Cancer: growth & spread

Like every tissue in our body, solid tumours need a blood supply to survive and grow. As the tumour grows, it releases chemical messages into the environment that cause new blood vessels to sprout from nearby existing ones. These new blood vessels are drawn towards the tumour where they feed the cancer cells and allow them to grow. […]

Tumor Growth

Cell division is essential for healthy growth of an organism and complex genetic mechanisms have evolved to switch cell division on and off at the proper time for normal development. Cancer happens when cells divide uncontrollably and produce a growing lump or tumor. Tumors give out chemical signals that prompt the growth of blood vessels to supply them […]

Babe, I Hate To Go: A Jamaican migrant worker hides a terminal cancer diagnosis from his family

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The Nebraska Medical Center Biologics Production Facility

Biologics Production Facility is a multifunctional laboratory. It is a production facility, which means our main purpose is to manufacture cellular therapy products that will be given to patients. We can assist researchers in scaling up their research ideas into a useable product and we can manufacture other things for a biotech company. We also process fairly routine […]


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