Signs You Are Going To Be Fired

Signs You Are Going To Be Fired

getting fired from your job can be a
real shock and can knock you off your feet completely however there are signs
that can give you hints that you could potentially be fired and if you pay
attention to these signs ahead of time you might be able to do something about
it either to try to fix things at your
current company or to start looking for another role I’m Marat from Emmotion
human resources consulting agency I worked in HR for over ten years
and I’ve seen many employees being hired and unfortunately fired so I know
exactly which other steps of the employee journey map within the
organization and how it is designed before we proceed further I would like
to remind you to subscribe to my channel so you could get all the fresh career
content every week to continue professional and personal growth so how
can you know if you are in danger of losing your job these signs are an
indication that you might have reached the end of your journey in your current
company first sign and a very clear one for most of the employees being laid off
is when your boss does not like you love it or hate it
but the relationship with your manager is crucial for any position you will be
working at it is the first thing you are being hired for when your potential
manager approves of your candidacy and it is the first thing which influences
on terminating your relationship with your company when the relationship with
your boss goes wrong or becomes toxic maybe you used to get along but now you
can’t seem to communicate even about the most basic issues your boss starts
micromanaging you you are being pressured and can even be reminded of
how unqualified you are while managing certain tasks every little detail
you do is in a watch list if anything goes wrong it is immediately being
turned into a blame game being blown out of proportion and thrown into your face
as a lack in your performance your boss will also send you signals through their
body language that they are not happy to see you and that you are not welcome in
the department the communication becomes mostly written or your boss even tells
other employees to tell you what they want don’t wait for too long it is
definitely a time to start polishing your resume changes in the management
team whether it’s your direct manager or one of the top management roles within
the company which is being replaced sometimes new leaders are being put in
place to make changes this includes changing company staff keep in mind that
each new manager would naturally want to bring their own team however first they
will always reassure the team’s that no changes are going to be done but they
are happy to lead the department the way it is it is normal that new leaders
would want to surround themselves with people they are more acquainted with
rather than inheriting the workers from the previous managers some bosses feel
they can be bothered building a relationship with those who are hired by
the previous management when the team changes a lot you might even feel out of
place yourself new people are in the priorities of the department and the
company had changed it’s not exactly what you initially signed up for maybe
it’s time to prepare your exit if you feel this project isn’t yours anymore
the company isn’t doing well or it is being transformed depending on your role
within the organization you might have direct insight on the company’s fortunes
if your company suffers a loss in sales clients okay
if it gets negative press or bad reputation caused by something linked to
the company all of this can translate into a
reduction of staff a lot faster than you think sometimes your company doesn’t
need to be doing badly for big changes to happen an acquisition or merge with
another company could affect you just as much
not every structure change will result in terminations
but many employers make a big effort in reassuring the employees that no changes
are going to be made just to keep them motivated
once the structural transformation of budget cuts start the changes in the
team arrive shortly after when you get removed from the projects one day you
are a key person in the project the next day you are replaced with a very little
explanation or even worse telling you exactly that you are not managing the
project well when an employer starts reassigning your work which could very
much be a sign that the department is preparing for your departure consider
asking in a positive and constructive way for details and specifics sometimes
this might clear up the situation a lot faster you are asked to create a job
description for your position listing everything you usually do if the company
asks you to do this it is usually to know exactly what you do
this way they can split your duties among the rest if required it could also
mean that you are being groomed for a more senior position but you can usually
tell which way the wind is blowing if you suspect that your company is trying
to replace you you should be actively looking for a new job you are put on a
performance improvement plan it doesn’t happen in many companies I wish it did
it is when the employees are given the chance to change and improve what is
affecting their performance it means the management cares and wants
you to react it’s not an ideal Aereo it means that you are falling
short and your boss needs to document this situation it’s not the end of the
world if your manager is supportive but it is definitely a red flag you can
always tell the difference between we really want you to improve and with hope
you get demoralized and quit in any case it’s a good idea to start working on
your exit strategy number seven is when you are going to be fired immediately
it’s when you can’t access your company’s email or network suddenly your
credentials to access your company’s network are not working anymore
this means the IT department follow the instructions to revoke all your accesses
to company’s data your files or remote accesses and it happened before you have
been informed about your departure it’s ridiculously unprofessional but it is a
practice which is still being done by many companies and this means there is
no time for an exit strategy you are being fired as soon as possible and
there is nothing to be done fry these are the days when most of the
firing takes place if you have experienced any of the signs mentioned
above my advice freshen up your resume and start looking for a new job what you
are still employed if you eventually get fired I’m not going to sugarcoat you
getting fired is awful but it’s not the end of the world and in the long run it
could actually do you well this might be the chance for you to get out there and
to find your dream role I will discuss with you what to do if you get fired in
the next video thanks for watching and please subscribe for more career tips on
professional and personal growth


