Striking UAW Workers on Misconceptions about Unions

Striking UAW Workers on Misconceptions about Unions

The misconception is that we sit around
and we watch TV all day. We don’t. The repetition…I’m young I can
get in my car go home and I’m stiff by the time I drive 15 minutes away. So we work all eight hours unless you on break. People think we sit around and talk. No we don’t. We actually work. Back in the day people used to say that union workers were fat and lazy. That all we did was read the
newspaper all day and drink coffee. That is not true. With today’s technology our time is accounted for by the second. There’s no laziness, there’s no down time. Biggest misconception and, since I’ve been around since 1976, is that people sit around all day, play cards and do nothing and drink and all
that stuff. Nowadays, each person is probably working, out of each minute I’m gonna say probably 50 to 52 seconds. If you start like at six o’clock, your
first break is at 8:30. So that’s when people usually use the break room or use the bathroom. It’s 20 minutes of their personal time. So there’s not much time to do like stuff
like they did years ago when we had thousands of workers and management
couldn’t keep track of them all


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  • I was a trade unionist and there was no sitting around. From my experience that idea is just silly. And another misconception is that we all vote Democrat. I DESPISE the Democrat Party! I have not once voted Democrat and never will.

  • I've known 50+ people who worked for unions and NOT ONE had a positive experience. It was all about protecting the lazy and criminal activity (drugs and alcohol).

  • Whoopty doo. You have systems that do most of the lifting for you. Truckers driver 11 hours and are on the clock for up to fourteen, gone from home for weeks, and still make less than y’all. Your greed has ruined the industry and all the jobs surrounding the auto industry depending on their work.

  • The workman is worthy of his wages Jesus said . Unions came about because companies were working people long hours and not paying them a decent living wage

  • I read these comments and wonder, do we really envy are neighbors so much we wish pain on them?
    Meanwhile the people making 100 x workers salaries as CEO's are never held to the same standard.

  • HEY GM & UNION MAKE SURE YOUR POSITIVE RESULTS FROM THE STRIKE COVERS JANITOR POSTIONS ASWELL SPLIT THE CHEESE IN EQUAL OR FAIR PORTIONS. it does not make any sense for lines to be clean at all times, for lines to be safe, organized,and even regulated by QC quality controled when Waste managenent starts in each ones ass and GM expects the janitor to keep your bathrooms clean and theres no QC checking eberybodys ass (Hygiene)the janitors position deals with germs, diseases but to the point worst conditions than a line worker so be fair pay more if theres more risk in positions enough is enough. you know the only person working indabuilding right now while yal on strike is the Janitor.

  • Who the hell ever thought they sit around and play cards and watch TV all day? That makes no sense. I've never heard that. Has anyone else heard that? What union workers are known for is complaining and big stupid mustaches.

  • I dunno guys in the uaw. The public perception of your strike is awful from what I hear. Also, people are worried that America bails out GM, then you guys start all this again just like I remember growing up. UAW striked over and over, car plants moved to Mexico and companies went bankrupt.

  • My dad was a Union worker. He retried from Chrysler. In Newark Delaware. He was there since the 70s up until they shut it down in 2007. I support Union workers.

  • Most people don't think union employees sit around all day. Most people think you are unskilled labor having your gang leader DEMAND more and more from a company the obeys every single law set forth by the Department of labor. Whatever happened to, if you don't like how your treated at your job. Leave!
    Unions advocate for less work and more money and benefits. If someone stops to pick up a piece of paper off the floor. The cleaning crew will file a grievance. If you are feeling good about your job and want to work passed your break, someone will file a grievance. Unions have belittled workers and treat them like equal objects. When the department of labor was created in 1913, unions should have been abolished. If you don't like your companies compensation package or treatment…take it up with congress, don't cripple your company to the tune of 400 million a day.

