Save Money on Organic Produce at Costco

Save Money on Organic Produce at Costco

This is John Kohler with And today
I have another exciting episode for you. We’re outside the local Costco Wholesale and we’re
here for one very important reason. I’m here to share with you how you can save money on
organic foods. Many Costco’s around the country may now be offering organic produce for sale.
And what I’m going to do today is go inside the Costco to their produce department and
share with you some of the organic items at the Costco here. Now, every Costco may have a little bit different
inventory and may not have the exact same items. So you know, you’re going to have to
check it out for yourself. So anyways, let’s head inside and check out the produce section. We’re in Costco now at the produce department
and often times I like to shop in the produce department at Costco for bulk produce. Now
I generally only buy organic, but there’s a few things that aren’t organic, but I will
buy that are pesticide free, such as some of the things we’re in hot houses. So I do have a previous episode where I go
actually to the warehouse clubs doors, Sam’s, BJ’s and Costco to compare the different ones.
But today what I’m going to show you for those guys that haven’t seen that video, just some
of the options that are organic at they have a my Costco here. Now once again the Costco
in your area may carry similar or not carry these same exact items. So Costco is an excellent way you can save,
you know, if you eat a lot of produce involved. So let’s go around and show you some of the
produce items that I’ve purchased. The first thing I might buy if there’s no
organic Tomatoes or the hot house Tomatoes, and they have several different brands, this
is like Houweling’s Tomatoes here, they got some Romans, and they got the Campari’s there,
Winset and I think they got some more Houweling’s, and over here they got some more Winsets. So of all the different Tomatoes today, I’ll
probably get these guys, these … we got grapes, the Winset, hot house grown. These
guys are actually quite good. Sometimes I’ll get the Avocados here, if it’s
a good deal. But often times the Avocados at Costco aren’t the best deal. What I am going to get today, I’m going to
load up on are these guys right here. Blueberries, Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense,
rich in antioxidant foods, and these are organic, and these are 18 ounces for $7.99. So that’s
about $7 and 10 cents a pound which definitely a good deal and I’ll probably buy about 6
of these and you know, eat those over the next few days. Other Berries that I have include, Black Berries
which, you know, I usually don’t buy unless they’re organic and today they also happen
to have organic Raspberries here and they are USDA organic. I would get Raspberries,
but I don’t have a Raspberry bush in my backyard and I like Blue Berries a lot more than Raspberries,
but that would be a viable option and they are actually a little bit less at $5.98 a
pound, the each container is 4.49 and that’s a 12 ounce plant shell. Most of the other fruits they have actually
are not organic. In the past I have seen organic Apples here and sometimes organic Pears, but
that’s pretty rare. Oh, also they do have organic grape when they’re in season. They’re
not quite in season at this time. So I will go over any of the other conventional produce.
But what we will do is go into the cooler there and go over some of the vegetables they
have available today. Normally I don’t buy any vegetables in Costco
because I do grow my own vegetables, you know, and I have plenty of vegetables at home, but
I’m going to share this with you guys, for those of you that don’t grow your food at
home. If you don’t grow your food at home, I would recommend you do grow your food at
home. They got this organic baby Kale. Kale is a powerhouse of nutrition, 1,000 on ANDI
scoring, you know, most nutrient dense food on the planet. You want to make sure you eat a lot of Kale
and because of Costco you can afford to do this now. This is actually 1 and a half pounds
organic Kale and it’s $3.99, that will be $2.66 a pound. I don’t think you’ll get Kale
cheaper in any other place and in addition, this is the baby Kale, so the leaves are much
more tender than the large Kales, which means you’re going to get better absorption. But
remember to chew them more well. Costco’s also got organic Carrot; they have
the organic peeled Carrots. Sometimes I’ll get these to get these to do a juice sauce
or cream wash, but most of the time I don’t like to get them because they are actually
quite expensive. I just go over and get the organic Carrot in a 10 pound bag, and actually
this is actually cheaper than the wholesale produce market at $4.49. You don’t have a lot of other non-organic
produce items that I usually skip over. I don’t buy it anyways. But another one they
have today is actually organic Celery. Organic Celery here is $2.99 for I think it’s like
4 little heads, and that’s definitely a good price that would work out for you 60 cents
a pound. Alright, here’s the package here. It’s a nice
large package for $2.99, I mean, 4 little heads there. Normally one head at the store
is like a dollar 99, so this is an amazing deal for the organic Celery. They’re started carrying the organic Broccolette
now, so the organic Broccolette, definitely delicious and good to eat too. You could eat
these raw. I like to actually just dip these in a dressing and chew them on up or you could
also, you know, blend them or juice them if you’d like. And right here they’re 2 pound
a bag, $4.99, that’s 2.49 a pound, so that’s definitely also a really good price for the
