Richard Branson: Lessons in Business and Life | Chase Jarvis LIVE

hey everybody how’s it going I’m chase welcome to episode of the chase Travis live show here on creativeLIVE you guys know the show this is where I sit down with the world’s top creators entrepreneurs and thought leaders and I do everything I can to unpack their brains to help you live your dreams in career and […]

If an employer asks for your Facebook password – How to find a job [Part 2]

Hi I’m Kim with Snagajob and I’m going to talk to you today about how to find a job. It’s been reported that in some job interviews potential employers are asking applicants for their Facebook password. Facebook has added to its terms of service that you will not share your password, let anyone else access your account, or […]

7 in 10 people say Australia is great for business | News You Can Use

– [Narrator] Are you thinking of starting your own small business? A new Nab report has found seven in 10 people believe Australia’s a great place to do business. Around the same proportion say if you have a great business idea you can be successful. But it’s important you know where to start. Half of small business owners […]

Production Tips with Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, One Direction)

My name is Jake Gosling and I’m a music producer/songwriter and this is my studio, Sticky Studios. So some of the things I’ve worked in the past have been Wiley, a UK rapper Ed Sheeran Paloma Faith One Direction The Libertines A bit more recently, Shawn Mendes and Shania Twain. With production it’s fun to be able to […]

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