Should I Get Life Insurance Through My Employer?

Should I Get Life Insurance Through My Employer?

Congratulations! You’re starting your new
job, and you’re going through all the mounds of brand new paperwork. You’re
looking at all your new benefits, and you got to the point where you’re trying
to decide, do you need to buy life insurance? Hey, this is Jeff Rose from Let’s answer the question whether you need to buy life insurance
through your employer or not. First, congrats on the new job. I hope this
is the dream job you’ve been waiting for. You’re going through all that
new paperwork, all your benefits, and you’re trying to do the responsible
thing, and say, “Does it make sense to buy life insurance?” Well, this
might come as a surprise, but if you are super healthy, then I would encourage
you to not buy life insurance through your job, but to buy it
through a third party, whether it be going online or going through a local independent
agent. You’re probably wondering why because it’s
so simple to get life insurance through your job. You fill out a form, you
send that in to your HR department, they automatically deduct the
life insurance premiums from your paycheck. It’s easy breezy, right? But here’s
something that I want you to consider. The average person changes jobs
often in their career. So if you’re getting life insurance through your
job now, what happens three years from now, seven years from now, or ten
years from now when you change jobs? Now you have to run the risk of trying
to get life insurance through your new job. Well, that can get complicated
because your new job might not offer the same type of group plan that your
current job does. So now when you change jobs and you try to
get life insurance through that new employer, what if they don’t offer life
insurance? Now you have to go to a third party, and that could cost more
because now you’re older. You run the risk of having health conditions that
could affect your life insurance premiums. But had you gone to a
third party in the beginning, you’d have that life insurance locked in for
up to 30 years, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Most people don’t realize that buying life
insurance through an independent agent or going online or buying it anywhere,
for that matter, is going to cost you about the same if you go through
a group plan like your job offers. And as far as it being more simple
to purchase it through your job, getting life insurance coverage only requires
you making a phone call, having a traveling nurse coming to your home
or work, doing a quick blood and urine test. After that, you turn it in
to the life insurance company, and within four to six weeks, they’re going
to let you know whether you’re approved or not. Once you’re approved, you
can have the exact same thing automatically deducted out of your checking
account, and then you have the life insurance coverage you need. So while getting life insurance coverage through
your employer is easy, it’s not that much more difficult to get it
through a third party. It’s not going to cost you as much or if not more than
what you’re currently paying, and you can have the life insurance that you
need for your family. If you have any more questions regarding life
insurance, this is Jeff Rose, your resident life insurance expert here at We’ll be happy to answer your question any time. We’ll see
you soon. Take care.


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  • Insure Your Life With Us says:

    It can be a good idea to get life insurance through your employers insurance policy as it can be a lot cheaper.

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