Studying Music Technology and Production at the University of York

Studying Music Technology and Production at the University of York

-Over the last 100 to 150 years and particularly
the last 50 years, the discipline of music has been increasingly tied to the techniques
and technologies of audio production. When we think about music as audio what we’re
doing is we’re thinking about what happens to the essence of music when we take that
transitory fleeting performance and we turn it into something which is frozen in time
to be listened to again and again. But we’re not just interested in recordings as records
of events that happened at a particular moment in time. Interventionist production techniques allow
us to create audio artefacts which could never have existed acoustically. Recordings
themselves are worthy of our attention. -For the future we don’t just need masters
of current tools we need engineers to design the next generation of production technology.
You will learn rigorous scientific methods to analyse music and acquire engineering techniques
to develop new hardware and software. -You will acquire and develop a nuanced and
comprehensive set of listening skills so that you can appreciate production as an art. We begin in the concert hall where you find
out how to use microphones to capture performances by acoustic ensembles in real spaces. But we end up in the heavily process orientated interventionist production space of the typical electronic
artist. -You will develop systems to measure and analyse
aspects of music and audio. You’ll not only be equipped to design everyday audio devices
but your work will also contribute towards urban sound scapes, health and speech sciences
and interactive entertainment. -We’ve got an excellent range and depth of
facilities. We’ve got a fully-fledged purpose built recording studio which can accommodate
anything from a rock band to a chamber orchestra. We’ve got a pre and post production studio.
We’ve got one of the best auditoria for listening to loud speaker based music in the
country. We’ve got a concert hall with its own control room attached and we have
other listening and program rooms throughout the department. -MSc students will have access to a number
of music studios, a fully anechoic chamber, a dedicated listening space and a suite of
digital audio work stations. The programme culminates in a substantial
individual research project which can lead to further research or application in industry. Our contacts in the Audio industry have identified key research areas to which you’ll be able
to contribute. -The University takes seriously its relationships
with industry and allows us input into the way they put courses together which helps
with the employability of the graduates.


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  • EEM Electrical & Electronics Matter says:

    could you help me?, i am a novice on this and of course a college student. i want to build and experiment on sound systems like amplifier, speaker enclosure, electronics, volume measurement, wave-frequency measurement total sound related. so what line i have to choose to read on versities. please advise me. thank you. urgent need..

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