  • I am a Teamster, if you're going to hate on unions you only do it because you wish you were in one. I bust my ass ten hours a day as a delivery driver for UPS. I do 150 to 180 stops a day. Whether it's 110 degrees outside or 50 below, me and my brothers and sisters are outside working. Sure, I could take my time and do whatever you think union employees do, but I don't get to go home to my family until my work is done. And if I choose to take my time, help will never come. I'm on my own and will be left out all night long.

    Those who say I'm wasting money on union dues are also idiots. Without overtime UPS drivers make around $90k a year while fedex drivers make less than $70k. Take away the $1,200 a year I pay to the union, I will still make atleast $20k a year more, plus benefits.

    Last point, if unions cost the consumer more money, then UPS would have gone out of business a long time ago.

    I will always be union. Others will always wish they were union. But I guess they're too lazy too organize since they're asking the government to make sure they get paid a fair wage. Incompetent fools

  • The economy doesn’t need everybody working. It needs everybody buying. Technology is putting more and more people out of work. Two hundred years ago 90+ % of the population produced all of America’s food. Today , less than one percent of America’s population produces all of America’s food. Artificial Intelligence will make things worse. The trick is to create the ILLUSION that everybody needs to work.

  • Detroit Creole 28 Lightskinned says:

    I’m driving to Bowling Green to make my 2020 Chevy Corvette😂😂😂😂✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  • Auto Worker, is the only job not a government official paid with public money, who's paycheck profit sharing check and bonus checks are announced on television. Why? To get the public riled up so that they the companies don't have to give their employees what is due to them. In today's environment people just can't be happy for other people's Good Fortune anymore. These people got lucky enough to get a good job. They went, they applied, they took the tests and they got a good job. I'm happy that they can support their families more people should be able to. But putting them down isn't going to bring anyone else up. You do what you got to do to get yours UAW. Since you create the vehicles that my family rides in. The vehicles that you create that protect my family form being crushed to death. I figure it's worth it. Good luck in all you fight for.

  • It's simple to see that those bitching about the autoworker's case have no experience in the industry,and most certainly,in one of today's assembly or sub assembly automotive jobs. Come get some,you'll change your mind quickly.

  • I spent 20 years in a non-union company. Everything was going very well. Building up a pension, was well-paid, had 1.5 months paid annual vacation. Then suddenly we got bought out. Lost our pension, saw our vacations cut in half, then they fired hundreds of us because they could hire millenials to do the job for cheaper. Now I'm in a union and that stunt wouldn't be tolerated here. Want to race to the bottom? Sure, we'll meet at the bottom as we pull you under.

  • I've not heard one of those before about unions , what I have heard about unions are they are spoiled people who have a job and just bitch about it like spoiled kids , when there are many people that would and can do your job ,easily, its assembly line work , most is automated , tell ya what how about you all just quit and let some people who appreciate the job work it and receive your awesome benefits that you're given , how about you all just shut your traps , get to work and appreciate having a job with full benefits and highly over pays you for the non skilled job you perform assembling one little part in the grand scheme of automotive manufacturing

  • Lmfaoooo @ 8 hours , wow you hard working person , a whole 8 hours , with breaks hahahahaha so with lunch you only work about 6 and half total hours a day , no wonder that they are all kinda pudgy

  • Right because your unions did so much to stop nafta from letting these companies leave the country leaving many unemployed or how they fought so hard to stop China from over inflating the steel industry with their cheap low quality steel and letting Barrack Osama close steel plants. Your unions have your back so hard they are still finding the party that wants to get rid of private insurance that unions worked so hard to guarantee to it's members. Being in a union is like putting gasoline in a Tesla. Fucking useless.

  • The problem is not the workers it's the bums that run the unions and steal the workers dues. I was in a union for 30 years. Was good in the beginning then the crooks took over the union.

