Sonocent Audio Notetaker – The Ideas Tool – Software, ICT, Productivity, Assistive Technology

Sonocent Audio Notetaker – The Ideas Tool – Software, ICT, Productivity, Assistive Technology

Our world is one of ideas Ideas are everywhere We spend our lives with ideas Learning about established ideas Forming our own… and sharing them with others Ideas are powerful things… they explain our world, they tell stories, they help us work together to achieve great things even to build skyscrapers in fact our world is so full of ideas that sometimes it can be difficult to manage them all So we capture them let the take root and grow and we share them Although we can read and write ideas, we especially love to speak and listen to ideas in classes, presentations, meetings, conversations but those ideas are the hardest to capture and absorb even the ideas in our own heads are sometimes jumbled together we need something to help us We need an ideas tool Sonocent Audio Notetaker is your new aid to equip you for our world of ideas It offers a visual workspace to help you capture, organise and communicate information and thoughts as speech, text and images When someone shares an idea with you you can capture it fully by recording it We make that idea easy to work with by breaking it into small chunks Each spoken phrase is shown on screen as a chunk and pauses are shown as gaps between these chunks You can organise these chunks into groups you can colour code them you can move them about and delete them In other words, you have full control of the ideas you
capture Sonocent Audio Notetaker is full of features which make it as easy as possible to engage with ideas as speech, text and images or from presentation slides and documents By working with audio, text and images together you can work in a way that is easiest for you whether you are taking notes from a presentation, meeting or interview, brainstorming and planning, or composing written work, Sonocent opens up the world of ideas to anyone The software enables you to share these ideas simply too Sonocent is already loved by tens of thousands of people each one of them using Sonocent to excel in our world of ideas Have you ever wondered what you could achieve with the right tool?


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