( LORD SIVA SUPRABHATHAM) Still you are in Prayer.
get ready fast, it is getting time. I am not coming with you. You don’t have work to do now.
Where will you go? What will you do? Where ever I go, What ever I do..
I am not coming with you. You go where ever you want to go
but pay my Rent first. Hey.. What you?
Since the door is kept open you are coming in… What ma ! You use to give rent
5th of every month.. why is it getting delayed this month? Hey, I am asking you here..
why are you speaking to her there? see here me, speak to me. Respect, give respect and speak in
respectful manner to the people who come to you. oho… You need respect…
I will give come, i will give… By the by, do you need respect or rent?
Tel me, what ever you want I will give.. Saroja.. Saroja..
You go away from here. Wait dear, he want something from
I will give and go… I said go… Mohan sir, I am begging
your pardon on behalf of her. Anyways, why did you come sir? By 5th of every month you used to pay rent.. it is 10th already but you didn’t came, what can I do? Sorry sir, my work owners vacated the home
and went to their hometown. That is the reason why i couldn’t pay your rent. I will search some where and pay
your rent with in a week, at any cost. Kindly excuse me for this time sir, please. Ok. I will permit you for this time on your request.
You have to pay me quickly. All vegitables are tender enough.
Don’t pinch like that madam. How can we know without checking
whether they are tender or not. Vegitables are on wheels. Prices are on sky. You need not pinch like that madam,
you can check by pressing them. Ahaa… Don’t need.. Take madam, for you only I picked up. All are tender ones. Not only this madam,
any work I will do with Perfection. Please give me any work at your home madam. I will do any work. What..! Work..? Girls are there in this house.
There is no work for people like you. Go… Go away Total how much man? 20 rupees madam. Hey.. Who are you? What are you doing here? I am asking you, Why are you not responding? Nothing madam.
I’m searching some work and going this way. I saw this place dirty,
That is why i am cleaning. Did any one told you to clean? No madam,
I am cleaning it by myself. Take it. oh.! i don’t need money madam.
Give me some work at home, that is enough. That’ ok, take it. I will any work madam. That’s ok, take it. Without asking you helped me. I am not in a position to take any help from you. Young boys are here in this house. No work is there to give you. You clean the remaining place and go away. Madam… Madam… Who is it? Is there madam in home sir? Who are you?
You first come in? Good morning sir… Who are you?
Why are you here? If madam is there any…
– What..? I am searching for some work at your home sir. Work?
What kind of work? Household work, cooking, cleaning and washing.
all kind of works sir. I can do any work sir. Can you do any kind of work? Any kind of work sir. – Can you do any kind of work?
– I will do sir. Household work, cooking ok.
Will you.. do my personal work also? Daily 2 hours work.
Nothing more than that. I will give you salary howmuch ever you want. how ever you want. Monthly.. weekly.. daily is to be ok.
What will you say? Why are you going away.. Hey… Hey you… Hourly basis is to be ok to me. Handicapped people are living respectifully. God gave all to us.
Can’t you live properly by working hard? ( This certificate is mine.) ( I don’t have parents. I am an orphan.) ( I was a very bright student.
But nobody is there to funding me now.) ( I asked many people for work,
but no one gave me any job.) ( Feeling very hungry.) ( By doing this I am earning money for
quenching my hunger.) ( I am not unuch.) ( BABY CRYING) Baby.. Who are you dear? Why are u crying dear? Ohh…. Shit. One turmeric packet please. Nothing will happen dear. Nothing will happen.
I applied turmeric.. It will go off. Nothing will happen dear. It will go off. Nothing.. Nothing will happen baby. Nothing will happen baby.
Don’t cry. Rishi.. Rishi… Baby… I told you to be there at school.
I am so worried. What happend my child..!?
why are you crying… Ohh.. What happend baby?
What is this bandage? Nothing sir.
She happen to fall some where. She hurt herself. Nothing to worry. I have put turmeric and bandage.
It will get cured soon. By the way who are you? I am searching for the job by going this way.
I saw this child crying and come here. oh… Thanks ma..
just a minite. Take this money. Ohh.. No sir.. No need.. That’s ok take it. No.. No need sir. You take it for my satisfaction. No sir. If you want me to give any thing… ..give me a job sir.
– Job..? Aaahh…. Any job sir. Household work, cooking,
baby sitting, taking her to school. Taking complete care of baby. Anything..
– Calm down baby.. Calm down. Nothing will happen. It’ll go off Calm down. Don’t cry. Mommy. Mommy… What dear.? Is it paining..?
Nothing will happen my dear child. Dad is there. He will take care of you.
Don’t cry… Ok… hello ma… Where do you staying..? Near Chitti nagar center sir. This is.. my address. From tomorrow you join in the job. Ok sir. Thank you sir. Keep this money as advance now.
you are joing in the work from tomorrow right. Thank you sir. By the way, what’s your name ma..? Savithri sir. BORN AS HUMAN, DIE AS HUMAN



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