100 thoughts on “Second Schiff staffer tied to Burisma-backed think tank: Report”

  • Would seem as soon as Trump looked that direction, the swamp did a preemptive strike ? Just who is making money there ? The pelosi, biden, schitf burger staff, Kerry, and the Clintons must have done something ?

  • Trish Regan…my favorite interviewer. Clear, evenhanded, logical and LETS THE GUEST TALK.
    SO tired of interviewers running a rushing train of questions and interruptions.

  • All those loopholes and laws , were written and passed in the same fashion this fake impeachment momentum is being driven – behind closed doors – without the consent of the Citizenry.

  • I think we are going to find that the Atlantic Council has more to do with the dems than anyone could guess ..just a bit and watch what happens and how the Atlantic council is tied to Hillary and more lol ..
    Q3157 are you awake ?
    These poeple are stupid !

  • Lol fox news still dabbling in conspiracy theories. Also, whistleblower doesn't even matter when the evidence is already there. I can't wait to see fox after Trump is impeached. Watching butthurt adults act like children xD

  • The truth will set all of us and them free!!! Free from corrupt politicians and free the politicians from their jobs and paychecks!!

  • I'm sure this stuff has been going on for decades. Trump being elected changed the game and made the left crazy. They tripped themselves up.

  • ADAM SCHIFF is corrupt as hell and should be in gitmo for committing treason and maybe Pelosi can tell us how she made over 100 million dollars on a congress woman's pay ?

  • But it’s ok for everyone on the left to be thrives, liars and all around bad people cause at the end of the day Orange Man Bad. All of them should be investigated I’m sick of one set of Laws for the Demoncrapts and the real laws against everyone else.

  • They’ll probably censure Trump and shut this process down before they’re all exposed
    Trump is so right about swamp needing drainage
    Slow to come around but I see Trump now much more favorably now in fact he’s a great patriot like him or not

  • robert Sturdivant says:

    Who believes anything what schiff bc they knows hes lies they need to get him out of office they think the ppl are.with the 3 stooges they are wrong.they just lie if they think we for them .Trump going to be our president again. Schiff get the hell out of office

  • "They were buddies…"
    Working together and being buddies as the host implies is a huge logical leap. Unless there is proof. If there isn't proof, well its propaganda.

  • its called international money laundering and corruption ,sometimes called "lobbying"  when it should be called bribery

  • The thing is the communists/dems are so completely clueless that they believe the average American (and dems are anything but American these days) is as stupid as their followers. Thankfully their entire treasonous party is now being exposed bu their imbecilic and treasonous actions. Can't wait the he executions to begin!


  • funny how they are not talking about how the senate committee investigating this is done. The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee held the investigation and Republican chairman, Richard Burr found no evidence, did not press charges.

  • Hillary is smiling while everyone forgets about the "Clinton Foundation", it's donors, "donations", where the money went and the tax returns.

  • Everybody can see how stupid this impeachment is but the dumborats needs to throw Trump out soonest possible or they will go to jail. If americans want to see all the swamp creatures, including Pelosi, Biden, Obama and the Clintons in jail, they must vote to make sure Trump win big and control the house.

  • The Democrat Party involved multiple corruptions domestic and foreign countries. Adam Schiff is finish. I need to lock up in prison. He is the master of lies and corruptions. The popular Democrats involved Corruptions oversea.

  • There is no whistleblower. He is a democratic spy. Not impartial but in fact had an agenda to spy and tarnish the president's reputation. Didnt work but this liar needs to be brought to justice. That's why he doesnt want to be public. He is a low life piece of crap afraid he could end up in prison

  • ViciousAlienKlown says:

    Just how corrupt can these people be and still have voters support them? I don't get it. The evidence is right in front of YOU! The democrats are trying desperately to get rid Trump because he's going to get rid of them.

  • We need to get control of the House and maintain the Senate and Presidency next election. After that we need to have judiciary and intelligence committees full force on the criminals and the rest of Congress passing legislation making our country the greatest on the face of the Earth once again.

  • Do you want to know why Jerry Nadler is not in the picture? It is not health. It is because he doesn't believe all of this garbage against Trump.

  • The whistleblower can contact anyone. There is no set parameter for who he or she contacts regarding anything they know. This is essentially a cry baby argument by someone supporting the Republican party.

  • Atlantic Council is a George Soros entity * How did y'all miss that ? FAUX GNUS is awful – pretenders at best ( wwg1wga

  • Constitutional Crisis? This is what the Democrats call it. When (and if ever) this is investigated we "may" find several criminal reasons to investigate others. I "assume" (and yes I know what that means) that there is a possibility that from Clinton to Biden, to others…., people profited off of the activities in Russia/Ukraine connections and guess what….there were Democrats and maybe some Republicans that don't want the truth to come out. But personally only honest people do not fear the truth. They called Trump corrupt over and over…., so lets peel back that onion and just see. IMO!