78 thoughts on “Signs You Are Going To Be Fired”

  • EMMOTION by Marat says:

    Signs You Are Going To Be Fired – thanks for watching! What other signs have YOU encountered, personally or through an experience of your colleagues?

  • great change from job interviews
    something more intriguing and corporate world related – reminds me of Donald's YOU ARE FIRED

  • Professor Heather Austin says:

    Marat, this is the scariest situation for people. No one likes to be let go from a job. Thanks for giving everyone a heads up. Love this video topic btw!

  • Ilhama Ibrahimova says:

    Хотелось бы услышать полезные советы о том, какой должна быть ассистент руководителя. Ну не сам шаблон конечно же, но что-то, чем можно например сделать так, чтобы твой шеф считал тебя незаменимым.

  • More signs: they stop to make plans with you anymore, you are not invited to key meetings, you are kept from your "real" work and are instead given small boring tasks, co-workers avoid you more and more, you are being forced to sign a strange "agreement" regarding your behavior/performance etc., you are being asked to write your "own" personal improvement plan that MUST contain this one thing the manager is obsessed with "or else", you are being asked to describe what you do and how it is useful to others, you might suddenly be getting negative performance reviews while before you always passed with flying colours, the manager is practicing reverse case building with HR etc.

  • Man i feel like im am going to get fired because I couldn’t work Sundays and for some odd reason they put me on Sunday and I couldn’t work so I called in and the boss picked the phone and told me to come but I just couldn’t and didn’t show up. Then I get a heads up from a co worker that I have to see the hr like wtf I told them before I couldn’t work Sundays

  • This is happening to me at work, this June it will be 30 years, and I noticed about 6 years ago a change in attitudes towards me, I know they're trying everything to get me out of there, can't pay full retirement benefits to workers now can we……LOLOLOL but I have more thick skin then them, 5 more years and i'll go on my terms!!!!

  • What do you do if you are 55 or just above, with some illnesses that you learned to work with there? The end is near, now suddenly is in front of you! Blauk juk shhh dam. Where is the tallest bridge?

  • Sureshan Sreedharan says:

    What should we do if we are in Personal Improvement Plan? Can we look for a bed career and does it will effect us?

  • Was just fired last month and trying to keep my head high. It was my first proper serious job. I wish I had known the signs and started looking elsewhere. Although not everything was going great, I had read you should stay at least 1 year in your first company

  • ConstantCashFlow Linton says:

    I've seen:
    1. Micro Managing
    2. Blame Game
    3. Reprimanded Several times
    4. Disrespected
    5. I have major/ chronic health issues and the stress has drastiically damaged and undone all of my progress!

  • EMMOTION by Marat says:

    Do you feel that you are going to be fired due to a bad relationship with your boss? Learn how to deal with toxic management:

  • What about if you say have a personal issue and your boss refers you to the company's "EAP" department? I think the EAP departments in large companies are a complete scam because they claim to help you however they really just set you up for termination.

  • Imagine starting a job and then making you do a shit load of stuff whilst busy with customers and they don't give a fuck that you try your hardest to impress them but the don't give one so you feel a bit pissed off or they give one colleague all the praise and glory when you pulled your weight
    But the boss doesn't give one

    Or you try tell them that your not qualified for the specific role etc till operating but the staff have fucked off upstairs and leave a new employer alone that hasn't got a clue what to do

  • Ive been fired multiple times..all were blessings in disguise, all lead me to an excellent, well managed, super good pay, and fun job i have now. When you realize and believe your for something good, youll be fine

  • OnionRings9770 says:

    More signs:
    1) Your boss doesn't care when you mess up or otherwise slack off (At this point, they think you're a lost cause and that you're no longer gonna be their problem since they're about to let you go)
    2) You have less work than your colleagues or you are asked to hand off assignments (Bosses don't want to have loose ends to tie up after you're gone).
    3) Someone with the same skillset as you has been hired and you're asked to train them.
    4) You're excluded from meetings and company outings.

