How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019 | Completely From Scratch, With $0

– What’s up future billionaires. Today in this video, I’m gonna show you how to start a social media marketing agency, completely from scratch, even if you have zero dollars. Let’s jump right into it. So here’s my five step formula we’re gonna be covering today in this video. And I’m gonna try to make this as fast-paced […]

Why Multitasking Kills Productivity (How to Be Productive in Your Life and Business Part 2)

Hi, Kayla here from Kayla I’m here, in Paris, in front of the beautiful Sacre Coeur, the view here is amazing, I wish you were here to see it. Today I’m here to share with you productivity tip number two. And productivity tip number two is to stop multitasking; and to start doing what I call ‘single-tasking’. […]

Habits For Ultra-Productivity w/ Jessica Hische | Chase Jarvis LIVE

Jessica Hische: [00:01] it’s very conversational. You’re not going to ask me questions I have to rephrase. Chase Jarvis: [00:02] A hundred percent conversational, no cutting, it is absolutely the most casual thing. I don’t think we’ve ever cut anything out, really, have we? Tech: [00:16] No. Chase: [00:16] I don’t think so, maybe a hundred shows. Tech: […]

Your questions, answered by business experts: Technology and Productivity with Paul Conway

Paul Conway There certainly is a bewildering array of new technology out there at the moment. Let me start by saying that the changes that we’re seeing with new technology are really exciting from a New Zealand perspective. I think there’s much greater scope these days for you know small firms operating out of the South Pacific, to […]

Step 3 of 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Video Course

Welcome to step 3 of our “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”. Here I’ll try to help you find that next physical task that helps you get closer to getting a project done. You’ll ask yourself many times over: “What’s my next action here?” To me, the “Next Actions” are the killer feature of the Getting Things Done […]

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