Business English – How to talk about your career

Hi, my name is Rebecca from In today’s lesson, you will learn about 24 different words to talk about your working life. You’ll need these words if you want to be able to talk about your career or about someone else’s professional life. So let’s get started. I’ve divided the vocabulary into two parts. On this side, […]

Online Forum on Small Business: President Obama on Jobs of the Future

>>Speaker: We had a lot of questions come in about or comments and thoughts about the preparing the next generation workforce. Roy Paulson in Temecula, California noted, “The economy develops in pockets and clusters. Why don’t we match this with our workforce development for the best results. We all know that people have many different jobs over their […]

August 23, 2013 -Business News – Financial News – Stock News — NYSE — Market News 2013 — 2014

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How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

– Hey there, welcome back, it’s J.T. from Work It Daily. And today I’m gonna be talking about how to apply for a job and actually get an interview. Before I begin though I wanna remind you if you’ve got questions or comments make sure to post them down below and of course hit the subscribe button so […]

Career Profile – Employment and Assistance Worker

LAURIE ANNE: I’m Laurie Anne and I work as an Employment Assistance Worker for the BC Public Service. My job as an Employment Assistance Worker is to help those people in need. It may be for medical needs and/or if they are unemployed, need assistance with shelter costs, maybe they’re going through a separation or something like that, […]

Report in Short: Small business matters

SMALL BUSINESS MATTERS How relevant are micro and small enterprises for the future of work? And what about the self-employed? Until recently, relatively limited worldwide evidence was able to answer this question. So in order to tackle this challenge, the ILO has created a new database, based on national household and labour force surveys from 99 countries across […]

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