Business English Lesson 1 – Business English for Meetings | Business English Conversation

you’re listening to Business English Pod the Business English podcast for professionals on the move in this business English Pod episode will be looking at ways to give and ask for opinion. We’ll be looking both more formal or careful language as well as more informal or direct language. Giving and asking for opinions is a very important […]

Learn Business English | Conversation | Vocabulary | 19 Lessons

These videos are a great tool for you to improve your business English skills. All of the topics are a little advanced but necessary to know. It’s up to you to not only watch the videos, but to also review and self-study. if you don’t know a word check it in the dictionary. It’s also important to repeat […]

Business English Course – Lesson 2: Making Suggestions in English | Business English Conversation

You’re listening to business English Pod The Business English podcast for Professionals On the move Welcome back to business English Pod! Today’s Show is part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions. Reject means to say no and accept means to say yes In this English lesson, we’re focusing on making suggestions in the next […]

Legal English Vocabulary VV 26 – Contract Law (Lesson 1) | Business English Vocabulary

you’re watching video vocab by business English pod dot-com in this lesson we’ll look at the key principles behind contracts and contract law if you’ve ever signed up for a mobile phone booked a hotel room or accepted a job offer you’ve made a contract and there are several key aspects of every contract beginning with the intent […]

English for Human Resources VV 43 – HR Management (1) | Business English Vocabulary

you’re Watching Video Vocab by Business English In This Lesson we’ll Look at Vocabulary related to human Resources or HR. People who Work in Hr. Think About a company’s Headcount and how to recruit new Employees or Headhunt People From other Companies. Will Look at ideas Such as Job Descriptions as, well as Compensation and Benefits and […]