What Is The Most Important Part of Your Copy? – Business Copywriting – Stephen Zhao

(hype music) (applause) – Okay, now I wanna talk about, have my mentee Stephen come up here. He’s gonna share with you what I believe the most important part of copywriting. The most… so I’ve been training Stephen for now a number of months now on how to write copy. Now here’s the thing: What I want you […]

The Most Powerful Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day – Dan Lok

(inspirational music) What kind of questions to ask myself? I asked you to go through that little bit here. Here’s a good question. Before you do something yourself ask yourself this question look at your to-do list. You want to ask can it be done cheaper, can it be done what? – [Audience] Cheaper. Can it be done […]

Do You Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth? Productive Time VS Wasted Time – Dan Lok

(dramatic orchestral music) Your hand, if you have the figure, so I know. Once you have your number. How much your time needs to be worth. How many times, yes, question? Yes? – [Audience Member] Oh, $150. $150, good. – [Audience Member] $300 $300, okay. What are numbers? Okay, just write them down. (mumbling) Put up your hand […]

How Your To-Do List is Killing Your Productivity – Dan Lok

(upbeat music) How many of you are like uhhhh not so clear? Be honest. How many… So what’s in between. ‘Cause some of you didn’t put your hand. What’s in between? Some of you were like ha. I’m kinda clear, I’m not so clear. Okay let me check. How many are crystal clear? Crystal clear? Okay. Okay. How […]