Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Discusses the Impact of China’s Growth on the World Economy

I’m Jim Haskel, Senior Portfolio Strategist. I’m here with Co-CIO Ray Dalio. And the subject today is China, and Ray, you’ve been going there since 1984; a lot of experience. China in the news today in many different regards. Can you walk us through a little bit about your experiences and how you’ve seen China evolve over the […]

Economic growth has stalled. Let’s fix it | Dambisa Moyo

Our ability to create and sustain economic growth is the defining challenge of our time. Of course there are other challenges — health care, disease burdens and pandemics, environmental challenges and, of course, radicalized terrorism. However, to the extent that we can actually solve the economic growth challenge, it will take us a long way to solving the […]

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