PRODUCTIVITY ✍🏻 Bullet Journal | July Plan With Me

Today we’re talking bullet journal productivity! Hello, it’s Ann from Veggie Magnifique — your go-to for holistic wellness and vegan lifestyle, and today we’re talking about bullet journal productivity. So these are just some ideas that have been helping me to upwatt my productivity. because I’ll be honest with you, July is an extremely busy month for me. […]

DIY Pine Book Planner

DIY Pine Book Planner If you’ve ever felt limited by the inflexible structure or impersonal design of a traditional planner, try the Pine Book Free Diary washi tape. These sets can be used to easily create a cute yet organized custom planner. It takes a bit longer than creating a planner by hand, but the result is much […]

How I Stay Organized

– Hey everyone. It’s me, Hallease, endeavoring to persevere as always. If you’re new here, I make videos about my chaotic, good life. Consider subscribing, it’s Monday. So that means it’s time for another Monday motivation. This Monday motivation actually comes in response to one of my Patreon producers asking me a question. Essentially asking how I stay […]

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