  • If you are fostering best practices, training new skills and benefiting the workforce? I'm with you all the way! But if a Union is just hoovering up dues to support leftist ideology and destroying the economy with underfunded, unsustainable pension obligations and ridiculous minimum wage demands for entry level workers? Nope. You're done. UAW could go either way. The US auto industry has all but priced itself out of the competition. $30k for a shitty car that is 80% depreciated the day you drive it off the lot is or should be a crime. Unions like the Teamsters, AfoT and SEIU should be disbanded and it's leadership jailed for Racketeering, Seditious Conspiracy and Treason. Not a fan.

  • 8 hours ha. I work in the oil and gas industry try 12-18hrs a day no break no rest just grind 115 degree weather in TX and LA to -40 in North Dakota wyoming we get it done no crying involved just grind it out. They have a cake job the secretaries work harder then these clowns.

  • A bunch of high school dropouts who on average get payed 19 dollars an hour with benefits think they deserve more to turn a wrench lol grow up

  • Sorry folks, but the days of making a comfortable living with only a GED while sticking a go/no go gauge into valve guide holes on cylinder heads are gone. You want a top level salary, brand new truck in the driveway, cabin and property up north, maybe a boat too, you’re gonna have to actually get an education and work for it these days. The boomers sucked all the easy money out of the big 3 a long time ago.

  • Unions are Communist. And don't really support their workers. My wife is UFCW and we're so scared. We can't handle that strike pay if it ever happens. Our plan is she's striking and im scabbing cause we need a full paycheck and they don't provide that. It's better to stick with a company or find a new job. But that's just us…..
    I also remember when my dad went on strike for the grocery stores when I was a kid. It literally ruined our lives, we had to move in with my grandparents, I went to a more fucked up school and we were on welfare. It didn't help us at all really….

  • Between 60 to 70 plus dollars an hour including benefits for what exactly again? Do not be surprised when they close it down for 6 months to a year and more then move the entire plant somewhere else…Unbelievable…Average wage in Juarez Mexico per hour is .45 cents… UAW you better get you crap together…

  • I support trump and the companies that hire these losers, never corrupt leftist unions!!! Support the hand that feeds you, not bite it. These workers are overpaid and underworked, trump does not support unions and neither do real Americans!!! #IsupportBigcorporations #trickledowneconomicsworks

  • Dyslexic Teletubby says:

    I’m gonna laugh when GM just says fuck it and expedites the automation process to replace these ungrateful people. Why do they care what other people think of them??? Also there are millions of people who would love to have your job but instead are forced to work day and night without pay. Look at the big picture, do think everyone else has it easier than you? Calm your titties you ungrateful fucks!

  • Precilla Harrison says:

    I had nothing against the Union workers until the strike affected my husband's job. He works at a factory that supplies parts for GM and now because of this strike, many people at his job, including my husband, has to work less hours and days and bring home a little check staring next week. How is that fair?The union workers are not being considerate. They are thinking only of themselves, not on how the strike can affect others. Many people also got layoffs. I hope this strike ends soon. Everybody needs their job back.

  • Interesting how fellow so called Americans have a problem with other Americans making a decent living. But apparently it's ok for 1 ceo to make 23 MILLION a year … there's a lot of blind ignorant people that need to wake the hell up !!

  • That a lot of lip for untrained workers to insert tab A into slot B. Want to get further in life and make something of yourself? Go to school or train in a career which you have to think for yourself. I was in a union and left since they promoted laziness and wanted me to rebel agains my employer.

  • The perception is not about how hard you work, how good or bad your working environment. It is about UAW is willing to take the risk of destroying the auto industry in the name of equal pay. I am an engineer if I don't like to compensation. I would do something and find an employer who IS WILLING TO PAY me.

  • Abolish the minimum wage.That would be a good start in begining the dismanteling of the wolves in sheep's clothing known as unions.

  • Judging from the size of some of those on Strike. It appears that none of them have ever missed a meal ! This strike will by Lunch Time on Tuesday.

