James Webb: How to Read a Financial Statement [Crowell School of Business]

(lively music) – Okay, for those of you via the blog here, we are in Finance 370. This is a Business Finance course, it’s a core course. We have a blog for those of you who don’t know that it’s coming live in the next month so, we’re filming a couple of classes here and there and I […]

Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Business is what makes the world go around. You need business skills in every industry you go into. I think one of the joys of being an an instructor, a professor, or mentor is that I get to see students transition or blossom, or develop, you know, from maybe as a freshman and then go through our program […]

Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylania

(percussion music) – We like to think that our programs are fast-changing, that they’re contemporary, they’re compelling, they’re competitive. We want to give graduates of the Graham School of Business that edge that not only gets them the job, but actually puts their degree to work in a career. – Something that separated York from the other colleges […]

business 101 everything you need to know about business and startup basics

when you think of business the culture of the goals of business what do you think of money profit power greed crushing the competition look business can be those things sometimes it has to be about those things but the reality is that’s for most of us that want to earn a living without compromising our morals without […]

SmartPayroll Mobile (The Employers App) | Enabling Payroll For Businesses On The Go

(bright music) – [Narrator] Let’s set up employers Smartpayroll App. Download Smartpayroll Mobile from the app store. Using your log-in details, log into the app. On the home screen you’ll see how many days until the next payroll. Click the dots on the graph to see the value of each payroll. Let’s run a pay. Check the period […]

Accounting for Beginners #52 / Payroll / Employer taxes / Employer FICA match / Accounting 101

yo yo yo what’s happening everybody this is CPA Strength I am the strongest CPA in the state of Florida license CPA and I’ll pre hear about that power and what do you do I teach the world accounting through basic building blocks by building blocks by building blocks go up here and you will see the best […]

Three Personality Types Every Business Needs to Succeed – Systemize Your Business Ep. 2

– Let’s talk about how to systemize your business so it will run without you. Let me ask you a question. Why did you start your business in the first place? Yell the answer as loud as you could. Why did you start your business in the first place? Freedom, solve a problem that you want to solve, […]

Problem 7A-4 Complete a Payroll Register & Calculate Employer Payroll Taxes

[Music] problem 7a – 4 we’re going to complete a payroll register and calculate employer payroll taxes now if this instructor tip doesn’t pop up automatically for you then you need to go to the question help and click on view instructor tip number one if employee had no overtime leave blank in other words notice here we […]

accounting 101, accounting overview, basics, and best practices

what is accounting and why does accounting exist those are the two questions of the ages I’m sure you’ve thought about them for years let’s find out what accounting is and why it exists first exactly how old is accounting well let me tell you it’s old clay tokens have been found in Mesopotamia dating back to 7,000 […]