Bullet journaling 101: Mindfulness meets productivity | Ryder Carroll

When people ask me what the Bullet Journal method is I like to describe it as a mindfulness practice that’s disguised as a productivity system. So what sets Bullet Journal apart from regular list keeping and journaling? It’s not linear. So essentially you create these things called collections which are essentially lists or graphs or whatever you need […]

How to Graduate on Time – College Info Geek

Hey guys! Let’s step away from the specific study techniques and tactics today and talk about something a little bit more overarching. Graduation! According to the federal government’s education statistics, only about 59% of the students who started college in 2006 graduated within six years. Those numbers get even worse when we go down to four years. According […]

Planning for Thandi’s future – Diagnostic Report – National Planning Commission (NPC)

You may ask why government needs a planning function. Surely it has so much power, it can pass laws in Parliament, it can employ people, it can design policies. But what we’ve seen in South Africa and the story told by the diagnostic released by the National Planning Commission is that things go wrong, and it’s very important […]

🔴 Why We are Already in a Recession (w/ Gary Shilling) | Real Vision Classics

Gary shilling It’s great to talk to you and I’m really excited About this because you had a long and varied career and you also are making some non-consensus calls right now That we want to get into and as I told you before We started talking off camera that I wanted to go through the long arc […]

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