Shopify, Netflix, Amazon, Job Reports, Financial Stocks | October Stock Market News | Stocks Oct 2-6

Shopify, Netflix, Amazon, Job Reports, Financial Stocks | October Stock Market News | Stocks Oct 2-6

(upbeat music) Hello everyone, welcome to the Financial
Information channel, my name is Marvin. In this video I am going
to give you the recap about the stock market news for this week. In addition, I’m going to
discuss some of the things that happened during this week. And remember I do videos
about the stock market, personal finance and how
to make money online. Now let’s begin with the video, and the first thing we’re going
to take a look at the Dow. The Dow went up 1.65 percent, and the next index is
going to be the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq was positive again, the Nasdaq went up 1.45 percent, during this week. And the S&P 500 was
positive again as well, it was up 1.14 percent during this week. And that usually happens
during the first week of a new quarter. A lot of new investors are
looking to add new positions into new stocks. And the first story is about Shopify, Andrew Left actually had
an analysis on Shopify. Andrew Left has a history
of always having reports on high-flying stocks. He actually had a report in 2015, about Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Andrew Left mentioned that
Valeant Pharmaceuticals were doing both practices to
inflate the drug price and the sales. And Valeant Pharmaceuticals actually had a good run from 2013 to 2015, the company has gone up a huge amount. And after Andrew Left had that analysis, the company share price has
dropped around 92 percent. And Valeant Pharmaceuticals
was one of the best stocks in 2013, 2014, and during the first nine months of 2015. So that is one of the reasons
why some of the reports really tend to do some
damage in some of the stocks. And of course he took a shot
at NVDA in June 9, 2017. He mentioned that this has gone up so much up to that point, and then the company has gone up around 50 percent in a matter of weeks, and after he mentioned
that analysis on NVDA, the company share price
actually moved down around 10%. And the reason why I mention this, is because this week, he mentioned Shopify. He mentioned that Shopify promotes get-rich-quick. In addition he questioned
the number of merchants that the company has. And he was asking for the
FTC to come and investigate Shopify, according to him, other people are not mentioned that they’re affiliate to the company. If you’re an affiliate, you have to disclose that you
are partnering with Shopify. And that you are getting
some money in return. And he put the price target
of Shopify to around $60. And what do I think about
the news about Shopify? And the first thing I’m going to mention, is I actually have used their platform and the platform is really easy to use, and it is a great platform where you can promote your business, but he’s right in a few things. First, the companies a little bit over the edge, of using the words get-rich-quick. But you also have to have
a look at the fundamentals and the fundamentals are
solid for the company. And the company share price
has dropped almost 20%. Now in my opinion, in a matter of weeks, the company has gone up from
$90 to all the way to 120. Now that is a huge run to move, in a matter of weeks. But now we’re in the opposite, I think the company
share price has dropped quite a huge amount. Now I think that Andrew Left might have been correct on a few things, but I think the share drop
was based on emotions. And when that happens, you have
to look at the fundamentals, and you have to look at
the technical analysis. Now for the fundamentals, the company’s gonna report earnings at the end of October. And if the company reports
another really good quarter, which I think is gonna
report another good quarter, the company shares are gonna come back. Now let’s take a look at
the technical analysis, to see how the stock
compares to this price. Now, you can see the
share price at this moment is on 97 with 58 cents, the RSI is at the level 31, it’s almost oversold. Now, you can see in the graph, I mess it up, I put resistance, but is should not be resistance, it should be supports. So the support number 1, is at this price, as we are at this moment. There’s another support
at the price of $93. And the last support around the $87 price. Then you can see the negative
volume is still high, and I was expecting that
during the whole week. And at this moment, the share price is under
200 moving average, and the 50 day moving average. And as you can see, the price at this moment
for an entry price, is really appealing. However, you have to be really careful because I think the best option if I was to invest into the company, it would be to wait a few more days. And there is a lot of
support around this area. So you won’t have to worry about the company dropping a huge amount. But at the same time, the company might drop a little more, so the company might give
you a little bit more over a discount. And the earnings are in a few weeks, so I don’t think the company’s
gonna go back to 120 again, in the next two weeks. And now let’s take a
look at the next company, which is Netflix. Now Netflix was one of the stocks, that I was going to trade
during the next two weeks. However the company
share price has moved up quite a huge amount
during the last few days. And the reason why I was
going to trade Netflix, before earnings, the company has a history
of always moving up, before they announce earnings. Now Netflix announced they were
going to increase the price of the two plans that
they have for customers. Netflix has three plans, the cheaper one is around $7.99, that price is gonna remain the same. And the other two plans
were gonna get an increase, and the increase was
about $1 for each plan. I’ll go more into detail
about the Netflix stocks in a video that is coming
out in a couple of weeks. Now one competitor of Netflix, is Amazon. But you have to understand that Netflix has really good content. One of the best series that
Netflix has is Stranger Things. Stranger Things brought
around 21.7 millions during the first 35 days. And this doesn’t have any
comparison with Amazon. One of the unique shows that Amazon has, has brought on there 1 million views. And I think at this moment, Netflix is way better than Amazon. But you know, Amazon is
not only streaming video, they’re actually two different things. And one of the new things
that they might get into, is gonna be selling drugs online. And as you can see,
Amazon is thinking about getting into the other space. One of the things that
they are facing is that the drug space is a
little bit complicated. I think one of the videos
that I cover a few months ago, I mentioned that Amazon
was hiring people that were in the pharmaceutical space. And I think Amazon’s going
to go into that space, maybe at the beginning they will use the acquisition they did with Whole Foods. They can use the Whole Food retails so they can sell the drugs in there. And the last story for today, is about the year reports. We had around 33,000 job
declines during September, and that number might
have been affected by the two hurricane that the United States experienced last month. But there was an improvement. The hourly earnings was moved
from 2.5 to around 2.9%. That is an analysts gain, that is pain to workers. And I can mention before, I think there’s going to be another interest rate hike, during December. And that is going to move the banks during the next few months. And when we’re talking about the banks, the banks are going to
report earnings next week. And with next week, we’re going to see the
new earnings season. So you can expect that
weekly earning video, by the next day. And that is gonna be
everything for the video. Please leave in the comment section below, if you’re investing in
any of the companies, mentioned in this video. And for me I don’t have any positioning in any of the companies, mentioned in this video. And as always you can subscribe to the
Financial Information channel, I’m gonna continue bringing
videos about the stock market, personal finance and how
to make money online. I’m gonna thank you once
again for watching the video, have an excellent day,
and take care my friends. (upbeat music)


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  • GREAT VIDEOS, YOU ARE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! had a STOP of 96.06 for Shopify, reduced it to 92.56 after the "news" ..i bought 50shares of ULTA at 301, it went up, up and then dropped 30%…im holding but WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ULTA?

  • I bought Netflix when it dropped to 167$ a share. I will probably sale after earnings. Thanks for the video. Keep the good work man.

  • Prasanth Kumar says:

    I bought Netflix after it went above 192. Since you said you were planning to trade Netflix, do you think I should sell this just before earnings or after earnings?

  • Juan Carlos Alvarez says:

    Hello Marvin,

    I've been watching MU for the last couple days and it seems to have found supports at $39 dollars because of the volume that is there at that price. Do you think it it will pull back more since the earnings bump.? Thanks

  • I’ve been eyeing dominos pizza since last quarter. What do you think about dominos pizza? Buy before amor after earnings?

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