How to Graduate on Time – College Info Geek

Hey guys! Let’s step away from the specific study techniques and tactics today and talk about something a little bit more overarching. Graduation! According to the federal government’s education statistics, only about 59% of the students who started college in 2006 graduated within six years. Those numbers get even worse when we go down to four years. According […]

Renter Nation: How America’s Depression is becoming a Rental Boom

What you are feeling right now is a modern day Depression. We will get through this, but like any major economic shock, the future is being altered dramatically due to the circumstances and actions by central planners today. Fresh in the memories of Americans is a boom that lasted for nearly 30 years, from 1980 to 2008 with […]

Jordan Peterson – IQ and The Job Market

So, here you go. This is from the Wunderlich people They’re a commercial company that makes general cognitive ability tests. And it’s often used by corporations (whispering) Even though it’s actually illegal. It’s actually illegal to use IQ tests. But the Wunderlich doesn’t… promote themselves as testing IQ I think they – I think it’s general cognitive ability […]

20 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About – College Info Geek

Hey guys, today I thought I would make a list of 20 different useful websites that I think every student should know about. This list will include websites on how to find deals on textbooks, solve math problems, and lots of other things. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. We’ll definitely cover other websites on this channel […]

I Tried Ben Franklin’s Daily Schedule For a Week: Here’s What Happened

[Music] so this is Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule so what am i doing what is this all about lately I’ve been looking for methods and systems to incorporate in my life to be more productive more effective and more balanced I’m on a mission right now and I’m trying to build up the habits that will help me […]

University Study with Me! A Day In The Life of a Maths Student

Good morning. It’s Thursday the 22nd of February and it’s the first day of the uni strikes. There’s a figure being thrown round that the average academic will lose £10,000 a year in pension pay. I don’t know how accurate that is because it’s, like, kind of everywhere and usually these kind of statistics are just kind of […]

Gaining Momentum: A 4-Step Process for Starting Every Day Productively – College Info Geek

How many times have you woken up just in time to get out the door and rush out to class, or a part time job, or whatever it may be? You go through your day, and you get home, and you realize that you got everything that had to be done done. You got your classes done, you […]

How to Maximize Your Productivity as a Developer (Power of DMO to Reach Peak Performance)

– I actually have black coffee right now with me. (gulping sound) Ah. You know, this really feels like a morning show and I kinda like it. Hey you, what is up, how is it going? This is Papa Python from I’m starting something new today. I was inspired by one of my friends. She taught me […]

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