SPRING NIGHT ROUTINE | Healthy + productive! ✨

Good evening and welcome to my spring
weekday night routine first things first I set my keys and bag down and then I
head over to my desk to just check my to-do list and my emails just to make
sure there’s nothing pressing and that I am staying on track for the night and I
write down anything I’d like to accomplish for the rest of the day once my to-do list is made and my emails
have been checked I head into our bedroom so that I can change for the gym
I don’t make it to the gym every night but I love the nights when I make it a
priority and you know even if it’s just 30 minutes on the elliptical or
treadmill it really helps me feel productive and help once I’m all changed I hang up my
clothes from the day or put it in the laundry depending how dirty it is this
just helps keep my room nice and tidy so I always try to hang things up right
after I’m finished with them and tonight all I took was a water
bottle my headphones in my phone for music we kept it pretty simple at
tonight’s gym session I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill sometimes if I
don’t feel like running I like to put the incline really really high so it’s
like I’m hiking after I finished my little run I just
did some stretches even if you don’t have time to work out I highly suggest
just taking some time to stretch it is so good for your body and feels
incredible once I get back home it’s time to cook a
delicious dinner and our hellofresh box came in on Monday and I’m super excited
to be partnering with them once again for this video you all know I absolutely
love their healthy and fresh meals and I just absolutely love how they make
cooking a homemade meal so simple if you’re not familiar hellofresh is a meal
kit delivery service with seasonal simple recipes and it comes with pre
measured ingredients and it’s delivered right at your drawer every week which
makes your life so much easier with hellofresh there are three different
plans to choose from they have the classic the veggie and the family and we
always get the veggie one and it’s so delicious and we usually get four
servings per meal so that we can have extras for leftovers all of the meals come together in 30
minutes max so that’s a huge time-saver if you are trying to be productive and
now hellofresh is $6.99 per serving making it super
affordable and much cheaper than eating out all the time so on this particular night we made
smoky black bean and corn tostadas with pico de gallo and lime crema and let me
tell you it was so delicious everything was so fresh so much good
cilantro and lime Brandon and I absolutely adore Mexican food so this
meal was made for us if you’re looking to try hellofresh
you can get started with eight free meals which is $80 off your first month
of hellofresh amazing all you have to do is go to
hello fresh comm and enter the promo code Allison SAV
and I’ll have everything in the description just so you can find it
there Brandon and I don’t always sit at the table for dinner but when we’re
trying to have a healthy and productive night we definitely do so nice to just
catch up with each other and have some great conversation and it really is much
more productive than sitting on the couch and watching TV while we eat even
though we do like to do that every once in a while after dinner I started this habit of
setting a timer for 15 minutes during this time we team up and clean up the
kitchen in the living room and just make sure everything is tidy setting a timer
really helps because it really makes cleaning seem more doable because it’s
just 15 minutes and if you do this you’ll be amazed how much you can get
done in that time once our little cleanup is finished I need to clean up
myself so I hopped in the shower and I had to wash my hair on this night I
don’t wash my hair every single night but after the gym I definitely needed it then I just put on my moisturizer and
serum I’ve been using this good genes serum from Sunday Riley as well as their
brightening enzyme water cream it’s so hydrating and I absolutely love the way
it feels on my face and then I just love to have something warm and cozy to drink
before I go to bed sometimes I have tea but on this
particular night I just wanted a simple hot lemon water so I just took a little
mug and he did it up so that the water would be super hot and cut up some lemon
squeeze it in and then just enjoyed it I was sipping on this I went to cuddle up
in bed and I have my journal and to-do list and what has really helped me
recently is writing down all my goals for the next day the night before so I
just think about everything I want to accomplish on the following day and I
write it down and this just helps me stay on track with my dreams and it also
is great to look back on all the goals I accomplished for that day and see
everything I crossed off well it’s time to change to my PJs
bedtime is quickly approaching Brandon and I my husband we go to bed quite
early since we wake up at 5:00 a.m. every day on weekdays so we try to have
lights out by 9:30 at the latest I know we’re just grabbing grandpa over here
and that’s it I hope you all enjoyed this night routine thank you for
watching and I’ll see you soon


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