Small Business Survey – Market Research News | Employsure

Peter Gutwein all smiles thanks to the latest census business survey. It’s a great day to be treasurer confidence is on the up we are well above the national average and what that means in Tasmania is that people will be confident to invest, to employ people, to assist our economy to grow. Many small and medium businesses […]

Health and Safety in the Workplace in Ireland-Employers Obligations

hello there my name is Terry gory I’m a solicitor and welcome to this short video about health and safety in the workplace in Ireland health and safety issues are or should be a major cause of concern for employers the reason for this is the penalties for failing to comply with your various obligations under the legislation […]

The redundancy process for employers | What is a fair redundancy process?

In today’s climate we’re helping a lot of our clients to save costs where possible. And through that we are helping them to restructure the business sometimes and also possibly make redundancies. There are a number of key elements that an employer would need to address if they were making redundancies. The first is to make sure they […]

Can your previous employer enforce a restrictive covenant and stop you working? Ask the Expert

Have you left your job? Are you going to work for a competitor employer? Can your previous employer enforce the restrictive covenant in the contract? watch this short video an expert solicitor Tosh puppeteer will explain. So the way to think about it is what is the purpose of the restrictive covenant, it’s to protect the legitimate business […]

2 Court of Appeal Decisions-Employer Not Liable for Personal Injuries

how’s it going? in this video I’m going to take a look and share a couple of Court of Appeal decisions which are actually good news for employers and good news for anybody who operates a premises and who may from time to time be susceptible to a claim the personal injury claim so for that though I […]

Employer obligations under HIPAA (for HR and executives)

(upbeat music) – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly referred to as HIPAA, governs the use and disclosure of an individual’s health information by certain covered entities. Which includes health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers. Under HIPAA, the federal government issued a number of regulations, including regulations on HIPAA privacy, HIPAA […]

2 Tips for Irish Employers About Employment Contracts

the regular problems that I hear employers playing above is the difficulty to have in terminating the employment of a suitable or unsuitable employee and they have a view and it may be certainly understandable that a lot of the employment legislation in Ireland is stacked in favor of the employee and makes it difficult for an employer […]

The Employer’s Defence in an Employment Discrimination Case

okay in this video I want to take a look at the employers defense in an employment discrimination case so the employee brings the claim against the employer claiming discrimination in the workplace what is the employers defense if any well there is a defense and it’s actually set out in the employment Equality Act 1888 firstly let’s […]

Minimum Wages in Ireland-What Employers and Employees Should Know

hello there in this video I’m going to take a look at the minimum wage in Ireland on the legislation the national minimum wage act of 2000 there’s a very very significant sting in detail in this legislation for employers first thing to know about this legislation particularly if you’re an employer is that it provides for criminal […]

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