First-Line Supervisor of Food Preparation and Serving Workers Career Video

The kitchen is hopping, every burner lit with sauté pans spitting, knives chopping, chefs yelling, and servers swooping in and out the door to pick up orders. Every restaurant and food service, large or small, has a kitchen manager keeping it all scheduled, organized, supplied, and on track. Kitchen managers schedule and coordinate the work of all the […]

Learn about the National Standard – Growth and Development

Have you ever had a mentor? Someone you looked up to at work. What types of things did they teach you? Did that relationship make you happier at work? Did that relationship help you to do your job better? Now think of the best training you’ve ever taken. Maybe it was at school, a workshop, or even just […]

Renee Stoll – TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

in this edition of Ex-TVNewsers we are talking to a woman who left her TV news job she started her own business and likes to fly drones on the side hi I’m Jennifer Moore Ex-TVProducer we are here with Renee Stoll and Renee used to be a reporter and then she decided to leave and do her own […]

Co-workers helping co-workers. Casandra’s tryout with #TeamFirstWest | First West Credit Union

When I first started I worked as an intern while I was doing my undergrad and then they offered me a full-time position, so I’ve been working here ever since. Coming from the varsity soccer team, the team atmosphere— I was really happy to see that First West incorporates some of that culture. Coworkers helping out coworkers; whenever […]

Business English – How to talk about your career

Hi, my name is Rebecca from In today’s lesson, you will learn about 24 different words to talk about your working life. You’ll need these words if you want to be able to talk about your career or about someone else’s professional life. So let’s get started. I’ve divided the vocabulary into two parts. On this side, […]

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