Broccoli. Broccoli once again is a (North Surfer’s) vegetable and really rich in antioxidants. They got the non-organic Spinach, but I would
encourage you to get the organic Spinach. The organic Spinach here is in the 1 pound
tub, and it’s one of the cheapest prices you’ll find at $3.59. Over here they have organic Romaine Hearts.
And this is a 6 count; the 6 count is $3.49. And that will definitely feed you for a little
bit. I mean, aside from getting organic Romaine Hearts at the dollar start which can be rare
and the 99 only stores sometimes will have organic Romaine, this is definitely the best
place to get it. And probably even cheaper than the wholesale produce market. Of course Costco is mostly always have the
organic Spring Mix, and this is the organic Spring Mix here. It’s $3.79 and it’s the Earthbound
Spring Mix and although, you know, sometimes the brands will vary, generally it’s always
organic. At Whole foods you could go and find this for 5.99 depending on where you live,
maybe 6.99 in some places. They also have an organic Caesar Salad kit
that I had skip over because it has a dressing in there, and you know, we don’t want to be
eating that stuff. Now sometimes if I don’t have any Lettuce
growing in my garden, I’ll get this stuff here. This is called the Living Butter Lettuce.
I like this stuff, because it’s a 2 pack for 2.69, that’s $1.34 each. And I like this cause
this is hydroponically grown and this is still alive. It actually has a root and everything
still in there, and I definitely like the butter Lettuce much more than I like the Spring
Mix and it says, “Pest-Free Naturally.” And this is hydroponically green house grown,
so they’re probably not spraying on stuff either. Some other things that I normally get in the
off season when Cucumbers aren’t in season, I get these guys. These are actually called
Fresco cocktail Cucumbers and look at these little patty Winnies, I mean, Cucumbers, they’re
nice and cute. They’re really small and nice and tender and actually quite delicious and
they’re at 4.99 for 1 and a half pounds, that’s 3.22 a pound. Definitely a bit expensive,
but those guys are worth it. If I am juicing then I’d get these guys, these
guys are the standard English seedless Cucumbers and normally they have around 99 cents to
a dollar 9 and this is definitely a good place to get these as well. These are also hot house
so they don’t have, you know; normally don’t have any pesticide or sprays on them. So another organic thing they have now is
organic Apple slices. Now I don’t recommend getting your Apples like this that are pre-cut.
I’d encourage you to buy Apples and just eat them whole. Of course, you know, buying this
is definitely better than buying, you know, sneakers bar or something to eat, so it is
more convenient if you need that and these guys at 8, 6 ounce bag for 7.99. That’s significantly
more expensive than just buying some Apples and enjoying them fresh, whole. The final 2 things we’ll talk about today
are the Bell Peppers. So the Peppers are generally hot house Bell Peppers that you could see
there, and once again if it’s grown in a hot house, and these are probably grown hydroponically,
they’re generally not sprayed. So sometimes I get these guys and if I am I will generally
get the small baby mini Peppers, I like them a little bit more. And once again you know,
eat your foods with color. Here’s the Red Peppers and they’re all red and then they
have multi-color pack which I often like to get because, you know, you’re eating a whole
bunch of different antioxidants and all these different colors of Peppers. So the last tip I want to give you guys is
when shopping at a big box store you want to pay attention to the labeling of the boxes.
You always want to get the boxes or the packages from like the back or the bottom because they
have a full date that’s later on, so that means it’s fresher. So for example at the
top here, these guys have an expiration date of May 30th. This one over here is May 26th.
So what that means is, you know, the ones on the top are actually fresher, and that
means the people here at Costco aren’t doing their jobs, because these guys are supposed
to be on the top and the other ones are supposed to be on the bottom or in the back. I find that, you know, depending on your local
Costco, you know, sometimes things turn faster than others and so I always try to like dig
through the bottom or go down a whole bunch of stacks to get the freshest produce so that
it will stay the freshest for me at home. I find that Costco over the other warehouse
club doors usually has more organic, but also it depends greatly on your area. If you’re
in an area that tends to eat more or healthier food than inorganic, then your Costco is going
to carry them and offer them to you. If you live in an area where people don’t
usually buy organic then, you know, they’re probably not going to be carrying those organic
foods. So check it out and if they don’t have it, request it and who knows, maybe they’ll
bring it in so that you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to Costco. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode
learning more about some of the produce that I would buy at Costco. And once again I make
these videos to help you guys out so that you guys could save money and eat more fresh
fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables are definitely one of the best things to eat. Of course I always encourage you guys to grow
your own or source local produce whenever possible such at Farmer’s markets, you know,
instead of going to a mega big box store like Costco. Once again my name is John Kohler with
We’ll see you next time and keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re the best.