  • Security Officer96 says:

    Number seven is the very reason why I’m here today I got removed from the site for doing my job a literally I did security at a hospital i’m not fired I just got removed permanently from a site and now I have to work an hour away because I was doing my job and I got removed I watch psychiatric patients one guy tried to leave and I stopped him while he ended up becoming very aggravated and they blamed it on me but that’s the whole reason why they hired me they fired me for doing my job and no I still employed through the company but I still know how to commute an hour instead of two minutes now fucked up

  • on the first day my new boss showed up… I felt like she did NOT like me. Although I tried my best and thought i did well one year later I'm fired.

  • Azimah Salleh says:

    I got threatened by the manager by requesting to resign from 1st year. It was such frustrating remarks from this type of leader. However preversence is main motivation now – because the manager is the not God that directs my life.

  • I know someone who was put on a 30 day performance improvement plan. At the end of a successful performance was immediately put on another 30 day performance,”to keep on his toes” all the while they already planned on firing him.

  • I got fired… but by the time I was I didn't care.. I was busy building a business and building up large savings.

  • breakingben 95 says:

    Iv bin working at my job for three years i think they want to fire considering they have recently bin complaining about all the workers on my shift im going job hunting tomarrow.

  • I was put on an improvement plan and wasn’t given a fair chance. Next, the management recognized they needed a more senior person for the role. Next , the role was misrepresented .

  • my advice is to live right (honestly&responsibly)
    And be happy you woke up especially with the people you love -GV

  • Katie Pendleton says:

    Number 1 strikes most and it wasn't even the manager, but the training and a secondary one…immediately knew something was off. Marats videos really are spot on…

  • MathematicalCoffee says:

    You should always be looking for a new job and be thinking about an exit strategy. They won't hesitate to kick you for stuff outside of your control so you should always have a foot out the door "just in case"

  • They had this very topic trending on Twitter yesterday.

    I've been fired before & it sucks.

    There are the signs I came up with as I've often felt they've lead to my dismissal…

    #1: You yourself don't feel like you're doing the job well enough.

    But you might just feel like this at the start & you do improve.

    #2: You keep accidentally breaking some rules.

    #3: The boss keeps a close eye on you.

    #4: Your hours are being cut (like from 30-40 hours a week down to less than 20 hours a week)

    #5: Your boss often puts in a different spot (with usually a boring job & usually in a corner or outside) away from your coworkers & you ask yourself "Wait…Are they just tucking me out of the way because they think I'm useless?"

    But in some cases, I'm alright with it, depending on what exactly it is I'm doing.

    #6: You're unintentionally late for work numerous times.

    Usually, it's weather related stuff, traffic jams, car troubles or you're already running late, but EVERY LIGHT IS RED!

    Then the boss or HR eventually confront you & give you a warning.

    #7: You're often miserable at work.

    I've only felt like that at some jobs, not every job.

    Then we have ones where I say "I'm happy doing this and I'm glad to be able to participate in this."

    #8: You see your name on the schedule, but you have no schedule.

    Happened once 10 years ago when I worked at a grocery store & the manager on duty came up to me & said "Tonight, we're gonna be separating you from your employment. I know it's difficult, but it's my duty as manager to do this and believe me, I don't like doing it."

    Then there's the seasonal retail store job I had for the holidays in 2011 & in mid January 2012, all of us seasonal guys were let go, but it wasn't a big deal.

    #9: The boss comes up to you & says "Hey (your name here), may I speak with you a moment in my office please?" or a coworker comes up to you & says "(insert boss's name here) wants to see you in his/her office."

    Then you start to feel nervous as you approach the door to the boss's office (the boss may or may not be waiting outside his/her office).

    #10: You arrive at the boss's office & he/she says "Come on in (your name here). Please take a seat." & they say it in kind of a grim sounding tone & it's usually followed up with "OK, so listen, there's no easy way to say this…" or something like that.

    Here's where you start to feel your heart pounding & possibly sinking, but you're also thinking (as they talk) "Here it comes."

    After it's been done, I thank them for giving me the opportunity to work here & they sometimes thank me (probably for being so mature about it).

