Selection of Parent in Plants – Enhancement in Food Production – Biology Class 12

Selection of Parent in Plants – Enhancement in Food Production – Biology Class 12

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advanced videos hello students today will be studying chapter enhancement of
food production in that we are studying topic selection of parent for climb
building when we do plant breeding to different parents are selected and this
to different parents will have different different qualities today we will see
how these two different parents have different qualities will affect the cop
or the plant selection of penned there are two
different ways to select a parent for plant breeding
the first method is my selection and the second method is pure line selection
when I talk about my selection in this method some of the individual plants are
selected with desirable qualities from a mixed population of plants for example
if I’m searching for a sugar cane which has great sugar cane content so I will
take all the sugar green available across India and that from that sugar
cane varieties I will select two parents which have great sugar content from the
rest of them the next process is repeated cultivation that is growing the
two parents repeatedly on field for six to seven generations when you grow that
crop on the field for six to seven generation you make sure that all the
undesirable qualities are removed out and after this process the crop that you
get has better desirable quality and all the irrespective not is required it
desirable qualities are removed out this is mass selection my selection takes
longer process and in this process self pollinated crops cross pollinating crops
are all used this is the process which will increase the type of plant breeding
the next selection pure line selection when I say pure line selection this is a
fastest process when you do pure line selection for plant breeding the steps
of plant breeding will increase at a greater space in this process only pure
line progenies or the progenies which has specific characters are used when I
say pure line selection what I mean by this is you only select a particular
character or a particular trait from a particular plant and you don’t mix the
population for example if I want the sugar cane content of a sugar cane I
will not go across India and select different sugar cane varieties and from
that I will choose the best sugar cane content sugar
I won’t do that what I will do is I will go to a particular part of India after
doing my research work and I will only select one particular pen and this
particular parent will be my final but I think there will be no mixing
there will be no cross hybridization process this final variety will be used
as a seed or from this final varieties seeds will be grown and you will get
testing and releasing of the cultivators at a faster rate when you do mass
selection the time taken is small the efforts are mo when you do pure plant
selection the time taken is quite less the efforts are quite less here you do
not use self pollinated crops here you use self pollinated crops and plant
breeding mostly proper prefers pure line crops so let us see what selection of
parents mean selection of plan selection of parent
for plant breeding the first type of selection is mass selection in this
method some of the individual plants with desirable characters are selected
from mixed population for example you choose different different varieties of
crops and from those different varieties of crop you select a particular trait
this is time consuming process in this process is repeated six to eight times
till desirable character is obtained this process goes on for good period of
time until unless you get that one striking character it could be ill or
the nutritional content pure line selection the next type of
selection for parent of the unveiling which is more easy in this step of
selection desired characters from suitable plants are directly selected
you don’t have to hassle a lot you just select a trait or a character and you
select a particular crop or a plant from a particular region of the country self
volunteer crops are used since self volunteer crops have specific characters
as compared to cross pollinating crops the seed of each plant or the selected
variety are grown and the progeny is tested since you focus on one character
the seed can be grown and the desirable character can be obtained in no time
this is the fastest method as compared to masculine selection so students in
this part of the chapter we have studied how parents have been selected for plant
breeding I hope we all are clear about what are the methods or what are the
requirements for selecting parents while plant breeding is done thank you


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