Steve Bannon: Schiff did Trump a great service with impeachment hearings


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  • At 1:02 … no, Independents like me are watching, but there's so much bias from the popular news, but we're deciphering the news for ourselves. We're critical readers and we read both sides.

  • The left succeeded in demonizing Bannon and driving him out of the White House. But you see why Trump liked his opinions: the guy is sharp as a tack. He has an innate feel for politics that few do. Hopefully he still has Trump's ear as we head into the 2020 campaign.

  • Bannon never addresed the crimes that Trump committed, Quid Pro Quo is basically bribery, Bannon's entire diatribe is distraction and slight of hand. Trump did what he did and what he did was illegal. Watch Legal Eagle's video on the Republicans' defense and how it doesn't hold water. I beg Republicans to educate themselves on the law.

  • Michael Bloomberg is a five foot nothing Liberal-Fascist Democrat puppeteer; and Bloomberg does not nearly have all his strings attached properly due to this fact.
    President Trump 2020: Keep America Great and SANE!

  • Also, Bloomberg is "far" from a centrist – he is as far left as George Soros or Bernie Sanders; except the ideologies he will blatantly lie about and fictitiously implement as a natural Liberal-Fascist Democrat Party multi-billionaire.
    President Trump 2020: Keep America Great and SANE!

  • Mr. Bannon is one of the most patriotic and brilliant Americans of our time. Yesterday (11/27) was his 66 years' birthday. A belated yet all the same sincere and heartfelt birthday congratulation to him. Happy Birthday, Steve! May you stay healthy, resourceful, vigorous and feisty in coming years. May God bless you.

  • So the taxpayers are paying for 3 years of continuous investigations against Pres. Trump and paying salaries and health care benefits to Democrats that are doing nothing for this country

  • What is the matter with these guys! They are not making these things clear! People don't understand some of these terms and you just keep using rhem! Don't you understand its this nonsense is geared to brainwash the people!

  • Allowing the comrades of the obanoma soviet to remain smokes them out publicly and gives best reason to leave; this Trump just will not play ball with us.

  • I don't find the impeachment strategy to be disconnected from the independent counsel strategy of Robert Muller or the Stormy Daniels strategy… I find all of them to be linked as a continual Seditious Conspiracy (18 USC 2384) to overthrow the presidency of the United States…. Americans have read through every facet of this Seditious Conspiracy from the use of the false Simpson/Steel dossier to obtain FISA warrants and the resulting assignment of a special counsel, next are the false allegations of Stormy Daniels and her now incarcerated attorney… leading to this current fiasco of Impeachment based upon a false Ukraine accusation of quid pro quo….. Which public testimony indicates never occurred.
    Together these have been linked events with players at the highest levels attempting to overthrow the presidency of the United States ….. If I can see it….. then everyone can everyone can ……
    What the American people are disgusted with is the fact none of these subversives are being punished for willfully violating the law

    Bloomberg is going to have a tough time, because most of the Democratic party is made up of hard line Communists and Socialists who despise via applied dialectics, Wealthy Corporate White folks….

  • Irmalinda Desiderio says:

    Dems . . . All they got is mafia/drug money to throw around in and for their party. They got nothing else! People are tired of our elected officials (elected by We, The People) pissing away taxpayers' dollars on this frivolous impeachment process and all these inquiries over the last 3 years, when that wasted money could have gone to help veterans, our failed public educational system, finishing the border wall and restructuring our failed immigration system, building affordable housing and repairing housing projects and HUD buildings, provided school supplies for empoverished school districts, improving infrastructures (mainly, unsafe bridges), provided skilled training and on-the-job training for immigrants, could have assised in increasing benefits for vulnerable/poor populations in order to provide a better quality of life, and the list goes on and on! Americans want these lazy-assed, over-paid politicians to stop this never-ending, beating-a-dead-horse b.s. and get back to work. Enough is enough!

  • robert agajeenian says:

    No way the Democrats will finally allow the impeachment process go to the Senate.  The last thing they want.  The whole impeachment process I supposed to be only a distraction, not the real thing.

  • How does Fox accomplish always telling the exact opposite of the truth?? Bannon should not even be allowed on TV….all he is is a fascist walking billboard, playing to the cause of profoundly corrupt people like Trump. Enough of rightwing scamsters. Why doesn't the news give information and not just fascist spin??

  • Democrats are trying to cover for Biden by shifting what he actually did to Trump. Sad pathetic little minds are in for it. Democrats have no shame, morals, integrity and allegiance to anything but themselves. They are sick and stupid. Combustible combination that will provide quite a show. Popcorn all around.

  • Steve still works for Trump, and is the smartest strategist I have ever heard. Good ol' Sloppy Steve, optics are everything when fighting the rat–bastards!

  • I would spell Schiff with two "t"s. He is the smell that has taxpayers enraged, in that over the past 4 years instead of producing needed work, he and his rabid Democrats have squandered billions of dollars of our money.

  • Michael Moore needs to quite playing Beaver Cleaver, slim way down and grow up, then he can appear more serious in his criticisms of adults. That pig criticizing our President is like a snail calling someone slimy.

  • Maybe you are all smoking weed or perhaps something stronger but I have to point out some simple facts. Your president is a liar. A constant liar and a pretty bad one. There is only one reason why he is preventing his staff from being questioned and that’s because he has something to hide. His actions are those of a guilty person and he has got you all pretending all is well. By the time you realise all is in fact NOT well, you may very well be dancing to the tune of the Kremlin.

