Social Workers Stand Up for Older Adults PSA

Social Workers Stand Up for Older Adults PSA

I’ve always prided myself on my
independence then I fell and broke my hip. I was scared, depressed, afraid I
would never live on my own again. At the hospital I met a social worker named
Juan. He helped me to understand my hip replacement surgery. He said that I would
need support after, but could still live a fulfilling life. Juan connected me with
other social workers and the services I wanted – an in-home nurse, meals on wheels, and transportation to physical therapy and even social activities so I can
still keep up with friends. Juan has also helped me find a new apartment.
It’s easier to get around so I’m less worried about falling again. I couldn’t have done it
without him. Juan’s support helped me get my independence back. I’m even
volunteering again. Social workers really do stand up for others and showed me
that with or without my new hip I can stand up for myself


2 thoughts on “Social Workers Stand Up for Older Adults PSA”

  • Total baloney. The social worker assigned to help my mother couldnt do anything. She either didnt care or didnt try very hard. Mom was just a name and number. Social worker ghosted us after first two weeks.

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