Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Business is what makes the world go around. You need business skills in every industry you go into. I think one of the joys of being an an instructor, a professor, or mentor is that I get to see students transition or blossom, or develop, you know, from maybe as a freshman and then go through our program […]

The Biggest Tax Break for Business Owners | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

Hey welcome everybody to another Facebook live talking tax and legal It’s gonna make you money now before you scroll past this let me tell me what the topic is here real quick You’re gonna love it now I’m CPA attorney mark Jake Kohler shout out to entrepreneur for making tax and legal strategies Important enough to post […]

The 3 Phases of Starting Up Your Small Business with Mark J Kohler | 2019

Welcome everybody to this week’s podcast broadcast You Tube live Facebook live I’m here with you, please don’t go anywhere for a minute Let me tell you what this this broadcast is all about the three phases or the first three steps of starting your business Now let me know it sounds sexy. You’re cool But you’ve got […]