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Hello everyone, welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel, it is Francesco here So today we’re doing a first impressions video as well as they review all Standard Notes We’re going to be diving into the application about how to use it how it sort of grown and expanded And we’ll also go to video ivan into a full demonstration of how to use it as well as pricing and information like that I’m really excited because it’s a good Evernote alternative. Although it does still have lots to learn Anyway, guys, let’s dive into Standard Notes today Hello everyone and welcome back to another video So we are reviewing standard notes today and I have it on Mac today now standard notes is available on Mac Windows Linux Also iOS and Android and web which makes it a pretty accessible notetaking application And if I’m brutally honest, I probably only discovered this application about two or three months ago It’s been on my radar because of all the people go. There’s no resources about stand notes out there How can we understand it? How can we know about it? And of course I wanted to do a feature on it naturally So guys this video will demonstrate some of the features and functions of it as well as outlining some of the pricing information that you need to know and also give you as much information as possible out of this application that has been Provided know I was actually pretty impressed by the application If I’m honest the branding the efforts that they’ve put into designing it as well as making it sort of this community lead application really does You know, it’s very credible in it. It is giving me a good impression so far now the application is free It does have a premium version which we’ll be diving it into near at the end of this video So if you’re understanding if you’re like I already understand stander notes. What why should I upgrade then? Skip to the end this video. But again this application is open source So it’s it’s really designed for people to sort of take it apart, too So you can see here. This is the standard notes on Mac I will be demoing on iOS and sort of sharing some of the differences They look sort of similar on This left-hand panel you have tags so you can create any tag so you like so any times you like? thinking of some tags Let’s say shopping list or something. Just SuperDuper simple And if I press ENTER it will create a well. Actually I create a new node And you can obviously start going there So actually you need to buy some minstrels because I just ate some minstrels from the fridge and don’t tell my wife you Can see here that it’s created them on this left-hand panel You have their notes list in the center Which is searchable as well as the ability to create new notes there now if I want to Delete an item. I would go to options delete here. And that’s how you delete an item So as you can imagine once you’re inside of the notes You can actually access options which we just did you have the ability to pin notes archive them actually lock them which we’ll be talking about the security side of stuff in a bit as well as delete them change the global font as well and Give there’s margin restrictions, which is helpful. Now the editor you’re using the plane editor, which is the most simplest editor There’s a lot that you can unlock in pro which we’ll be talking about here at the end actions You can download actions to which is another extension which leads you to that sort of the premium again I would say this application is free edit basic format. You could only pretty much just add notes as they are now You’ve also got session history so you can see here that I’ve got eight revisions already and you can move back to them, too And you can restore restore as copy which is quite a nice addition So in case you’ll go in there now here are some ones I created earlier some taken of notes on lessons that I’ve been learning from make time and as you can see you can see the session history again has been Adapted I wrote this one on iPhone seems to have transferred pretty well, and you can refresh down at the bottom So that it syncs with all of that and the great thing is obviously you’ve got really dead simple notes It’s not really much more than that. You can do on the freemium version But the good thing is the sort of thing that they shout most about is this encryption so it has end-to-end encryption Which you can set as on so for example here you see six out of six notes aren’t tanks and tags are encrypted enter encrypted Encryption is enabled your data is encrypted before syncing to your private account So you do have a private account you can and a password lock as well and you can download and import from backups, too so again it’s quite a secure application as what it markets itself sat marketed it marks itself at but does private empal experience now as you can see here everything syncs pretty well and Everything has mainly unlocked and thing and that’s why I will be doing a standard notes extension or Pro function they’ll talk about again What I want to do just to round this feature off is really talk about the premium experience so you can see here that standard notes does have a premium version or what it’s called as extended version it has 27 extensions and Counting and it does unlock a lot of bonus experiences so you can see here that Safeguarding your files. So for example, you can get unlimited file attachments encrypted, which is very helpful So you can upload directly from Dropbox Google Drive or web DAV servers Helpful, you can also get a whole host of multi editor productivity So you cannot get rich text markdown HTML and tons more which we’ll be talking about in a minute You’ve got data care as well. So cloud backups daily and you can even do a backup of the all of your data to Dropbox Google Drive and onedrive Infinite undo so you can undo and actually go to loads of revisions So it looks like that was restricted in the initial edition the security so you got two-step authentication Which is accessible there. So imagine this you’ve got your encrypted data. You’ve got your past passcode protection