Sir Michael Cullen on Labour’s Fiscal Plan

Sir Michael Cullen on Labour’s Fiscal Plan

Hello, I’m Michael Cullen. Last time Labour was in Government under Prime Minister Helen Clark, she and I ran nine surpluses in a row, and we got net crown debt down to
practically zero. During those nine years, New Zealand experienced the longest period of economic growth since the Second World War. That didn’t happen by chance. We made it happen. Labour has a solid track record when it
comes to managing the economy. We set up key pillars of the economy, like the
Super Fund and KiwiSaver and Kiwibank. I know that a Government led by Jacinda Ardern will continue that record of solid economic management. Jacinda
and her talented Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson know how the economy
works. They know it’s only through a strong and growing economy that we can start to fix some of the problems we’ve seen get worse over the past nine years. You know also there have been all sorts of silly accusations about fiscal holes and
numbers not adding up. Well, as Finance Minister, I oversaw nine budgets that
added up. I know how they work. I read Labour’s fiscal plan from front
to back and it does add up. Every policy and every commitment, every last dollar,
has been accounted for. Labour’s plan works because instead of spending on tax cuts, we’re investing in health and housing and education. But don’t just believe me. New Zealand’s leading economic commentators agree with that point of view. I believe this country New Zealand has its best
years ahead of it. We can be so much better, so let’s do this.


6 thoughts on “Sir Michael Cullen on Labour’s Fiscal Plan”

  • I can't believe that this arrogant prick is taking credit for "9 years of surpluses" and "the longest period of growth since world war 2". Does he also take responsibility for the bubble bursting in the last year of his 9 years of "prudent management" of the economy in 2008 and the incoming government facing major crisis management to save NZ from a huge recession?
    Probably not. He doesn't want the whole story to be remembered.Just what makes him look good.
    He claims that "Labour has a solid track record on managing the economy". Yeah right. Another example of Labour's "solid track record" was in 1990 when National took over and had to clean up Labour's mess. (Lots of red ink in the govt's accounts despite Caygill forecasting a surplus, and also the BNZ needing to be bailed out). That situation led to Ruth Richardson imposing austerity measures, which was another disaster. I hope voters remember the real picture and don't believe this propaganda coming from Cullen.

  • National needs to be removed,, but Labour stuffed everything up when Helen Clark allowed GMOs into NZ. anyone who is ignorant to their countries food chain can not help the future generations. I shall Vote Greens.

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