Fitch affirms A+ rating for China, lowers 2020 growth forecast

global credit rating agency officials I decided to keep it a long-term currency rating for China at a plus with a stable outlook that’s mainly because of what it called a Beijing’s robust external finances and strong macroeconomic performance which also said it expects China will see a growth slowdown mixture to a 5.7 percent down slightly from […]

Moody’s forecasts S. Korea’s economic growth for 2020 at 2.1%

credit ratings agency Moody’s forecast South Korea’s economy to grow next year and I read it relatively weak 2.1 percent it’s also pessimistic about Korean companies moody said told a press conference in Seoul today that export dependent companies are seeing weaker profitability because of trade disputes this is especially true it’s said for industries that are in […]

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Give Workers A Voice At Their Workplace

Earlier this week, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled his corporate accountability and democracy plan and most people focused on one aspect of this plan, which is that it gives workers ownership in the company that they work for and the reason everybody focused on that is because that is one of the biggest parts of this. It’s one of […]

Senator Cory Booker Stands Up for Workers | Fourth Democratic Debate

Thousands of GM workers here in Ohio and across the country are on strike. All of you on the stage have voiced support for these workers. Senator Booker, one of the latest impasse is in negotiations involves bringing jobs back from Mexico. As President, how would you convince GM to return production to the United States? Well, first […]