#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION

#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION

Sakshi! please take the waste from the Dustbin And your salary is in the drawer, don’t forget to take it while leaving the office. Enough! Hey! Hey! Hey stop! enough! just stop it! Hey listen! you have to sweep the floor today and need to clean up other room spaces, too. Okay sir! It’s seems that sweeper won’t come today. Sir? what about my salary and Diwali Bonus? Bonus? Bonus! Which kind of Bonus? okay! okay! Take Your salary tomorrow! What happened to you? you seems much tired. Did you get your salary? Okay Wait! look at it! look at its color! It is a branded. I got it in the bonus! And… This! you know Pandya ji! That fat owner of Office 303. He gave it. Do sweeping properly! Do that! Cleanup that way! wait a minute! Let me show you One thing! you will be amazed after seeing it! um..hmm.. Where is it? hm… Oh God! what a beautiful thing he has given to me! perhaps You’ve never seen this before. So You’re getting Your Bonus this way? There was a time. We used to be happy in other peoples’ happiness but now in order to stay in the happy we have to please others. Did you get your bonus? mom! my fees? Dear! My Medicines! I am not getting any work from anywhere!


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