trailhead is the first place
we send our Vetforce members to, to start learning those initial skills. So if your wondering how do I go about
bringing a bot into my community, start at Trailhead,
it is free, it is self paced, it’s accessible
>>Thank you Sarah Franklin. [LAUGH] It is how I learned,
I started on Trailhead three and a half years ago and
it’s what brought me here today.>>Really, wow.>>The second thing,
Trailblazer community, it’s been mentioned now three or
four times. And it’s because this is the secret
sauce of the Salesforce community.>>Yeah.
>>People in here are passionate to help you get your career to
where you want it to be. There’s people there to answer questions,
to help you out, and to take your career to new heights.>>That’s awesome, and you’re gonna
help some people in this room?>>Today.>>Today, awesome, thank you Katherine.>>Thank you [INAUDIBLE].
>>Thank you for all you’re doing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay so you heard those three stories, incredible, of Carlos you’re here,
Nana, and Katherine. Incredible demos,
congrats to the demo team. A lot of technology that you saw,
and we want you to learn more of it. And of course,
there is a Trailhead for this. Of course there’s a Trailhead for this. So first of all, if you wanna learn more,
take advantage of Dreamforce, go to all of the sessions. Visit the Admin Meadow,
125 sessions for the admins. Join me and Brett Taylor at True to the
Core, we’re going to talk more about how we’re revamping True to the Core,
so that you can help.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s right, drive our roadmap, take the trail mix, collect the lip balm
and enjoy the rest of the Dream Forest. Thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]


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