“Skyfall” by Adele – Production with Paul Epworth

“Skyfall” by Adele – Production with Paul Epworth

I think the interesting thing is her
level of control. Those early takes are so important to capture with her, we were cautious on the level side and also Cautious with the compression as well
just to make sure that It’s as natural as possible Hi I’m Paul Epworth welcome to church
studios I’m here with the original Logic demo of the song “Skyfall” from the Bond
film with the same name It’s the first time i’ve been back to session
Since we finished the song When we came to do this I’d been working
on the basic musical idea for ages and I Had no idea whether it was really really
any good, but having read the script we had This very clear idea that the song
needed to happen when Bond hit the water I’ve had this idea that him hitting the
water would be the sound of this big Brass hit The brass you know it’s just a standard
Kontakt patch with a bit of Brass ensemble with a compressor on it just to
bring the level up and line out some of the dynamics You know in order to try
and give the demo the necessary grandeur And atmosphere we had to construct of
rudimentary orchestral arrangement quite Early on to try and give it the
atmosphere Here I’ve got the Pro Tools session It took me a while to come up with the
what the main theme was. It started out On the piano I had this kind of weird
experience of feeling like the kind of The chords dropped into my head I can’t forget the gong It’s the one and only time I’ve ever put a
gong on a song


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