Sketchup Google Map Geolocation To Get 3D Terrain Fast

Sketchup Google Map Geolocation To Get 3D Terrain Fast

so, you have just finished your Sketchup
3d model and you’re looking for the fastest way to get terrain into Sketchup
Geolocate your Sketchup model and add a site grading? then stay tuned
because I’ll show you three simple steps to place your Sketchup models into the
real world! first, geo-locate your Sketchup model.
choose file, geolocation, and add location here, type your desired address location,
and click the grab button. this, will add a geolocation to a sketchup file. now, if you don’t see your elevation
terrain, turn on the layer of your location terrain second, position your Sketchup model. to
do this, open or go to your Sketchup 3d model, select it, and simply type ctrl C to
copy. now, go back to your previous file and paste it by doing ctrl V third, add grading to your Sketchup model.
to do this, choose tools, sandbox, And stamp. now, select your model base by
clicking on it. then, type in a number for your grading offset. you will see it
display in red lines. finally, click and hold on Google map
terrain, adjust your desired grading height, and we are done! now, we had added grading automatically
to our sketchup model. you’ve been watching to the Lazy Arquitecto. I want to thank
you and invite you to subscribe to the channel. Until next Tuesday,
keep up sharing what you’ve learned!


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