Salsa Steel drums up business at the state fair

PERFORMERS ARE BRINGING A BEAT SO ENCHANTING, YOU )LL HAVE A HARD TIME NOT BUSTING A MOVE. drum noises THE DRUMMERS FROM SALSA STEEL ARE BRINGING FUN TO EXPO NEW MEXICO, PLAYING EVERYTHING FROM DISNEY SONGS TO SAMBA TUNES. THEY HOPE TO CREATE A SOUND TRACK FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE, MAKING IT ONE YOU )LL NEVER FORGET. “It )s just a really bright sound and it stimulates your nervous system just from the nature of metal and it )s kind of like being close to the ocean.” SALSA STEEL HAS A STAGE SHOW AT THE BOX CAR STAGE EVERYDAY AT 2PM, YOU CAN ALSO CATCH THEM AT ENTRY GATE FOUR. TONIGHT…Partly cloudy then becoming mostly cloudy late in the evening then becoming partly cloudy. Scattered


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