or lock And you’ve got your 2-step authentication. So that’s mad no-one’s going to be able to get work through the night and you have the dark modes available, too and In the freemium package in the standard package They call you’ve got intended private encryption unlimited notes sync to all your devices unlimited devices and web and offline access So you’re really getting almost like simple notes for free just even cleaner and more profit privatized privatized privatize So you can see here that there’s a different plans here So you’ve got the one month? Which is nine dollars 99 per month Again, if you’re paying for that and you understand what we’re gonna be talking about in minutes can be you know That’s the full price and you know, that’s there’s 120 dollars a year it’s big investment double what Newton was and you’ve got five-year plan which $2 49 48 and that’s a $149 build every five years which is something that no VPN do as well and just to be aware of them One-year plan is four dollars seventeen. So that’s a total of $50 per year, so they’re really yeah pushing you to invest in that bigger price around here So and they do stay a lot about the sustainability of the effort. So they’re they’re actually Resources Rev revenues solely from the customer so far and don’t have any advertisers or venture Capitalists so they don’t have that effort to raise. They do have a 30-day guarantee On the extended package. So if you don’t like it, you can return it now These are some of the editors you get inside of the experience This is for desktop web and mobile you get advanced markdown simple markdown plus editor fancy markdown editor minimal editor code editor simple task editor and vim editor I didn’t know they matter to existed and you’ve also got components as well so you can have a quick tags area so you can quickly access them and that supports keyboard shortcuts and folders an action bar giving you an outline of The useful utility how many words you typed in? and being able to duplicate efforts to a github push folders as well for your Tanks, so you can nest different things and folders your themes as well focused midnight Butera. Um, Solarized dynamic and no distraction mode and you can try these all if you want to just by pressing the try it button You also have data care file safe Dropbox sync to Google Drive sync onedrive sync daily email backup – and two-step authentication of weathers note History so you can restore from previous editions you also have Actions so you can publish to your blog from standing it So there is quite a lot of value in the experience Now the thing that they sell themself as is mainly the privacy side of stuff they have end-to-end encryption they have secure networks, and they do have a whole host of lists of were a list of things that they Outline here. But again, they don’t have any ads or tracking technologies inside that they have respect for analytics, but the one thing I haven’t seen on their blog is like Sometimes companies have like a a privacy or Terms document for their users Whereas this is more of a manifesto, they really should have that. I don’t know. Maybe I’m completely missing it Maybe it’s in the FAQ page or something, but I can’t spit it. I can’t find it Let me know in the comments if I missed it But again, this is something that they need to or definitely consider the guys I want to take you through the re West application and then we’ll round off everything So guys as you can imagine they have an iOS application as you can see in this left-hand side It looks more like a calendar application, which is quite exciting So when you open up your standard Notes account you are Asked to open it with finger print, which is quite nice it syncs Automatically as you seen it just sync the editions there that we made inside of The likes of the Mac application and as you can see here You’ve got notes you got search it’s very simple as you can see. There’s no text formatting There’s no option to text format. You can manage your document or a note unpin it lock it Do what you want with it and you can get web editors too. So once you install them It does make it more accessible. You can filter them with date added or it tanks for example if you wanted to and create new tags from there now you account is accessible here and You can use the fingerprint sensor as well as it gives you all the information about encryption. It’s Aes-256 which I believe is Bank rates security Encryption and also you’ve got your account keys. The one thing it does say is when you’re creating your account There’s no forget password function So if you forget your password, you have to recreate your account and that’s something that you should be aware of Again, this application is available on Andrew as well as web Linux Windows and Mac. So do try it out there So guys just around things off with standard notes. I’m impressed by the application and impressed by the design of the application The encryption level and also everything like that. What I would say is the feedback has been good so far it’s got a solid 4.7 on iOS that’s 50 ratings and there is a slant community which iMessage they seemed really friendly and there is a reddit community to which I’m sure I’ll be Interacting with I’ll be doing an extended feature. So please do not take this as it is Of course, there is a premium experience and this is very much a first impressions feature But I will be expect extending my sort of feature on this. I’m very impressed by the cross-platform functionality of it It’s simple, but it really does work And if it has the privacy experience at it It does stay and that’s what it sort of promotes yourself as that’s fantastic and it’s definitely something that I know a lot of people that are worried about Google and things like that and even Evernote will be Good sort of moving towards anyway guys big. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed this feature Let me know with a like if you enjoyed it and please Comment below with your thoughts on stand in it without any further ado guys. I will see you guys in a future future


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