  • I’m a retired UAW member, 30 years with General Motors so I speak from experience. As an auto worker you trade a little of your physical well being everyday for the wages you earn and it adds up. I hurt every day from my career at General Motors. The health care Union Members require is of utmost importance, because of the abuse and repetitive nature that our bodies are subjected to. The casual observer that criticizes the contract demands of the workers do not understand all the aspects of the job.

  • You demand way too much. Which is why so much industry has left the country. There's no need for unions any more. Be thankful you have a good job with good pay and benefits and get back to work.

  • Unions RUINED this fucking country. The reason everyone thinks they are entitled 60 bux an hour, for life BTW, to snap a piece of plastic on a fender. The reason a Sliverado costs 70 grand. The reason that uneducated, overweight people of all colors, are pissed because now they have nothing to fall back on and no real skill. Just like a person that joins the Navy and drives a submarine and nothing else is working at Home Depot selling paint. The reson big corporations left the country and make stuff elsewhere. They can't afford these folks.
    At one time in this country, Unions were needed, to organize and show solidarity. It became a racket for crime to force and bully companies to bend to thier will.
    Now they're all working at WallMart and the Union bosses vacationing in the U.P in a Summer home.

  • All the anti union jerk offs are pissed because they slave their life away for 10 dollars an hour and are too stupid to know any better.
    Fuck you rat scabs.
    Enjoy your low pay shit jobs that you're all so proud of

  • I work for a union, they most certainly did around and watch TV all day. Some of the laziest workers I have ever seen in my life have been people in the union. If you work too hard, you get a grievance put on you by the ones who don't want to do shit, all while they are making top pay.

  • I was a temporary employee for three years, and the whole uaw is a complete joke. Union members are entitled people who think they deserve to make 80k+/year for doing basic warehouse work at a turtles pace with no degree or education. Uaw members were the most toxic miserable people I have ever worked with. All these people would do was gossip, complain like children, and consume fast food and soda all day everyday. Btw the truth is that temporary employees take on the heaviest load of work on the dock and fast paced areas. Seniority has the option to go home or stay for ot after working 8 hours, but when I was an employee it was 12 hrs mon-friday and 8 hours on Saturdays Mandatory (seniority has option of working weekends). You are not special uaw members, and you are not entitled to thousands of dollars a year for your pleasure. These people live on pleasure island, and it’s time they work for their salary like every other American in this country.

  • I just read an article that the average hourly GM worker gets paid $90k with overtime and profit sharing?!? Is that true?!

  • Dude im over it. You guys still got it wwwwaaayyyy over the rest of us. Especially those of us that work on suppliers factories. I saw a news report on fox about gm workers having to sacrifice going out and eating meatloaf instead. Not a good way to get my support. . anyway im ready to get back to my $16 an hout job. Enough.

  • The most hilarious thing about this is that these idiots decided to go on strike while the UAW is being investigated for corruption. Unfreaking believable. This is America at it's dumbest!

  • Cry on lazy ass motherfuckers. TRUMP-PENCE 2020. GM should lock these turds out of the factory and send it to Mexico. American cars are junky and overpriced. I buy Toyotas. These Unions and welfare mentality are killing America. TRUMP-PENCE 2020

  • Drove by the lordstown assembly plant yesterday,. 4 union turds out in the driveway in lawn chairs picketing. Poetic justice, this plant has been idle 2 years! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • overpaid and underskilled. A factory job doesnt require skill why should you make 30 bucks a hour and pretty much have insurace paid for when you have dealer auto techs who are extremely skilled making less and paying 50% or more for their insurance and people at walmart making 15 a hour at the very most.

  • The majority of GM stock is owned by the UAW and union members Thus the union picks the board of directors and decides how the company is run. When they strike GM they are basically striking against themselves If they don’t like how things are run then they can only blame themselves

  • My name is Nobody says:

    +Jeff Cooker 6 days ago
    @Joseph Wallace No. It was due to union demands and unwillingness to woork.
    Didnt have a damn thing to do with NAFTA.

