169 Business Vocabulary Nouns & Collocations | Business English Course Lesson 10

Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy in this vocabulary lesson I’m going to give you 20 commonly used business English nouns and then loads of collocations that can relate to them By the end of the lesson you’ll have learnt over 150 business vocabulary collocations I will give you the definition if the collocation changes […]

Inspirational Video: Spiritual Growth, Awareness & Awakening – Scientology Spirituality

This is an invitation to freedom. Man can save his soul. Like a bright cool dawn after a night of prison and of thunder, we can taste that freedom sought so long. It has not come with blares of trumpets nor the flare or flash of flame. It has come quietly, and you aren’t at all sure you […]

Dynamics 365 Business Central | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

>>Hi, my name is Marko Perisic. And I’m the General Manager for Dynamics 365, Business Central. I’m extremely excited to be here today to introduce to this great new product relaunching. It is a modern solution for modern businesses. As we’re launching this product, I was first like to take a look at the markets, and typical requirements […]

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