The Filmmaker’s Army: Crash Course Film Production #3

Making a film can seem… daunting. After you have a screenplay and have done your pre-production, you still have to film the thing. And you’re gonna need help. Orson Welles once said, “A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.” But he also co-wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Citizen […]

Two employers and their apprentices talk about the mutual benefits of apprenticeships

The reason Thomas Cook believe in the apprenticeship programme is, we are bringing in fresh new talent into our business every year and these young people bring a different outlook and they add another dimension to a team and yes, they need lots of nurturing and they need lots of training, but the reward when you see them […]

Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

To improve our child welfare system, we have to improve the recruitment of the people working in it. Far too often, Child Protective Services seems to attract applicants who don’t have other career options, who don’t quite understand what the job is, and who don’t have the skills to accomplish it. Right now, child welfare workers are overwhelmed. […]

Richard Branson: Lessons in Business and Life | Chase Jarvis LIVE

hey everybody how’s it going I’m chase welcome to episode of the chase Travis live show here on creativeLIVE you guys know the show this is where I sit down with the world’s top creators entrepreneurs and thought leaders and I do everything I can to unpack their brains to help you live your dreams in career and […]

Television Production: Crash Course Film Production #15

These days, you might turn on the TV and think you’d been transported to a movie theater. Oscar-winning movie stars are all over television shows, Directors known for big screen blockbusters, like David Fincher and Martin Scorsese, have found success working in television. And the advent of streaming services and premium cable networks have expanded not only how […]

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