Productivity 1000 PLC Starter Kit: The Best PLC to Save The Budget

The Productivity 1000 starter kit provides all the tools, to get up and running fast. It comes preassembled with power supply, an 8-point input simulator, and an 8-point relay output module. It also has all termination options; it has screw terminal, Spring Clamp Terminal or the easy to use zip link connection system. This way, you get to […]

Chief Architect X11 – Productivity Features

Hi I’m Jenna with Chief Architect. In this video segment I’m going to show the new productivity features in Chief Architect X11 which include multiple reference display options that can include external plans such as an as-built, great for communicating remodeling changes, and several other new features. A reference display allows you to superimpose another floor over your […]

Productivity PID Loop – Part 4 – Hardware Configuration, Tagnames, and Calculations

Our programming will go quicker if we have our Productivity 3000 hardware configured, and at the same time have a way to easily identify all of our analog and discrete signals. Better yet, lets take our application conditions, and by doing some simple math and scaling calculations, we can put them into units of measure that are easily […]

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