67 thoughts on “Save Money on Organic Produce at Costco”

  • Awesome Rawsome Lifestyle says:

    John, you have a much greater variety of organics available than we currently do in Canada. However, I am glad that you made this video because it makes me optimistic that with enough consumer interest, we too can have this much selection. Now where do I make my request? In store or on line or perhaps both.

  • Zero Carb Queen says:

    Damn, I wished my Costco carried that baby kale. 🙁 My Costco has a crap selection.

    Thanks for the video John!

  • Thank you John, I am a business member of Costco and never thought to go there for organic produce, haven't been there in years but I will definitely be checking them out now

  • Buy food labeled 100% organic. The US and Canadian governments do not allow manufacturers to label something 100% organic if that food has been genetically modified or been fed genetically modified feed. However, you may find that organic food is more expensive and different in appearance from conventional products. Also, just because something says "organic" on it does not mean that it does not contain GMs. In fact, it can still contain up to 30% GMs, so be sure the labels say 100% organic.

  • rawhealthgreen says:

    Love this video… so helpful! I have never had baby Kale! I am sharing this on my website… I know it will be helpful to people trying to incorporate more fruit and veg into their diets, as people are always thinking buying organic is too expensive. Thanks, John!

  • I can attest for the flavor of the raspberries. We only have on small bush in our yard, so we will buy them at Costco, and they are almost as tasty. Also, the carrots taste fantastic. I also get Costco Medjool dates and sun dried tomatoes.

  • My Costco "Marina Del Rey" only carries the carrots, spring mix, and spinach in organic. Some of the most expensive real estate in the country with people who have money to spend and they won't stock any more. No matter how many managers you ask, they just won't stock more organics. So everyone just goes to Whole Foods and the stores are packed with people buying organic all day long. It defies all logic

  • cruciferousvegetable says:

    John, this is a great video. Question, do you supplement B12, and what is your opinion on B12 supplementation?

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    wow, the price of kale is really dropping

    john, you should pay a visit to earthbound farms and show us how they grow so much cheap and quality produce.

  • rawmormonmommy says:

    My Costco NEVER has organic berries or grapes or BABY KALE & CELERY?! Why don't we have that much organic?! No fair!! Come on Utah?! Eat healthier!!!!

  • Thanks for the video. I was at my Costco here in Edison, NJ today. They use to carry organic carrots, spinach etc but I think they stopped. I had to buy conventional along with apples. Someone told me the apples are ok to juice as long as they are from WA. You brought up a point that certain produce can be hot house, it's ok to juice.

  • FruitsVeggiesAndLove says:

    WOW amazing prices. I gotta check my local Costco. I doubt it will be as cheap. Produce is more expensive in the Northeast. Thanks for sharing!

  • Zero Carb Queen says:

    Update: Last week the baby kale was in my Costco! Bought a bag and it was delicious! Plan on another one this week. 😛

  • Modern Homemakers says:

    Your Costco has so many more organics than ours! So jealous 🙁 We love to get the giant bag of flax meal from costco. It's so much cheaper than the bags elsewhere or buying the flax seed.

  • I love it when I learn something from you. For instance, I didn't know hot house produce was "safe" to eat. Thanks! BTW, what do you think of the clamshells? I need to find out where I can recycle them in my area.

  • I shop at costco. My question is how do we know for sure if the hot house produce is grown without pesticides? Because you said "usually" if they are hot house they are not grown with pesticide. Thank You…

  • OrganicGardening987 says:

    Can you buy in bulk? Like could you just by the whole cardboard box filled with blueberries?????? Thanks a lot!

