DIY Pine Book Planner

DIY Pine Book Planner If you’ve ever felt limited by the inflexible structure or impersonal design of a traditional planner, try the Pine Book Free Diary washi tape. These sets can be used to easily create a cute yet organized custom planner. It takes a bit longer than creating a planner by hand, but the result is much […]

How I Stay Organized

– Hey everyone. It’s me, Hallease, endeavoring to persevere as always. If you’re new here, I make videos about my chaotic, good life. Consider subscribing, it’s Monday. So that means it’s time for another Monday motivation. This Monday motivation actually comes in response to one of my Patreon producers asking me a question. Essentially asking how I stay […]

How to Set Up Your First Bullet Journal: 2019 Planning & Goal Setting

– Hi everyone, and welcome to another Bullet Journal productivity video. In this episode, I want to show you how to begin your very first Bullet Journal. It’s something that I’ve touched on before, but mostly, I’ve shown you big-picture things, like goals, and habits, and different trackers, or the weekly/monthly layout that you could use working on […]

MINIMALIST JOURNAL IDEAS » ft. 6-Minute Diary (productivity, self love, mindfulness)

Journaling for me is a very fun and valuable addition to my life. It’s a way I organize my thoughts, shape my days, and plan my tasks. I use it as a mindfulness practice, a gratitude practice and to remind myself to always take good care of myself and the people around me. It keeps me inspired when […]

How To Start A Bullet Journal: Your Complete Guide

(jazzy music) – Bullet journaling is a do-it-yourself, create-it-yourself diary, calendar, journal, dream list, place to doodle. An opportunity to make a tool that works specifically for your life, which is also an opportunity to learn about your life. – How do you start a bullet journal? I would say get yourself a notebook, and it doesn’t have […]

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