Lec 03 Product Policy of An Organization and Selection of Profitable Products

welcome to this third lecture on this course on product design and development as we are aware that we have already finished two series or two lectures already on this in this week one on the topic of introduction to the course on product design and development as well as we have also covered the product life cycle […]

11 trends in 2020 | will robot take your job | technological trends 2020 | NANO techs | 3D printing

eleven trends for 2020 hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we’re in the 2020 of the Twenty-First Century, business is changing as a combination of changes in technology and society come together. All of them will have a big impact on our businesses and the way we work. Many of these trends have been predicted for some time. It’s the availability of […]

#ZaprFireside ft. Naveen Tiwari – Founder & CEO, InMobi | Part 4: Profitability and ‘The End Game’

Another topic I wanted to get your thought on was around the finance. And more importantly on profitability. I think you guys are one of the few, may be the only Indian unicorn that is profitable. Thats an incredible achievement in a world where startups are being caricatured for just burining millions of dollars of investor funding. How […]

Top 10 Jobs Every Company will be Hiring for in 2020 | Intellipaat

Hey everyone welcome to the session by Intellipaat, In a world driven by information technology and data there are thousands of jobs up for grabs guys. And in today’s session we’re going to be checking out the top 10 jobs that every company will be hiring for in the year 2020. Everything from SAP to big data all […]

ಇಲಿ ಸಾಕಣೆ-Mouse Farming(Farm Mice)-A Profitable Business||Kisan Varthe(Rat Farm)

My Self Sharanayya Swami Welcome to Kisanvarthe Everyone have seen rats We also try to kill it But Ramachandra Domesticated it in a Systematic Manner They are Selling it to Laboratory Even They are selling it to 5star Hotels Let us hear the Curious Information about the rate by his words We domesticating rats. This are mainly used […]


[piano music, screaming in the distance] ♪♪ ♪Oh, my God♪ ♪Are we doing this again?♪ ♪Are we really doing this again?♪ ♪Oh, my God♪ ♪I just can’t believe♪ ♪We really can’t be doing this again♪ ♪♪ ♪Tell me something♪ ♪Can you be sure♪ ♪That the next time we head for the door…♪ ♪♪ Everybody runs… but who will […]

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