  • As I said the Democratsonly thing that they can do if they really want to win not words but really want to win is to all rally all of them rally behind Tulsi gabbard all the rest of them are dumb nitwits fools liars scnow and crazy every one of them largest nitwits dumber than a box of rocks Tulsi gabbard is completely two different one there's no one like Tulsi gabbardif everybody would rally behind her that would be something else that would be really something to see because she can get up there and go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and she's already been out there in the action she knows what time it is and she tells the truth it would be really really the best thing this country can do the best thing to Democrats can do but they won't they won't they don't like her cuz she tells the truth they don't like her because shetell us the truth and goes to the country of Syria and talks to the president there and find out what's really going onand that president is not anyting like all the lies that they say about him he's not any of that it's all lies deception smoke screens their hoodwinking the American people they're bamboozling all the people

  • Bartiromo – Bannon is a great political show for 2020. DNC Convention in Milwaukee in July will be like 1968 in Chicago, except millions of marchers won't be anti-Perpetual Levant Wars, they'll be protesting all their jobs being sent off to INDIA. National MIC Contractors sending Pentagon work to INDIA. MicroSoft-Hyderabad got a $10B contract to put Pentagon Secure Data on the Cloud, a Cloud run from Hyderabad by INDIA IT administrators! Our jobs are disappearing to INDIA!

  • There is no Democratic candidate out there that can beat TRUMP in 2020 "not one" Thanks for the help A. Schiff and N. Polosi

  • Yes, it's kind of odd how Leftists are gleefully servicing Trump via all their zero substance actions.
    Trump is like the big bad wolf, and all rest are like the 3 billion little Leftist piggies.

  • This guy is a huge fan of Sun Tsu especially what he says saying something like ‘ when you are weak pretend you are strong’.

  • I've been hearing a lot of people say they don't care who is running in 2020 – they are going to vote Republican down the line because of the Democrats and fear of Antifa.

  • Dems should hope Trump wins the next election so they can point the finger at him in the White House as the reason their agenda is gaining no ground. Then actually spend the next 4 years reforming your mission and vision. Come back in 2024 with a new vigor.

  • I think it’s too late for Democraps to try to change their socialist far left image. You cant run as a commie for 3 years then think that if you act like a moderate for the last month of the election we’ll all forget about the prior 3 years

  • Amazing,simply amazing that so far,this guy has remained out of focus for the crimes Trumpov has committed and STILL doing…… Steve, you know they're going to get you soon.
    Americans are fed up with your behind-the-scenes hands up Trumpov's back.

  • Biden needs to be questioned, and his son… the FBI in separate rooms…. Obama too. Schiff is the fall guy after this farce

  • Steve Bannon weaponised stupidity by using Cambridge Analytica to use psychological warfare against the American people. Steve Bannon will go down in history as a TRAITOR to the United States of America. He got lucky with getting Trump elected but now he has been found out and he will be held to account once the Justice Department is no longer being run by the criminal named Bill Barr. Trump is finished.

  • It's very true that only Donald Trump can beat Donald Trump. All the other candidates clearly have no substance at all. Steve Bannon has acute observation. The Bible in the book of Proverbs talks a lot about the Democrats; calling them fools and they are truly nothing but fools. They have acted clownishly, unwisely and imprudently for several years but especially so since Barack Obama's time. They are nincompoop.

    Proverbs 29:25-27 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    The fear of man [a]brings a snare,
    But he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.
    Many seek the ruler’s [b]favor,
    But justice for man comes from the Lord.
    An unjust man is abominable to the righteous,
    And he who is upright in the way is abominable to the wicked.

    [a] Proverbs 29:25 Literary gives
    [b] Proverbs 29:26 Literary face

  • Bannon is a slime ball!
    Threw roger stone under the bus and then stole his radio show name
    “The war room” which is still playing everyday with
    Owen shroyer.
    Infowars show not bannons.
    Slime ball!!!!

  • Putin has always expressed his humiliation and frustration of USSR losing the cold war and vowed to teach America a lesson. I bet he can't believe his eyes that American politicians (not soviet spies) are doing it for him!

  • Thank u schiff !! Great service u just got my man mr Trump we elected thank u so much tell your friend nancy pelosi nect round of vodka on me ! ?

  • It's all window bull.. If Trumps isn't as crooked as hell, then testify under oath.. if your not lying then prove it. TESTIFY UNDER OATH, and quit stone walling other's in your party from testifying… it makes you look guilty… so quit bragging and bullshitting everyone.. testify under oath..everything else is just BLA BLA BLA.. COME ON Bannon..under oath.. HOW ABOUT THE TRUTH?

  • A lot of talk about the Democrats but nothing about how crooked trump is. Trump is going down there is no doubt about that, he’s already distancing himself from Giuliani and won’t appear at the hearings because he is guilty as sin.

  • Ratings are not important. Corrupt politicians are. Trump's call was so perfect he's being impeached because of it.
    The Republicans are hiding behind a maniac. He says whatever comes into his Adderall and Sudafed addled mind. Where is their pride?

  • Lineman ultimate storm list says:

    gee sorta makes you think "the protocols of the learned elders of Zion " are a text book of our recent history and predictions for our future!!!!!!

  • Joe Biden for Prison 2020! He openly and publicly BRAGGED on live video, that if Ukraine didn't fire the prosecutor investigating the company Hunter Biden was working for, that he would have Obama withhold $1 billion dollars in aid. Blackmail, open and shut case! Send creepy Joe Biden and Barry Obama to prison!

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