    If it was because GM closed Josephs plant down because of union not NAFTA, then answer me this question.
    why is it that osh kosh bgosh closed their $5.75 an hr job in Jamestown TN a non union and went to mexico.
    Along with other remaining 19 ($5.75 an hr no benefits except 2 wks off and 401k plan) plants in that town.
    They were non unions. Then you have wrangler blue jeans in state of Kentucky, They closed down as well.
    Those plants are now empty. And they were paid for by tax dollars to build them in first place.

  • If we let the union workers go, can I show up, and push tab A:B into slot A:B and get a substantial discount on the resulting product? No wage, ins, or retirement plan. Cut the overhead; Build your own Corvette.

  • The UAW is nothing more than legal extortion. You pay money into your union so that you can make more money on your check. I know I went through this in the Carpenters Union. And when I brought up the honest answer about the corruption being lawful I was blackballed for a year of work. You people need to do your homework and see where all this money is disappearing to. Who is the UAW paying off. I think you'll find it goes somewhere to a politician who's in the mix. I know you won't like me for saying this but coming from three generations GM workers every one of them knew they were paying extortion money. But they would never say anyting because the same thing what happened to them that happened to me I got blackballed for telling the truth. And if you want people to feel sorry for you workers. GM wants uneducated people so they don't ask questions or looking to their evil doings. If you weren't all buying a bunch of toys and putting your money away and have worked there for over 10 years you're the problem. Think about this I'm on Social Security and I only make $740 a month but paid in all my life. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it. And when I say that you're getting it right now. Picketing doesn't do anything except put a small amount of money in your pocket. Wake up people unions are killing jobs. Oh by the way my grandmother and my aunt both were head of unions of GM and Motor Wheel. And they were gung ho because they knew they were going to get a paycheck even if you weren't. Educate yourself instead of holding damn stick up and blown on marijuana and drinking. No sympathy from a human being that work all their lives paying into a pension just to have that pension taken away from me from the government and the Union henchman. I'm glad you have jobs. But don't think for a minute you're not puppets on a string. God bless and I hope things work out for you. They never did it for us. But maybe you could educate yourself and figure out how to talk to your union Representatives about what you can give so you can go back to work. No tears from me. I went through it in 73 and 74 in the union was so stupid back then they still made huge cars when the Chinese and other car factories overseas were flooding America. Stupid unions I say yes. It's all about Wall Street and the shareholders. Where are you not picking their houses is what I would like to know. Of course you wouldn't look into that would you you just think it'll all work out. It's called the dumbing-down of America.

  • If you've been around since 1976 you didn't take advantage of the 30 years and out because you figured you'd work 45 years just like others in my family. The only one that didn't was my father the day 30 years came up he was gone. And then it came to the payoffs to get people out of there that were making a high dollar. And the idiots fell for that crap. Wake up people your union doesn't give a crap about you. Neither does the guy that works over 30 years and never saved enough for his retirement he probably bought every toy known to man and thought everything was going to be fine. That's called stupidity.

  • They are bringing up issues that did exist, I witnessed it personally in 2001. At the time I thought they should just throw the power switch, send everyone home, then lock the gates and walk away. In fact they did that a few years later at the plant I was in. I never bought into a single argument the UAW has made since. They have absolutely no credibility with me. Admittedly I haven’t been in a UAW facility recently, thankfully. What I witnessed then was appalling. The average person on the street would not believe the stories if told. Good luck with trying to extort another Publicly Traded American Company again, as they did through the later part of the last century. GM is taking a stand by saying we are obligated as management to ensure we remain competitive, unlike their predecessors did. We cannot allow the company to go bankrupt again. No one will support another bailout based on their diminished market share.

  • 1:10 so they admitting that it not really a misconception that it did really happen at one point, whether it happens anymore it did happen at one point.

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