  • democratic been after President Trump since day one so why would President Trump put himself in any kind of situation, hello .

  • Second Schitt stacker tied to Burisma?  Nobody is surprised.  Schitthead and his cronies are destined for prison or execution, depending on the mood of the judge after they're all convicted of sedition and treason.

  • All involved with the lies need to be prosecuted sent to jail in front of the world just like they are doing now and made to repay all the monies spent and wasted on in so called impeachment

  • If you can't report the name of the whistle blower can we atleast have the names of Adam Schiff's team? Who is it, what are their names?

  • Do you guys always deal in hearsay? What staffers? One worked in a think tank? So? What does all the inference mean. Another with the NSC now a staffer? So working at the NSC is bad now? You nearly infer that the staffer and whistleblower were roommates. So there's only two people working at the NSC? What a bunch of malarkey bs reporting this is. You have a mountain of evidence with the President clearly up to no good, but nothing to see here. Stick to business topics. Actually nevermind. You get it this wrong how does anybody trust your organization. Oh yeah, fear and speculation. Worthless!

  • Michael Patterson says:

    How you idiots can watch this buck toothed idiot is beyond me, she is so phony it shows every second, she’s no reporter, she’s a hack !

  • So she is talking about Abigail Grace who began working for schiffty schit in february and sean misko who started working for him in august

  • When Shirt-lifter Shifty is found guilty of bringing false charges and attempting an admistrative coup-de-eta – does he go to general population along with Mad Madam Waters and the Chief Granny Conspirator Pelosi?

  • How many of these Democrats are connected to Brisima? No wonder they want to get Trump out of the picture. These people have made so much money Wow

  • Sheldon Silver (twice-convicted, twice-sentenced (latest JULY 2018), Dem. former Assembly Speaker, NY) has yet to begin his sentence for stealing from a Cancer Victim's Fund? Justice for all? Please hope for the day the root cause of this terrible disease is understood…cancer too!

  • Frank Pitchford says:

    shiff has rectal problems BET dude has an end coming smiling he knows it is soon 2 years to long but prison at the end crimes you pay I want him broke and hope less sorrry NOT

  • Pelosi's son also worked for for the Ukraine. IBiden's son, Schiff's people. No wonder these democrats want Trump so bad, He's exposing ALL the corruption. Nadler has to be involved in some way also.

  • It only stands to reason that ALL the dirty money changing hands from anything Ukraine to anything Biden
    was sourced from the original 1.5 billion in American taxpayer dollars that disappeared in the known corrupt
    Ukrainian banker's bank where it was deposited.
    The fantasy that these 3rd world shitstains were going to bribe American officials with anything other than American's
    money that was just given to them is beyond science fiction.
    This in effect, is where wealthy American politicians get their fortunes, out of the pockets of

    American constituency they are supposed to be representing.
    There is no question as to which nation has the biggest scumbags in the history

    of American foreign policy.

  • No wonder 100s of the do nothing party dems are leaving the party even they can see what's going on after they got brain washed dy them good on you all.

  • Sounds like democrats at all levels are deep into connections with Ukraine and very possibly it's corrupt culture. I think they will regret getting Ukraine involved, since all their crimes will be exposed.

  • Talk about hitting the nail on the head, yes Putin is getting exactly what he wants. Democrats going after our president.
    I can only imagine how much Putin is laughing at the democrats falling for a hoax they didn't have to work hard to get.

    They just let our INTELLIGENCE community do all the work for them. This must be their favorite reality show to watch.

  • Politicians think "We The People" aren't intelligent enough to run things without them . I think it's time to show them we do ! REVOLUTION !!!

  • I used to be one of those Democrats, not anymore now they are DemoRat's and I know a few of them will not be voted back in, they have made a big mistake, they should have left well enough alone.

  • What they thought was that President Trump will bow down to him and just either resign or he would not keep fighting but that’s not what we hired him for and that’s not what he’s going to do he wants us to go all the way he wants Adam shift sitting on top of a pile of books hiding every little secret and he’s going to throw them off and get it those secrets one way or another I do hope they get all these people if nothing else the shows exactly what we need to do from this point on if you quit you cannot go back to the government that’s all there is to it they take away your clearances and everything else that’s what should be happening and hopefully we can get through and this will happen this is why President Trump needs to be here at this given moment maybe we can get this nonsense all cleared up

  • Mahmoud BouRaad says:

    Values mater. So does freedom.
    Some of the Americans may have believed of Adam Schiff being an honest patriot, but he's not innocent as you may think and should be held accountable for his crimes in order justice will be served.

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