    Even if I hated any specific job, I never ever once told management "You know what? I hated this job anyway." as that would probably be what they call burning bridges, which would definitely be bad as some employers promised me a good reference since they said I was a good person to get along with.

    It sucks being fired at 1st, but I can usually recover quickly & move on with my life.

    Other times I lost jobs was because some were seasonal (1 in particular I have returned to a few times & will continue to do so if possible as it's a job I like doing & am good at) & others were through temp services, some I lost because the company I was assigned had to downsize for whatever reason & my job didn't make the cut.

    I'll never forget 2 years ago when I was assigned to this 1 company in the next county over as outdoor garbage cleanup crew via a temp service.

    Actually, I started there in September, 2015 & lasted all the way to June, 2017.

    Anyway, I was pulling into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store to get a snack & something to drink when my cellphone rang.

    It was the temp service & they told me the place where I was assigned had to make cutbacks & they received an E-mail informing them that my services were no longer needed (despite the good job I did which they at the company acknowledged).

    It happened on a Friday, but the worst part of it was…

    It was right on my Birthday.

    I didn't even say anything to my family when I got home as I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my Birthday & I didn't even say anything til days later when something bad had happened & I had to call my Dad about it & tell him I was laid off.

    So that following Monday, I put some work clothes on & left the house like I normally would & I just wanted it to look like I was going to work, but I was really just driving around & hanging out (I brought a change of clothes with me) at various places for 8+ hours a day, but I had to be extremely careful not to run into anybody I know, especially family.

    I actually did this twice in my life as 8 years ago, I worked as a janitor through a temp service & I was laid off after a little over 5 months & for a week straight, I did that very same thing.

    Then in January 4 years ago, I had been fired from the last retail store job I had (I hand't worked retail since as I hated it) after getting caught being late for work a few times (all reasons beyond my control like weather or traffic).

    I had only worked 3 hours that day (I was scheduled 1:30 PM to 10:00 PM but I was fired at about 4:30 PM ish & I quietly left the store after telling a coworker "Well…I've been fired. (sigh) Bummer."

    I actually decided not to go home & instead, I drove around for a while just to clear my head (I didn't run into anybody I know thankfully), got myself a hot cup of coffee at a nearby 7-Eleven (like I said, it was January & cold outside) & later, got myself a meal at Burger King & then I headed back into my home county & did some shopping & such there & got home at about 11:00 PM that night.

    After I told my Dad, he said to me "Don't worry about it. You hated that job anyway." & then I said that from then on (still applies today & I don't give a crap what the people who feel the need to lecture me have to say), I'm only gonna look for floor (like production, janitorial or outdoor ground crew) jobs where I don't have to dress up (I like T-shirts & jeans or T-shirts & shorts) & I get (preferably) 8 hours on daytime shift, Monday-Friday only.

  • Look in the real world managers are ass holes..they get a little bullshit title and think they are above god..fuck that no job is worth any bullshit

  • I was fired twice and needless to say that both times my boss hated my guts and I didn't know what to do or how to change it. So I didn't act as if it was a surprise either. I can also recognize some of the signs you mentioned, especially being ignored by my manager. Not a good experience but I GOT UP and moved on. Thanks for your help

  • kickinthebucketofmilk says:

    Termination also happens upon clock in with no prior warning. You show up, proud of your work the day before, thinking about how you will handle your workload that day, and there is the manager holding a check and a small handfull of papers for your separation.

  • I had all of these signs with my fresh out of school job and still didn’t think anything of it…now I’m lost, and left feeling used then ever. Anyways, not playing the victim rather I’m learning from this. Thank you!

  • Happiness isdeep says:

    Sometimes, it's not even you. Some managers just have issues. Sometimes you can see your position listed online too. Just start looking online. Always look at reviews before taking a job too.

  • My former manager, used to say can I have a word, my heart just sank every time it was said, and it was over pretty things which didn’t matter.

  • Sadly I had a falling out. I some what got along with the boss, but now she hired someone else who is a big time slacker and gets away with everything she isn't perfect either. I think she is using her to make me feel bad. She is two faced 🙁 She turned into a micromanager, I can't even talk to her or look at her. She even helps the newbie and never helped me, she gives me most of the work. I'm trying to look for a new job but it's hard when the job market isn't good.

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