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Remember having just a few apps for work? Nowadays documents are stored everywhere and work is fragmented. It’s almost impossible to stay organized and keep track of what’s happening. Introducing HQ! the workstation powered by your apps to eliminate switching between tabs. Simply connect to your existing accounts and enjoy one central place where you can find everything, […]

Introduction to Unified Interface on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Hello my name is Mark Spilde I’m a senior product manager with our power apps team at Microsoft and today I’ll be walking you through the unified interface I’m gonna be sharing with you our our navigation the things that we’ve done to improve that within the unified interface I’ll be walking you through some of our form […] Walkthrough | All Features, Platforms & Thoughts

Hello everyone and welcome to the key productive YouTube channel My name is Francesco, Alessio and welcome back for another video so in today’s video We’re going to be reviewing an application called Monday comm now I’ll be as sure as I can in intro because I can imagine you are a team owner or maybe an administrator […]

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