Steps in Plant Breeding – Enhancement in Food Production – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. what are the different steps of plant breeding the first step of plant breeding is collection of variably well as a collection of variability it means collection of different plants from different regions and putting them together it means collection of germplasm germplasm
means different varieties of crops the next step of line reading is evaluation and selection of pet for example if one has to do plant breeding of sugarcane so the according to the first step you will collect sugarcane from different regions of India the next step is selecting the pattern and evaluating them now during the next step what you will do is select the parents the parents would be selected on certain parameters for example the sugar cane which is good at growth which has greater sugar content which is more juicy this will lay the basis for selection of pet once the parents are selected the next process is hybridization or cross hybridization among selected planet that is mixing of two different sets now once hybridization instead of mixing is done you will get a new variety of plant once the seed is grown owner and this variety is nothing but superior recombinant or the variety which is much much much better than the previous variety now once you have grown the seed you will select the superior recombinant or the seed which has all it is much better than the previous one and the sea or the scene which has qualities of both the sugarcane and the last step testing and releasing of new cultivators when I say testing and resume of new cultivators it means initially if you have chosen a sugar cane which was good in sugar content and more juicy at the end of the process you will have a sugar cane which will be more juicy and we’ll have more fibers or more nutritional content when you do plant breeding you always combine two different crops of the same genre or same species and get a better variety so let us see what are the steps in plan plant breeding steps the steps of plan reading our first collection of variability collection of different varieties of plant or jobless basically in this step you collect different varieties of crops from different region of india depending upon the qualities they have if you have to do breeding of sugarcane you collect sugarcane from over the parts of the country the next step is evaluation and selection of pen in this process you will select two sugarcane varieties which you find has greater sugar content one or it is more juicy and easy and affordable to cool so in the next process you select the pet which will be two petals the third process cross hybridization among selected parents in this process the two sugar cane varieties you of which you have selected as parents you hybridize them or mix them so that their protoplasm fuses together the fourth step of time grading is selection of superior recombinant by growing the seeds initially it this process what is done is seeds are sown and the crop that you get is has qualities or both of the sugarcane it will be juicy as well as the sugar content will be very high now you take the seeds of this sugar variety initially we fuse two different sugar varieties and then in this stem you get a sugar cane which is rich in sugar as well as has more fiber content the last step testing and releasing of new cultivators in this step the seeds of last time zone and see just to check that whether the sugar goon variety is stable it is able to retain its nutritional content the sugar cane content as well as the fiber content and in the last process what is done is the seeds are collected and sent into market just for a trial-and-error business and once the trial and error basis is done one or twice that seeds of time breeding is thrown finally the seeds could be packaged and sold into monkey so students in this part of the chapter of plant grading we have started what was the various steps of plant breeding and how are they carried out I hope you all have understood this clearly thank you


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