Streaming Service Workers: Live Code Session – Supercharged

SURMA: It is 2:30 PM, and that means that it’s time for “Supercharged.” Hi, I’m Surma. JAKE: Oh you want me to say my name? Look, I’ve never done this before. Look, have you not noticed? Different person standing here today. SURMA: That is a very long name. JAKE: Hi, I’m Jake. SURMA: And today we’re going to […]

Service workers at scale with Facebook and Flipkart – Google I/O 2016

OWEN CAMPBELL-MOORE: Hi. Welcome back. My name is Owen, and I’m a product manager on the Chrome team. I focus on making sure that all the browsers provide you all of the capabilities that you need to be successful on the web. So I’m thrilled to be here today, joined by Aditya Punjani from Flipkart, who worked on […]

Building Production IoT Devices with Android Things (GDD India ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] WAYNE PIEKARSKI: All right. So, welcome to day two. I hope you’re having a great time here. So, my name’s Wayne Piekarski. And today, I’m going to be talking about how to build production devices for Android Things. And so, Android Things is designed for making IoT devices. We’ve got a big sandbox area over in […]

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