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The preformed thermoplastic material PREFORM TCG is a durable product for road markings, having 3 mm thickness, intended for application in high traffic areas, on roads, on highways and inside cities. It is ideal for the realization of horizontal road traffic signs such as signalization of pedestrian crossings, speed limits, etc., as well as for arranging intersections, bicycle […]

How to Start & Run a Design Business: Pricing & Estimating Creative Design Jobs

Hey everybody. Welcome to The Process. On this episode of Ask Me Anything we’re going to be talking to Frank Shi he’s got a lot of business questions I think you’re going to be interested in hearing and answers that we’ve got. So stick around. Let me try this again. I want you guys to listen to me– […]

Richard Branson: Lessons in Business and Life | Chase Jarvis LIVE

hey everybody how’s it going I’m chase welcome to episode of the chase Travis live show here on creativeLIVE you guys know the show this is where I sit down with the world’s top creators entrepreneurs and thought leaders and I do everything I can to unpack their brains to help you live your dreams in career and […]

Introducing Veed.me, a global video production marketplace

In the perilous world of marketing… High above the hills of boring social campaigns Lays a treasure, Every company wants to attain But very few ever will: The attention of an over saturated audience. You need a great video, and you need it now. Veed.me is here to help you win this battle – Choose your hero from […]

Alexander Wang Explains How He Balances The Creative And Business Sides Of His Global Fashion Empire

Alexander Wang: I’m always thinking, OK, what is the end objective? You know, what are we trying to create? What’s the concept? Who’s the customer profile? What’s the price point? I’m not just being like, OK, I’m gonna design this T-shirt and then I’m gonna give it to them and then, like, have them figure it out. Rich […]

BYU professor Jeff Dyer studies 5 skills for business innovation – BYU News

So our study is basically about how can anyone generate creative ideas to solve problems or to starting new businesses. What we’ve learned is that creativity is more a function of your behaviors than just of your mind. That in fact, if you engage in the five discovery skills that we mention, you’ll be much more likely to […]

BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production: Component 1

[Creative Media Production – Component 1] [music playing] In this first Component, students develop an understanding of how media products create meaning for their audience. They’ll do this by: Exploring past and present media products from the sectors of audio and moving image, publishing, and interactive media, including the relationship between media products, their purpose, and their audience. […]

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