    -The Organic Boy

  • Margaret Kasten says:

    I love buying organic products as much as possible ..I visit the farmers markets and health food stores in the area….I get most of my products from a company I found recently online….they have 100% organic products and all that I have tried I love them. Would love to connect and share ideas with anyone that similar views…on facebook I am MargaretKasten143 …Love your video great info…keep up the good work.

  • I also add them to my green smoothie regimen with organic carrots, a clove of garlic, beets, parsley, and cucumber…YUM!

  • All our Maryland and Washington DC area costcos carry a wide range of organic vegies and leafy greens THEY GO EVER SO FAST…A NEW COSTCO JUST OPENED IN WHEATON. What do you think of the baby bokchoy? It's hothouse grown isn't it…Any how, I wash it really well and rinse it in icy vinegar water and juice it…Have you tried the costco ones or do you grow your own? I just got back from costco about 2hrs fridge is stocked with a healthy leafy green haul/fruits…LOVING THIS LIFESTYLE…:)

  • I know right heheheeeeee….I just bought 2 packs ..they are so cute/crunchy…one of my ginger twin cats loves to eat raw vegies and fruits…should have followed his example long ago…:)

  • babescraftroom says:

    thank you so much for this. I just found you, and I just started seeing a holistic Dr who has put me on a organic food program. Wants me to use the powder supplements but I will pass on that. However, I am going to go to Costcos instead of the local Organic store to shop.. I need to shop inexpensively but wisely.. do you have an videos on Trader Joes?

  • I was hungry just watching that. Cheers John. I wish we had a costco in the UK as all organic produce over here is just so expensive.

  • 'organic' produce is a human right. it shouldn't be something that only wealthy people can afford. our basic human rights have been violated. people without money are forced to eat poisonous foods and we just accept this as if it is perfectly reasonable. where is the outrage? people have so much outrage over so much useless bs but none over our most basic human rights being blatantly trampled.

  • Both Costco and BJ's Are offering organic fruits and vegetables. I buy apples, nectarines, peaches, baby spinach, baby romaine, and other hot house veggies. This is great especially for families trying to feed their families better food. I am looking to find organic baby Kale at my local Costco in Brooklyn, New York.

  • What happen with all the food that expires and cant sell? They all go straight to Landfill. Why buy food and wastes money by spending, when you can get them free by dumpster diving!

  • Jealous you have way more organic produce at your Costco then we do! I am obsessed with Costco and spend at least 700 month there. I find prices on some organic food I buy there is half the price or 1/3 then reg grocery stores.

  • I have not yet viewed this video and am guessing you are located in the USA. Costco Canada in Ontario does not carry a lot of organic products at all. However compare to organic products that were available 5 years ago, the range of organic items has increased.

  • OMG, of the products you showed in this video, I've only seen organic baby spinach and organic spring mix at my local Costco in Southern Ontario.  🙁
    Do recycle the plastic clam shells that the produce comes in.

  • Thank you, John. I'm raring to go to Costco and see what they have here in my area.
    Whole Foods is way overpriced. Those blueberries blew my mind. They're waaay below the WF price. I pay $4 for the small container It's just a handful.
     The kale,etc are a great deal. I put them in my Vitamix and don't strain them so I get the whole vegetable and fiber. Getting a few bags at a time will be very convenient.

  • The organic foods cartel has been waging a 30 year long disinformation war on consumers. After all that fear mongering and conspiracy theories they still only have a pathetic 1% market share. Ask yourself why.

  • The USDA says 43% of all US organic foods were found to contain prohibited substances.

  • Organic pesticides ( yes they do use them) are toxic to bees:

  • my Costco doesn't have much organic varietys, so I've been shopping at wholefoods for last 11yrs. that Costco however was pretty impressive, you can't beat those prices thanks!!!!!

  • Organic is great I always buy, but I see a large amount of packaging at costco. I have to wonder the offset of organic verses all the package for fruit in veg. Find a farmers market organic and buy without all the packaging.

  • Whole food/ trader’s joe,Costco quality has gone down. Electronic, canned goods, etc. are great buys. For Fresh produce look else where.

  • You know the produce prices can vary every day. One day the 5 lb bag of organic carrots is 5 dollars, another day it was 6.50, then it want down to 5, last time I checked it was 7 dollars. You can call Costco to get the price for the day of the item, that you plan to buy.

  • Stay away from all organic produce…..they use copper sulfate as a pesticide…it's organic but poisonous….it kills everything…. Never buy organics…plates of poison….plant a garden

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